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  1. Hi, Well after many many years of if, when's and but's it looks pretty certain now that we will be moving to Australia either late 2013 or early 2014, to tie in with the school year. I am welsh but have aussie citizenship (as well as our two young daughters), and my partner will need to go for a spouse visa. When do you think we would need to start the ball rolling if we are hoping to move in 18months(ish) time? How long does the visa process take in general? Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  2. Is anybody still moving out with 10k in 2012?!!?
  3. HuwandDonna

    Moving My Business To Aus

    Hi, I am currently self-employed as a Freelance Web Designer/Developer and was wondering if there is anything I needed to do in order to move my business to Australia? Any advice would be great, thanks.
  4. HuwandDonna

    Hairdressing Jobs in NSW

    sorry... bump!
  5. HuwandDonna

    Hairdressing Jobs in NSW

    Hi, I was just wondering if anybody has some info on whether hairdressing in australia has a big call for UK hairdressers and what the average wage would be? My partner will be a fully qualified hairdresser by next year and would like to get a job upon arriving in aus. Thanks in advance
  6. HuwandDonna

    What's Your Favourite Aussie Film?

    The beast - A docu about Eric Bana's love for his falcon coype
  7. HuwandDonna

    Tony Robinson Down Under

    Was good. Didnt buy the egyptian thing tho. Y were they engraved in the middle of knowwhere??!!
  8. HuwandDonna

    How Much Should I Budget For...

    Ha ha! Good luck with your move and hope you find somewhere you love, Im sure you will dude.
  9. HuwandDonna

    How Much Should I Budget For...

    Off Topic sorry - But If your into Surfing and looking at moving to Moroubra - Have you seen the docu-film Bra Boys??? Check it out
  10. HuwandDonna

    Nursing / Study / Careers in Aus

    No - Your replies have helped us massively. We need to determine which way we're gonna go - Study in UK or Aus. Seems Aus is better for us at the moment... Thanks again. If anybody else has some info on studying Nursing in Australia though that would be great. Huw
  11. HuwandDonna

    Nursing / Study / Careers in Aus

    J From what I can tell then, is that you can study for enrolled nursing at TAFE in aus. So it may quicker for my partner to do that? That course is 1year. She can then work and or study further. Otherwise it be 5 years until shes fully qualified and we can emmigrate!! Thanks for your help. Very very helpful. :-)
  12. HuwandDonna

    Nursing / Study / Careers in Aus

    Uni!??! For some reason I assumed that you could go to a college to do nursing! Am i completely wrong then!?? If so then, she may need to go to college as she only has GCSE's.
  13. HuwandDonna

    Nursing / Study / Careers in Aus

    We're in South Wales. Can you advise what course/s / qualifications she would need to do in order to be accepted for nursing in aus please.
  14. Hi, I am looking for some info for my partner who wants to pursue nursing as a career. Currently we are living in the UK, when we do decide to move to aus, she will be applying for a Spouse visa, and hopefully will be granted a Perm. visa straight away. What she would like to find out is this: 1. If she studied Nursing here in the UK; How long will the course/s be and will she then be able to move to australia and get a job on those qualifications? 2. What specific course/s would she need to pursue in Nursing over here? OR 3. If we moved to Australia now; Could she study as a Nurse over there? And if so, which course/s would she need to pursue? Any info would be so helpful. Thank You
  15. Hi, Does it make any difference to my partner's visa approval chance, if we have or have not got savings? She is applying for the Spouse/Partner visa onshore here in the UK sometime in the near future and the above question crossed my mind? We won't be going until I can guarantee work before hand, as we're not fortunate to have a decent savings fund at the moment. Thanks in advance Huw