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    WOW - Passed my medical!!

    Just checked on line and my application now says medicals finalised and further processing!!! Great news I had a hole in the heart, split valve which was only discovered after I had a stroke. the stroke has left me with no side effects, the hole in heart has been repaired but the valve is not brilliant. I was able to send in copied of my latest echocardiogram along with a nice letter from the heart specialist. Fantastic - I will now send for the police checks. The case officer has been fantastic and allowed us to hold off on sending for these until the outcome of my medical!! :biggrin:
  2. My sister is currently in manly, nsw and looking at a possible moveto EFTA ing beach -.property seems cheap - anyone know what it is like for families/schools
  3. n111kkx

    Electricians In Australia

    we didnt get an email - I chased them to see what was happening and they emailed 2 days later to say it was all done and letter in the post. So should get that soon. Best of luck
  4. n111kkx

    Electricians In Australia

    ARTC news, I emailed the ARTC 2 days ago to find out and chase our application. The assessment should take 30 days and our app was dated 12 may. This morning we have an email to say successful and details are in the post. So it looks like assessments are taking 3 months. We did not mention the vettassess certificate and did not send a copy. One person had there app returned prob cause he sent the vettassess cert. Good luck to all applying x
  5. Morning Still no news, I have checked the application this morning and no movement at all. The website still says they have a huge backlog!!
  6. We are in a similar situation we have everything to go and 30k to set us up but the figures dont add up. My oh hadnt got a job but looking at 100k and we have 1 daughter and a full visa (permanent resident) and it is too expensive. I would work part time but it still wont be enough. We are going to validate and then wait and see x Good luck with your decision making x
  7. A long road!! After waiting nearly 3 years for our visa, we have sold a flat in preparation to go and will have £30,000 to get us started - I dont think we will go!! My husband is a qualified electrician and I am a mum of an 8 year old. My sister already lives in Manly and has a new 10 week old baby. Our plans are to visit in Oct and validate the visa and then move over in March/April 2012. We are still going in October but I have started to look at the cost of living and I really dont think we can afford to go. The cost of living in Sydney is so high even earning around $100,000 it will not cut it. I do realise we want to rent in Manly which is expensive, but if we are going to give up our fab life in the UK we want to live the dream. Maybe we will just have to wait and see if the exchange rate improves and my husband needs to do further training to be classed qualified in Australia so this doesnt help!! All this time and money - gutted x
  8. n111kkx

    dont think we will go !! cant afford it!

    ooh I meant to say when we applied for our Visa and state sponsorship our full comitment was to go to Victoria. My sister and her husband were going to move to Melbourne. However, the government changed the visa rules and instead of taking 6 months the visa then took 3 years. Your commitment for State Sponsorship has to be at the time of applying. My sister now has a child and her and her husband have fantastic jobs. They are reluctant to move to Melbourne now. We want to be near them and have had to reconsider everything. They may have another thought about Melbourne as they liked the city but this is another conversation we need to have. Hope this explains
  9. n111kkx

    dont think we will go !! cant afford it!

    Thank you all so much for your comments and I love this forum for peoples honesty. We live in Somerset with all our family around us have a great back up support for my daughter (8) we love to travel and do so (8 times this year alone) but we do realise that we have to sacrifice to go to Oz and are prepared to do so. But life is very good for us even in the midst of this recession. I understand that Manly is ridiculously expensive and luckily my sisters lease is up in 3 weeks but she does love it there. I have looked at the Northern Beaches in general and the costs are still high. I dont work full time and really dont want to as I want to be there for my husband and daughter. I also have a heart condition which means I have to have regular checkups and medicines. My care in the UK is fabulous. My two best friends cried at the weekend when I told them there was a chance we may not go!! I would love to have a little glass ball to see the future if anyone has one available! I think I need to have a long chat with my sister and then go and enjoy ourselves in October and do a proper reccie including schools, work, houses, living costs. Thank you all so much xx watch this space xx
  10. n111kkx

    dont think we will go !! cant afford it!

    My sister lives in sydneyand I would want to be very close to her. She has a 10 week old baby and I want to support her. Her lease is up in 3 weeks so gonna have a long talk with her as she is in the uk today for a holiday. My husband would be happy to not go as he is not the adventurous one and thinks if it's not broke don't fix it. Maybe my sis and her hubby will come back to the uk?????? If not then lots of holidays I guess, and like u say we have 5 years x
  11. n111kkx

    Electricians In Australia

    Anyone else applied to TRA for an assessment? Our application was logged on 12 may and we are now way over the 30 days it says it takes for assessment?
  12. Can I ask if anyone has shipped there car in a container with their belongings? Or is it better to do a separate roll on roll off for the car?
  13. n111kkx

    Dont know if we're staying or going???

    We r the same!!! 3 years to get the visa my OH never was 100% convinced about oz. We are going in oct for another reccie to look at schools etc. my oh has to do further training as an electrician so walking into a job is not easy. Once again they seem to be changing the rules on what training he will have to do!! We have hopefully sold a flat so that should keep us for 10 months and we will rent our house so we have a home in the uk. So so difficult as life is really good for us in the uk. But my sister and her new 6 week baby are in Sydney. My gorgeous little 8 year old did write a little story about how excited she is - so that helps and she is keen on the adventure. Going to look st it as a sabbatical and give it a shot - good luck with your decision making - our minds change weekly so I think it is natural xxx
  14. n111kkx

    OMG - No turning Back NOW

    Best of luck x can I ask - do u have jobs waiting for u in Oz?
  15. n111kkx


    Hi, we have a 176 visa and have applied to artc and it would appear that they are taking about 6 months to process applications!! We have been waiting since 14 may and I dud contact them to be told they r busy and have a backlog !! I also know of one person that waited 6 months only to be told to cancel the application and they have to go down the vetassess route!! Have u looked at the 2 week course u can do in wa ? That's another option Best of luck
  16. n111kkx

    Ettalong beach, nsw - what's it like

    Thank u - should I presume that umina beach is the same?
  17. n111kkx

    Sydney or Brisbane?

    Havent been to Brisbane but absolutely loved Sydney. My sister has been there for 5 years in Manly and getting the boat into the harbour is easy, living by the beach, going to the rocks and basically living the dream. We shall be joining her and we are aware that costs are high especially in Manly. Do you have the option of travelling a bit before you decide - get a better feel for both cities and see which one ticks all the boxes?
  18. n111kkx

    how much are cars!!?

    We have an 04 Audi with 111,000 on the clock. 3.2 engine (the ozzies like big guzzlers) its value in the UK is around £4,000 to buy the exact same car on ebay was $20,000. To ship the car it should be around £5,000 so we are going to ship it. Hope that helps
  19. I remember being a 14 year old and moving within the UK and kicked up one hell of a fuss!! but that is just being 14. Mum and dad made the decisions and it was part of our growing and development to deal with it. We shall be heading to Oz at Easter and luckily my 8 year old has been told all the way what is happening and that she will be leaving her beloved school. She is an easier age but is fully informed. I think I would be taking the decision that we would be going. Even being extrememly successful at her exams in the UK - where are the job opportunities? Also by the time she is 16/17 what age would your other children be? are they going to be in the same position? So hard having to make life changing decisions. Does she have any idea (even though only 14) of what she would like to do as a career? Do you need to sell your business to enable you to go? if so then decision made I think Best of luck N111KKX
  20. yeah it is the ARTC - the people that had their application returned by the ARTC did mention and included a copy of their certificate from Vetassess which they prob shouldnt have done. Keeping fingers crossed that this is the reason for it being returned. Our ARTC application has been in for 2 weeks so fingers crossed we may hear soon?
  21. Anyone starting or in the middle of applying for your TRA for electrician - please hold fire - at the moment an application has been returned due to the fact that applicant has already done his Vetassess. Any UK application must do the Vetassess - so save your money and wait a few weeks to see if this is happening to more people. Looks like the Peer route may be closed for UK applicants? watch this space
  22. n111kkx

    Electricians In Australia

    WARNING!! I have been advised by another PIO member that her hubby has applied for his TRA and he wants to do the Peer route - he has been asked to withdraw his TRA application as he has an OSTR via Vetassess. As any electrician in the UK has to go down the Vetassess route to get your Visa I believe the loophole of Peer may now be closed! We have applied for our TRa 2 weeks ago so will be interested to see the response we get! Yet another blow to Electricians!! Oz want and need the trade but make it very hard to earn a living! So it looks like the 2 week full time course may be the way to go ?
  23. We have just applied for our TRA to enable us to do the Peer course - HOWEVER !!! some states are no longer accepting this and another PIO member has also applied for their TRA and have been asked to withdraw their application as they have started down the Vetassess route (which you have to do to get your Visa) I think the Peer course has probably now has had its day with UK applications. Best of luck
  24. When you apply for your ARTC you should go for the Electrical Mechanic and not the Fitter as if you get graded a fitter you wont get your A class you still have to do the workbook etc. This is just what we were advised. We have not got as far as applying for the wiring regs course etc so cant help on that form sorry Good luck
  25. You have to go down the vettassess route to obtain your visa there is no other way. Once you have your visa to enable you to work as a fully qualified Electrician you need to learn the Australian rules. Officially if you have done the vettassess assesment you need to take a wiring regs course and then complete a workbook that can take upto a year to get your full licence. OR Once you have your visa, you can apply to the TRA for your ARTC which if you pass gives you the certificate to apply to Peer for a short course. The ARTC require an awful lot of detail and information so be prepared to spend a long time doing your application form. The assessment costs $300 and this is the stage we are at. Our application has gone to them, we have an email and a tracking number and we have been told it will take up to 30 days for the assessment to be completed. For information you should apply for the Electrical Mechanic or you will not get your A class to enable you to work unsupervised. Once you have your ARTC (they will only issue you a certificate once you are in Oz and to an Oz address) you can then apply to Peer to complete a distance learning course for the wiring regs. Then you need to attend Peer for revision and an exam - they have suggested 2/3 days for this. Once both hoops have been jumped through you can then apply for your licence which will give you a licence for SA. This can then be transferred to other state (but not all). When applying for jobs some companies do not need you to transfer but others do. We are 10 days in so fingers crossed we hear about the ARTC soon !!