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  1. HuwandDonna

    Delivery Driver Roles

    Thanks for the links. And yes, Would love to drive a road train!! but couldn't be without my family for days or even weeks at a time.
  2. HuwandDonna

    Delivery Driver Roles

    I have aussie citizenship so don't need a visa myself. Thanks for all the advice. Will look into more local ads and those companies mentioned above.
  3. HuwandDonna

    Social Worker Jobs Queries

    We are considering Wollongong or somewhere within the Illawarra region. Thank you for the link, we'll check it out.
  4. HuwandDonna

    Delivery Driver Roles

    Thank you for the information. What other companies do they have over there? Fedex? DHL? DPD? Hermes? Yodel?
  5. HuwandDonna

    Social Worker Jobs Queries

    Hi, I am looking at relocating within the next two years to NSW and was looking for advice on Social Worker job roles and whether they are in demand and also what kind of experience and/or qualifications employers are generally looking for? Hopefully someone on here has experience in this field or just some advice on where to look for further information would be great. Many thanks
  6. HuwandDonna

    Delivery Driver Roles

    I’m not looking for Amazon flex or Uber eats but a full time courier/delivery driver role. Took a look on seek but they don’t seem to like sharing wage/salaries for some reason?
  7. HuwandDonna

    Delivery Driver Roles

    Hi Currently in the uk but looking online. I’m struggling to find many positions on indeed.com.au for multi drop can delivery driver jobs such as for Amazon or DPD/Hermes type companies. Does anyone know if these kinds of jobs are available and if you have any other info on this kind of work please. thank you
  8. Hi, Well after many many years of if, when's and but's it looks pretty certain now that we will be moving to Australia either late 2013 or early 2014, to tie in with the school year. I am welsh but have aussie citizenship (as well as our two young daughters), and my partner will need to go for a spouse visa. When do you think we would need to start the ball rolling if we are hoping to move in 18months(ish) time? How long does the visa process take in general? Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  9. Is anybody still moving out with 10k in 2012?!!?
  10. HuwandDonna

    Moving My Business To Aus

    Hi, I am currently self-employed as a Freelance Web Designer/Developer and was wondering if there is anything I needed to do in order to move my business to Australia? Any advice would be great, thanks.
  11. HuwandDonna

    Hairdressing Jobs in NSW

    sorry... bump!
  12. HuwandDonna

    Hairdressing Jobs in NSW

    Hi, I was just wondering if anybody has some info on whether hairdressing in australia has a big call for UK hairdressers and what the average wage would be? My partner will be a fully qualified hairdresser by next year and would like to get a job upon arriving in aus. Thanks in advance
  13. HuwandDonna

    What's Your Favourite Aussie Film?

    The beast - A docu about Eric Bana's love for his falcon coype
  14. HuwandDonna

    Tony Robinson Down Under

    Was good. Didnt buy the egyptian thing tho. Y were they engraved in the middle of knowwhere??!!
  15. HuwandDonna

    How Much Should I Budget For...

    Ha ha! Good luck with your move and hope you find somewhere you love, Im sure you will dude.