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  1. judgemental

    what does the education system look like?

    Much depends on the area you live in. Primary, like the UK, is good, though watch out for combined year groups, always a sign of money problems You might want to shop around for secondary.
  2. judgemental

    UK passport renewal glitch

    I should have updated. I eventually got my UK passport.
  3. judgemental

    UK passport renewal glitch

    I see what you're saying and it's probably the case. I did ring and they said I had to re-send my Aussie passport, and have it certified. The person on the other end plainly had no idea what wording should be used so they weren't looking at passport guidance. Gits.
  4. judgemental

    UK passport renewal glitch

    Yes, I sent a full colour copy. I can see why a copy should be certified, just wish they'd said so. I've carried out probate twice, once here, once in the UJK, so I'm all over the certification lark. A little clarity would be good.
  5. judgemental

    UK passport renewal glitch

    Here's cut and paste from GovUK: What you need to send You must send original documents, unless we ask for a photocopy. Your application will be delayed if you don’t send everything we need. Applicant’s documents Send the following: old passport full colour copy (every page including blank pages) of any current or expired passports from other countries that haven’t been cancelled The old passport is the old UK one. As you can see, they don't ask for a certified copy.
  6. judgemental

    UK passport renewal glitch

    I followed the instructions on the Gov.UK website, which asked for a colour copy of any current passport, in my case Australian, which I did. They then said they wanted "official" copies, not what was required on the website, without saying what they meant by this. This is my question, has anyone had their copy certified and accepted by HM passport, and if so, by whom? As for sending the original of my Au passport, certainly not, I need it for travel.
  7. judgemental

    UK passport renewal glitch

    As I said in my first a paragraph, they haven't said what they want, i.e what "official" means. It can different things in different countries.
  8. judgemental

    UK passport renewal glitch

    My application to renew my UK passport from Australia has hit a problem. I sent in a photocopy of my Aussie passport exactly as required and now that's not good enough. They want an "official" copy, without defining what they mean by "official". Has anyone done this for HM passports? Does that mean every page ( 23!!) has to be certified? Also, does the declaration HAVE to be handwritten? EveryJotP and solicitor I know uses a stamp, then signs. I know I can phone them and will do so but any help here would be good.
  9. judgemental

    Melbourne suburbs ranked by liveability 2019

    One of the problems for this survey are estimates about transport, where a train station is in the next suburb and easy to get to, or shopping, where a mall/cinema is short drive away. The lack of these counts "against" the suburb, when for the inhabitants, it's often a definite plus. Some things definitely do count - schools for one. Also, check out where the nearest A&E hospital is.
  10. judgemental

    Bringing over house plants

    No, you can't bring any plant material into Australia as you describe, but the link upthread is helpful. As your plant is for sentimental reasons, it might not fly with Border Control. However, crassula ovata is hard to STOP growing, at least in Melbourne. You can literally stick a cutting in the soli and away it'll go. It's an outdoor plant here. I've filled a bin with off-cuts of pruning huge jade plants, and put several very large and very misshapen specimens on the nature strip for anyone to collect.
  11. judgemental

    Naplan\Picking Schools

    The scores you need to look at are the Year 9 scores for NAPLAN. Year 7 means nothing as the pupils will only have been in the school for three months when they take NAPLAN. The same applies to the private schools who only take Year 9 or cherry-pick the best of the government schools. What you would need to look at is the improvement for Year 7 to 9, and only for schools that recruit at Year 7. Unless a school is appallingly shite, go for government and bring in the tutors for VCE. I tutor students privately, all of whom go to private schools and it makes me wonder what the hell parents are paying the private schools for.
  12. judgemental

    Secondary schools in Melbourne

    I know this school well. What do you want to know? PM me.
  13. judgemental

    Probate deadlock

    Well, it is relatively simple. My husband's Will, which is straightforward, naming me as executor and sole beneficiary will be used to get probate in Au. The application system is very clear, and well-explained online. I'll apply for a re-seal from the UK. UK Probate are really helpful and you get to speak to real people. I've followed up every savings account,etc. and the only thing you need UK probate for is property and shares. Everything else is certified death certificates. All of this only works because we keep all the paperwork and so have a point of departure for enquiries. Oh, and reasonable reading skills; while no document on its own is opaque, the volume is quite something. As for solicitors, they were only need to sign documents for the UK, as banks insist on a solicitor and certain wording.
  14. judgemental

    Probate deadlock

    I hope to avoid solicitors. I have someone to act for me in the UK and I'm capable of filling in forms which are all online anyway. It's odd that if you google this problem, you just get referred to solicitors instead of answering the question. I suspect this will involve the re-sealing of whichever probate grant is applied for first, as UK and Au recognise each other in this respect.
  15. judgemental

    Probate deadlock

    My husband died a few weeks ago. He has a Will in the UK that leaves everything to me. His employers here in Au will not release his money owed without probate. Everything else is in joint names. All UK stuff, and there's a lot, is in his name. Here's the rub: Australian probate requires the original Will for a grant of probate, then keeps the original document issuing copy. UK probate also requires the original Will, keeps it and copies can be found online. I can't do both, clearly. Any ideas?