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  1. Hi from another Belfast native! Can't answer specifically about Melbourne, but we moved to Brisbane 6 months ago, and even though we currently live in a unit with no garden, my little boy has been out heaps more than he ever was in Belfast. In school they wear hats or they aren't allowed outside, and so he refuses to go outside without a hat on after school time too! They do PE outside under the school building for shade, where as at home he would have been in the assembly hall. There are loads of different parks to go to compared to Belfast, where to be honest we only went to Stormont or a little one near our home. Most of the parks have "sail" -type coverings over the park to stop the sun hitting the play equipment and because there are so many parks, they don't tend to be as busy as at home. So our experience is definitely better
  2. itsmylife

    McGimpseys - shipping Ireland

    Hi! We stored our stuff from November to January with them (as the house sale went through a lot quicker once we got an offer than we had anticipated!), We arrived in Brisbane on the 6th Feb, our stuff was shipped on the 7th Feb, arrived in Brisbane on the 30th March, and cleared customs and delivered to us 18th April (took ages to clear customs!). We were worried if we got it sent too soon that it would have arrived before we got a rental, as it was we were on airbeds for 6 weeks! Was so glad to get our stuff! Good luck with the move Best thing we ever did!
  3. itsmylife

    McGimpseys - shipping Ireland

    We used them too, just one item broken that was the fault of customs in Australia, and we added a few extra boxes just before the shipment was due to leave and didn't get charged any extra! I was very impressed
  4. I've just had one person comment in the 5 months that we have been here, and that was to say that I had "stolen" a nursing job from their new grads, my response was, "oh ok, would you rather a new grad looked after you, or a nurse with 10 years experience?", they shut up after that. Otherwise I've had absolutely no problems!
  5. Hi there, You say you are set on QLD, have you tried the Mater in Brisbane yet? They aren't under queensland health for recruiting purposes, and they definitely did a UK recruitment drive this year. I work in the kids hospital there, and they have a lot of UK nurses working there, and have a busy ED. They do sponsorship (I didn't need it as I got PR, but all the other girls I work with have been sponsored no problem and we all got relocation expenses). This is their recruitment website http://www.exceptional.org.au/vacancies/overseas/ Hope that your other interview went well Angela
  6. itsmylife

    Tax File Number - apply from UK?

    I wasn't able to apply for mine until I was in the country, and even then, we arrived at the weekend and tried to apply online and the website wouldn't let me until the Monday morning - now maybe there was a glitch in the system when I was trying, but I thought that when you entered the country your passport and visa details were put into the system and then it knew you were elligible for a TFN. Anyway, it took 4 weeks for my TFN to arrive, and I was able to start work before then, you just get taxed at the higher lever... yes I nearly cried at having to pay $1800 in tax for a fortnight Hoping to get a good portion of that back at tax return time!
  7. itsmylife

    457 - working hours?

    In my experience, many hospitals will expect you to work full time on the 457 visa. All the girls I know who are on a 457 have worked full time, I did read somewhere once about someone who had arranged with the hospital to work part time, but it is the only case that I have heard of. It makes sense that they are going to want you full time really, if they go through the motions of sponsoring you, they would want someone full time as opposed to part time.
  8. itsmylife

    Taking Kids Clothes for Next 2 Years??????

    We did stock up in the Next sales etc, brought about 2 years worth of clothes for our little boy. Don't do what I did though... I unpacked our boxes to find 6 winter coats all size 5-6...
  9. itsmylife

    What do you wish you'd taken with you?

    We brought a lot of stuff with us, and we are so glad that we did. We would never have been able to afford to buy furniture of the same quality to be honest, and some of the furniture we have bought (dining table and chairs) had a long delivery time. That is probably because we were very specific about what we wanted, but we were quoted 6 weeks delivery from some places as they didn't have them in stock. Electrical equipment did arrive within a few days. One word of warning though, our 3 seater sofa didn't fit through the door of our unit when it arrived, so it is sitting in the garage until we get a new place!
  10. itsmylife

    How negotiable are rents?

    2 months ago, we ended up having to offer more than the advertised price to secure a not so great place in Brisbane, guess it depends on what area you want, and if you are willing to rent a house that has been on the market for a while (though as you would imagine these tend to be in a very bad state of repair).
  11. itsmylife

    Is this income enough for Brisbane

    As a family of 3 we are doing ok living on that amount, we are living in a suburb close to the city, and so can only afford to rent a unit, as you said it depends on what standard of living you want and where in Brisbane you want/need to live, we're not that extravagant, but can still afford a day trip away somewhere or a meal out every fortnight.
  12. Some of those alcohol based hand sanitisers that you can get are fantastic for getting pen off skin!
  13. itsmylife

    Maternity Leave in last 4 years?

    I had no problems with mine, got my visa a year ago
  14. itsmylife

    The Real Cost of Renting in Australia Thread

    We've just got a 2 bedroom unit in Coorparoo for $350 pw, and it really could do with a new kitchen and bathroom and has no aircon, prices in Brisbane right now are crazy, as is the number of people interested in each property, we applied for 7 and only got accepted for one despite offering more money, I dread to think how much extra on top people are willing to pay for rentals in Brisbane at the moment.
  15. itsmylife

    What to wear for IELTS?

    Go for comfort, the speaking examiners are only there to test your english speaking abilities. Good luck with it!