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  1. bannie

    ***Moving 2 Perth 2009??***

    Congratulations and all the best :wubclub:
  2. bannie

    ***Moving 2 Perth 2009??***

    What's your occupation mate?
  3. bannie

    Yaay, Another CSL 175 visa granted today!!

    Congratulations mate :v_SPIN:
  4. bannie

    thinking of Nz as temp solution

    Thanks for the quick reply :notworthy:
  5. bannie

    thinking of Nz as temp solution

    Hey Richard, can a Australian PR holder after validating the visa travel to NZ and live/work there for a while?
  6. bannie

    Visa granted yipeeeeeeeee

    Congratulations :v_SPIN:
  7. bannie

    visa granted

    Congratulations :v_SPIN:
  8. bannie

    Visa approved

    Congratulations :v_SPIN:
  9. bannie

    All Docs Met...

    In my case it took around 11 days from the day all documents changed to "Met" to get the grant.
  10. bannie

    Visa Granted!!:-))

    Congratulations :v_SPIN:
  11. bannie

    Official ACT Sponsorship list

    ACT state sponsorship list is finally out; Business and Industry Development - Skilled Migration Cheers, bannie
  12. bannie

    Possible Cancelled Visa Help !

    Chris, I was in Australia on a student visa, I discontinued the course and returned back home after completing three semesters with more than 16 months of validity on my visa. If you look at my signature you will understand that this will not effect your GSM visa. :v_SPIN: Cheers, bannie
  13. bannie

    Wooohooo - Feb 09 Visa grant

    Congratulations :wubclub: