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  1. brummie39

    The moaning thread

    Have family over from oz.. And there doing my head in... 3 weeks down, 7 months to go... Give me strength..
  2. brummie39

    Was moving back to the Uk a mistake for you?

    Hiya.. We returned just over 6 months ago.. Mainly due to son not settling, and other reasons that now seem fickle. We were there for just over 1 year. We are planning to return but try another state.. With the knowledge of how things work over there, we feel that we are well informed and can over look the fickle things now.. Our son has come to realise , although we may miss what is comfortable and familiar in life, it is his best interest we have, and life is an adventure. He is up for the next chapter.. Its not that we don't love England , we love being back, we are going returning to oz, so hubby can get citizenship, and really are now up for the next challenge. In the year we have been away, uk has changed slightly. Employment is low, it all seems to be agency work. Hubby has about 4 jobs only to be told out of blue, we don't need you. Very disheartening. But we're not jumping ship for these reasons. Who knows we may return again one day.. Life is for living, and after this ping pong experience , it has taught us to grab oppurtunitys.
  3. brummie39

    Easier to come back than go?

    Hi Sunshine.. Maybe it's the honeymoon is over. But to us it's new adventures. Hubby since being back, has seen to have the option of dual citizenship is a good thing. We have to be back soon, well he does to be with in the visa regulations. So that's our drive at moment. Get citizenship. We like England , and don't see it as we did before leaving. It has so much to offer, that we appreciate. I guess while we are young (ish), we are up for the next adventure. Our son is still young and at an fairly easy age to adjust. It all makes sense in our heads, and plans .. Just hard to relay to others
  4. brummie39

    sponsor required for UK miner

    Just looked at this site.. Why do they want $12 100, salary sacrifice. Is it common practice? Has anyone used this and got jobs? I was under impression no one can guarantee a job in mines, unless it's the mines itself? Sorry for many questions, just don't waste money. Cheers
  5. brummie39

    Easier to come back than go?

    Would agree its harder to come to UK. Supa.. What you have just said is where we are at now. Dont get me wrong.. I'm glad we did oz, then I'm glad we came back.. But now... I just don't know. Hubby wants to go back, try new state and all that.. Me I love both countries.. Our son.. Hasn't really said much, but is at least talking about it. We came home because of our son just didn't settle, in the end we didn't like where we're living, and did find our life style worse off in oz.. We don't feel like we failed.. Very much the opposite.. We're very fortunate to be in the position to choose. I swore I wouldn't be a ping ponger... But here we go again..
  6. brummie39

    Will the Olympic strengthen the Pound?

    Got my fingers crossed..
  7. <p><p>thinking of heading back to oz in the near future,thought uk was better as we were away for a year but seems to of only got worse.</p></p>

  8. brummie39

    UK / Australia name change?

    It does depend on if Australia recognise the country you were married in.. We were married in jamica and it was not recognise.. Had to get name change certain from births/deaths/marriages.. Once you have that cert, it's easy.. I belie if you ring b/d/m they can tell you.. Good luck
  9. brummie39

    Any regrets on moving back to UK?

    No regrets.. It depends on how you look at it.. So happy we returned.. But regret spending so much money..
  10. brummie39

    This feels right..

    Good luck chris.. It's awful to feel stuck.. I wish you a speedy return home..
  11. brummie39

    Help planning suprise trip to the UK

    Sounds like fun.. For old world charm, we love Stratford upon Avon .. Shakespeer country.. It's pretty, lovely old buildings, loads of walking to do.. Just a thought anyway.. May not be your cup of tea, but we find it a beautiful part of England.
  12. brummie39

    This feels right..

    Hi alandee.. I understand exactly how you are feeling.. Apart from our son not settling.. What you have just mentioned, is what got to us. We couldn't afford anything, no weekends out, food in general.. It got me down trying to shop for my family on limited money. As for housing, it wasn't even a dream for us, just plain out of the question. So really we saw no hope for the near future. The uk is so cheap for food, loving the fact I can go out with £50 and feed my family for days. Housing we think is more affordable, our rent here is just over half of what we paid in oz. We put it down to experience and empty bank account.. Would of always said "what if" if we didn't try. I know (being Aussie) that oz is not where i want to live.. It will always be home, but not to live. I wish you a safe journey home, and all the best for settling back in.. To us it was so right..
  13. brummie39

    6 months in Melbourne and it is breaking us

    Hiya.. I do feel for you as we just went through this... I do agree with Quoll. You dont reclaim your life when moving back to u.k.. we have just moved back. To us its just the next step in life. My husband (english), knew he didnt like in oz around week 6... Me the aussie convinced him to stay at least 1 year, and give it a good go of things. It was when our son started showing huge signs of not having a good life there, it convinced me my family was not happy. I must say, since i had not been living in oz for over 10 years, i found it very hard to adjust. I knew too, that this is not where I want to spend my days. The feeling of being "stuck", did become over whelming for us. It something you need discuss in depth. I believe like most have said, you may become desensitzed to it all.. But to us thats not living life. We moved back after 1 year, and so glad we did. We didnt move to back to our old life. We have stayed near city, to get restablished and better chance of saving money to move to our next step in life. The u.k has so much to offer in diverse places to live.. who knows where we will end up.. i find that exciting. The sense of belonging is strong feeling, that does not go away. I whish you all best in your descision..
  14. brummie39

    Playing the "Waiting Game"

    Hi candy girl.. The waiting is only a ripple in the ocean. Yes it's an anxious time, and feels like forever. But with what lies ahead.. Buckle down and be prepared. Australia has changed a lot in 12 years, I hope it is what you want in life. It's a beautiful country, and has a lot to offer. As for waiting we are experts now.. And it doesn't get any easier, you just get fed up with it and wonder why your doing this to your self.. Good luck in your quest..
  15. brummie39

    Young children coping with move

    Hi Mandy.. Yes it was hard, thank goodness we nipped it in the but. He isn't in school here yet, only been back 8 weeks. Long story as why not in school yet, but have to wait for the system to push some pens around. We moved to Melbourne , the school has all cultures there, and some English and Scottish kids not long arrived. I believe it's just kids these days ( god sound old).. My boy who in uk grew up in lil village life with a very small school, so I guess it was to over whelming for him. He seems happy now, but I think the true test will come when he starts school. He knows finically we are better off here, and can't wait for our holiday next year. I truly believe it's an individual experience .. Kids and adults, just be prepared for the unexpected. All the best and hope your kids do settle well xx