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  1. Hey, i guess ill just have to go and hope for the best, a lot of people have said I should be fine with finding a job in admin but always that worry. Thanks for the reply
  2. hey, Yeah to be honest, I thought I would just post on here and see, but I think I will just have to come out and hope for the best! It's just a little scary incase I can't find anything.
  3. Hey, I am a 23 year old female with a PR visa for Australia and I am looking to move to Sydney this year. I would like to secure a job before the move and would be able to start 1 month after a job offer is received. Please see the below link to my Linkedin page and my resume attached. uk.linkedin.com/pub/sarah-barry/45/223/85/Edit Please PM me if you are interested or have any helpful information. Thank you, Sarah Sarah_Barry_Curriculam_Vitae.pdf Sarah_Barry_Curriculam_Vitae.pdf
  4. bazz

    Spouse 309/ 310 Declined....

    Hi, I noticed you said you have never lived together in your own home? how did you show proof of relationship? with the defacto 309 visa you have to be living together for 12months and prove it. I have worked as a migration agent so know the drill for this visa, I have had many 309 visas approved. :biggrin:
  5. Hi, I am a fully qualified gasfitter/plumber looking for work in gold coast/brisbane. I would be interested in different areas of trade work too. I am coming over in 3weeks on a permanent residency visa, if anyone has any opportunities or info I would be very grateful, please PM me. Thank you,
  6. bazz


    Thanks everyone for your input. I am very disappointed to hear how bad it is in the gold coast, as it seemed like a better option out of queensland, our first choice was cairns but there is not enough employment there! Although from the sounds of it neither is there in the goldcoast?? we will be staying in mermaid beach for 2weeks and wil have a drive around to see what we can find/think.
  7. bazz


    Hi guys, I am moving to gold coast in 3weeks but want to know best parts, places with low crime, high crime etc. I have been looking at mermaid beach. I would like somewhere not to busy but not far from busy lively areas, also would like to know that its a nice area not known as bad crime area. any advice welcome thanks
  8. bazz

    $18,000 to take

    thanks guys for your replys! we are not using the money for flights etc nor the first 2 weeks of accommodation it will be used to sign up for long term renting and living. We are working on the gas license now, we have to send an application with all qualifications and references to have them transferred to australian qualifications then we can get the gas license. Thanks,
  9. Hey, at the beginning of september me and my partner are coming to Goldcoast and need accommodation for the first 2weeks while we look for somewhere long term. If anyone knows any cheap apartments to rent please let me know as it would be a great help! thanks,
  10. bazz

    $18,000 to take

    Hi, In september me and my partner are moving to Goldcoast queensland with $18000AUD. Its just the two of us, we are in our 20s, we dont have jobs or a property we are planning on renting a property for $300AUD a week and job searching soon as we get there. partners a gasfitter and i do office work. how long do you think our money will last and do you think its enough to go with? Thank you
  11. bazz

    gas license

    Hey, Please can someone tell me what license is best to apply for as a gasfitter, interim license or full one year license also has anyone applied and had it granted before going? we have our PR visas Thanks,
  12. thank you for replying! where can we apply?
  13. Hey, Just wondered how you applied for your plumbing license while in the uk? I was under the impression you had to work as an apprentice over there before you could get your license, my partner has all his qualifications in plumbing and gas. Thank you, Sarah
  14. bazz

    weather in goldcoast

    hi, just wanted to know what the weather is like all year round in goldcoast thanks
  15. Hi JP, great post! me and my partner are coming over in 3months, he is a gasfitter he is early 20s has 7years experience, full apprenticeship all certificates in heating and ventilation and done all gas tests etc will be doing LPG before we come over and then apply for his gas licence once there! we have read up on the gas licence and it seems quite straight forward and quick its just the plumbing side that seems more difficult! if you are in need of a gasfitter please let us know! we would be willing to come earlier too if he had a job offer! gold coast is the area we are heading to! if you have any advice or info please le me know! thank you sarah