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    Moving states once in Australia

    Its not that I feel we have to stay in the one place Wendee it's more the worry that we will move and find ourselves in the same situation with only one of us able to get a secure job, that may or may not be more secure then what I have at present. It was easy leaving the UK as both our jobs were under threat.
  2. woodsy16

    Moving states once in Australia

    Hi all I was wondering if any of you have moved states since first landing in Oz and if so how easy/hard you found it? Since we arrived my husband has found an abundance of job vacancies for his skills in every other state then where we are. It is almost 18 months since we arrived and wonder whether it is time to consider a move. thanks ​kate
  3. woodsy16

    Poms In Oz BBQ - Crace - Saturday 20th April - 1pm

    Just like to second the BBQ was great, nice to get out and meet others. ​Kate
  4. woodsy16

    Moving to Canberra from Sunny Surrey

    My family has been here for a little over a year now and we are loving it so far. We have an almost 4yr old boy who loves it here, there is always plenty of things to do here at weekends you'll find it a nice change from home. Not sure about printing jobs but your wife should have no worries finding work as child care places are very hard to find due to such a high demand! Feel free to get in touch when you land and we will have to arrange a meet up. kate
  5. woodsy16

    Poms In Oz BBQ - Crace - Saturday 20th April - 1pm

    Hi folks Been here a year now and would love to come and meet more people. Plus Crace looks so nice be great to see the facilities there. see you there
  6. woodsy16

    Been in Canberra for 9 months...the low down!

    Hi Gotty We are from Whitehaven originally but lived in Carlisle for 5 yrs before coming here. I never knew anywhere in Oz could get this cold so pleased we kept some of our woolies! It does give me some comfort though when we check the weather report and summer at home is not much warmer then what we have now! How long have you been out here? kate
  7. Hi All Now that our stuff has finally arrived from the UK we are selling the top-loader we bought when we moved into our unit. It is a Simpson EZI sensor SWT552 5.5kg. It has a selection dial for water temp and level and is very easy to use. We bought it second hand for $290 in very good condition and have only used it for 3 months. It is a great machine especially if you need something until your own arrives. Looking for around $150, pick-up only. Thanks.
  8. woodsy16

    recommendations for child-friendly eateries

    Well we did it and finally went for a meal at Woden Southern Cross, it was nice not to be in a food court or Nando's, although I did get the chicken! Play area was good for the little one, not massive but at least something! The food was decent, priced reasonably, portions were great and cooked to order. Will definitely go again, but would say that it isn't a 4* restaurant so don't expect fine dining! Kate
  9. woodsy16

    Been in Canberra for 9 months...the low down!

    Hi Ben My family have been here since Feb and I would agree with you on all your observations so far. As a fellow Northerner (Cumbrian) I would agree that the Aussie's although polite are not the friendliest bunch and don't make it easy to break into established groups of friends. I know that being from the UK we are supposed to be used to the cold but some of these Canberran mornings take the biscuit I really miss my radiators and double glazing more then I ever thought possible! On the plus side at least we have the promise of a sunny and warm summer that may last more then 2 weeks and we are much closer to the beach then we were at home. We have a toddler and I think overall that this definitely seems a great place to raise kids as it manages not to have that 'big city' feel. Hope you continue to enjoy your time in Canberra. Kate
  10. woodsy16

    recommendations for child-friendly eateries

    Thanks both for your suggestions. I had been wondering about the Southern Cross clubs Jurls as they seem to be everywhere, not far from us in Mawson so might have to give it a try. Can you just turn up and sort out your membership or do you have to organise it beforehand? kate
  11. Hi all As the title says really, can anyone with children recommend nice places to eat that are child friendly, we have a 3 yr old and are looking for somewhere to enjoy a nice evening meal that isn't Nando's or a burger chain. We are in South Canberra but North doesnt take much travelling!! Thanks Kate
  12. woodsy16

    Australia day

    Hi all Having just landed in Canberra I was wondering what going ons there are for Australia Day, I guess it will be a good opportunity to meet new Canberrans and have a nice family day out. Any info greatly received. kate
  13. woodsy16

    Moving to Canberra 2012

    Hi all The shippers were here yesterday so now we are rattling around our house but yippee that means we will be on our plane this time next week!! Kate
  14. woodsy16

    Choice of bank accounts

    Alan, thankfs for the info.Kate
  15. woodsy16

    UK student loan

    Thanks for your replies guys, like I said I hadn't thought about it until someone else mentioned it. I'll maybe put it in the to do pile for now. Lots more things to do in a short space of time! Kate