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    Question about 175 visa

    Thanks lebourvellec , appreciate the advice and will look into that
  2. Wezzza

    Question about 175 visa

    Hello All, I do apologise if this has been asked already but couldnt seem to find anything on it. Basically in a nut shell, me and my wife moved to Perth in Oct 2011 on a 175 skilled independant visa, spent 7 months there and had a great time but had to come back for my brothers wedding and our own the following year. After discussions we are definately going to head back but not just yet and was wondering if you can get an extension on the visa? Currently we are ok til June 2016 but we could be going back after this. If anybody could shed any light on this, it would be very appreciated Cheers Wez
  3. Yeah i'll be sure to give these a look, Cheers lads
  4. Thanks for the reply paul, your way sounds so much better for both parties but reading andrews reply confirms that this new policy is defnately in force. Does anyboy know of companies lookin for trade assistants? Thanks again for the replies Wez
  5. Hi Paul, Just wondered if you can help. Me and my girlfriend have just moved to Perth 3 weeks ago after completing my 175 visa as a spark. I've read your thread and many others about gettin the A grade license which have all made perfect sense, but now i'm here and got my restricted license i'm being told that the rules have all changed and you've got to complete 170 hours of GAP training before doing the course, basically its a massive log book. Did you have to do this? If so how did you do yours? Also did u find an employer to take you on as a restricted spark? Knowone will touch me until i've got the A grade but obviously need the experience to get the A grade, viscious circle. If you could let me know i would be most grateful Wez
  6. Wezzza

    Ggggggggggggggreat news !!!

    Thanks very much guys, workin weekends? yeah right lol. no i got it friday but just been too busy to get on here. thanks again
  7. Wezzza

    Ggggggggggggggreat news !!!

    Oh my god i can't believe it, we've finally got our visa through at long last. It's been a long hard process and finally we've got it. Just a massive thanks to everyone on here who helped us personally and for other threads we used, you lot are brilliant and will be definately having a drink for you all :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy::notworthy::notwo rthy::notworthy::notworthy::notworthy::notworthy:: notworthy::notworthy: Let the good times roll :jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy::jiggy:
  8. Wezzza

    Cheap accommodation in Perth

    Hi, my parents stayed at a place in attadale which is just south of the river, really nice area. But it depends what your looking for as this place is a 1 bed unit in the back of the owners garden but she is brilliant. Anyway give it a look on http://www.shorttermaccommodation.com.au/
  9. Wezzza

    Vetassess electrical

    .ExternalClass .ecxhmmessage P{padding:0px;}.ExternalClass body.ecxhmmessage{font-size:10pt;font-family:Tahoma;}Alright Brunkie, Yeah basically thats all it means is safe isolation , like people have stated above by testing and re-testing. check this link below as its what i used and had no problems. http://www.qrims.com/Images/ElectricalFlowChartV3.gif Cheers
  10. Hiya bud, Yeah basically the one i did was mounted on a white board and you were given load of male connectors, old school electronics stuff. Anyway it was in 12/24V cant remember but then u have a wiring diagram and do it, not hardest thing in the world but when u dont do it much u just gotta concentrate a bit. like i said start at either end of drawing and basically do dot to dot. cheers and best of luck Wez
  11. No problems buddy and all the best for the exam. Let me know how u get on
  12. Alright Jason, Just like to say congrats on the new arrival :-) Yeah it can be pretty dawnting when you haven't done it for so long, i was last at college about 6 years ago and its all pretty much gone, so like i said in a reply above our convo (if u can see it). It might be worth seeing if there is a lecturer at the local college and see if they offer tuition , luckily my old lecturer was still there and did it. Helped me no end, if i'm honest i wouldn't have passed if i didn't go see him because when i read my old notes it was just goin in one ear and out the other. This is how i seen the following : electrical units - pretty basic, what is V? I? R? W? etc etc motor circuits - very suprised but got asked 1 question which was , how do u change the direction of a 3 phase motor (A) change any of the 2 phases over. But always prepare ohms law calcs - well easy and used this on quite a few calcs, V,I,R remember the triangle? V at the top,I and R in either bottom. single three phase power calcs - single phase is easy enough with V,I,R but 3 phase can be tricky as there is a formula for it but question is very basic impedance,inductive & reactance calcs - these sound rock hard but they r really easy, u just gotta remember the formula for each one and again the question is basic power factor - again sounds well hard but really easy to work this out, its all about percentage with this and an appliances effeciency, again basic question rms values - don't think i got a question on this one so cant really say but everything seems to be basic in each area transformer turns ratios - This was ok, basic question but just make sure u gettin right formula i.e for primary turns and secondary turns. (a transformer kicks out a ratio of 2:1 then lookat answers and it'll most likely be 230V - 115V. basically half, quite simple when u look at it) measure current and voltage in ELV circuit - i don't recall any questions on this. To be honest mate like i've said there more looking an ability as to whether u can do these calcs, but not in depth, just very basic. i was pullin my hair out with with stress and worry for 6 weeks previous to it but when it was over it was like i lost 20 stone off my shoulders and thought , dunno why i worried so much but its easy to say that now. Also don't forget it is a multiple choice exam so always answer every question, even if its a guess. U got a 1 in 4 chance of gettin it right. Where abouts are u sitting the exam? Cheers
  13. Was meant to add there, resistance in parallell and series circuits calcs . The questions are not the easiest but there not too complex, i mean in my exam it the questions were basic really and nothing to heavy which seems to be what other people have said on here
  14. Alright Jason, I'm gonna be honest mate, its pretty much what u learnt in college, all the formula's and stuff. ohms law V,I,R.........power equations P,I,V..........power factor........inductive reactance calcs..........3 phase calcs.......... But there are some general questions that'll u'll answer straight off to be honest. When was the last time u were at college doin all them kind of questions? Let me know
  15. Hi there, Totally undestand where ur o/h is coming from, the practical is a doddle, wood board in a cubicle, mount a fuse board with a radial socket in plastic conduit, clip t+e to light and plastic conduit a 2 way switch in. Just make sure u get the dimensions right that they give u. Fault finding isn't too bad, but u just gotta go over the top in everything u do. wire up a DOL , not the easiest but treat like a dot to dot drawing and u'll be fine. Then the written test, well its multi choice but that dont make it easy, some questions u'll know just through experience but some u need formulas (inductive reactance,capacitive reactance,motors,3 phase power calcs. remember ohms law V,I,R and power factor) To be honest i got in touch with my old lecturer, supprised he was still there but he did private tuition for £20 a session. Help me out loads, refreshed my memory over everything. In all fairness there not hard calculations for what they could be if you understand that. Anyway let me know if you want anymore information and i'll try my best. Cheers Wez