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  1. Can anyone help me with the New Points Test System, am stuck on the completion of a professional year, what does this mean?:rolleyes:
  2. clairerichie

    State Migration Plans - When????

    Hello, can anyone tell me when the State Migration Plans will be published again,:biggrin:
  3. clairerichie

    General Skilled Migration - the future

    Hello George, having looked over this information on the DIAC website, will the Skilled Occupation List still be broken down into two different categories, or will this stay the same as well, Many thanks Claire
  4. clairerichie


    Surely they can get more staff to help with the influx of applications that they are getting, what a nightmare for applications and vetassess, Will just have to keep smiling, at least it is not the summer holidays there:cute:
  5. clairerichie


    Hello All, Am still waiting for an assessment outcome after 16 weeks and have priority processing as well, have sent loads of emails and even phoned, this is so frustrating, I feel like given up allready,:mad:
  6. clairerichie

    My luck is finally turning :o)

    Good Luck Amy, this time next year you could be OZ, hope I am to, :biggrin:
  7. clairerichie


    Congratulations to you, you seem really excited now, and thanks for the info, Claire:biggrin:
  8. clairerichie


    Hello Waiting a while, well done and good luck, am still waiting and is so frustrating, what is your time line, :biggrin:
  9. clairerichie


    Hello, Yes the page has updated from Active and now shows as pending and no further docs required, but before I put an urgent request in they said I would have to wait till October, am not holding out much up as I think that they are so behind with applications, will post and let you know if I hear anything. Good luck to you all, :wink:
  10. clairerichie

    IELTS Results & What to do next?

    Hello all, I am re-sitting my IELTS to, I got L.8.5, W, 8 S, 8.5 and a shamefull six on the reading, which I thought would be the easiest, I have just re-booked my test!!! :wubclub:
  11. clairerichie


    Hello all, I am waiting as well to hear back from Vetassess!! I sent my application in April with all documents and payment , I have emailed them a couple of times now to find out when my assessment will be completed and got an email back stating it will be October!!! I then have sent in an urgency request form, which has been accepted, so am fingers crossed I will find out shortly. I am with you guys this is so so frustrating, all the waiting, they originally said to me 12 weeks, and then added a further 10 weeks to the waiting time. It is outrageous. Fingers crosssed for you all, xxxxxxxx:wink:
  12. Hello all, I am so confused by immigration and the skilled occupation lists, I know that there are two lists, schedule 2 and schedule 3 If you have a family sponsor living in a designated area does it matter which skilled occupation list that you are on if you wanted to go for a 475 provisional visa!!!!!!!!! Or if you are on schedule 3 then you have TO GO FOR A STATE MIGRATION PLAN!!! ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? why oh why have they made it so difficult and complicated (still smiling though))))))
  13. clairerichie

    New Point System in July 2010

    Does anybody give any sense of the New Points System being introduced in July 2010:- Overseas Employment - will this be applicable to all occupations, i.e. 40/50/60 Offshore Apprenticeshop: Will this be for qualifications such as Diplomas and would you have had to have studied this for a year. They make it so confusing, :jiggy:
  14. clairerichie

    SOL 4 and Family Sponsor

    hello everyboday, am getting a tad bit confused as this immigration stuff gets you, If I have a nomination on the Skilled Occupation List 4, can I then get a family member to sponsor me still?? Or has this been abolished now and I have to get state sponsorship!! it is all so confusing now and why have they made it so ridiculously hard, :goofy:
  15. clairerichie

    Specific Work Experience HELP

    Hiya yeah we have a tax return, with receipts, but we just havent got all the invoices and a proper paper trail to go with it. none of the moeny was paid into the bank, as we pay for everything with Cash anyway, we dont have any store cards or credit cards, its a real double edge sword at moment am so frustrated as we have been doing this for two years, and I really feel the migration agent let us down,:mad: