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  1. Thanks for this!.very helpful in knowing the difference between the 2 tests. Will definitely keep in mind ☺ tests can be hard on ppls nerves at the best of times, not made easier by the fact tou know some deliberately try to trip you up!
  2. cypruscj

    Reflections on migration and becoming a Ping Pong Pom

    Refreshing honesty. My fiance and I did a year in Sydney and dream of going back. But we too felt the pain of leaving family, the guilt trips from certain members who couldn't accept our wanting to go and the homesickness - nothing prepared me for that. But since being back in the UK we find we have itchy feet. We also were shocked at the openly racist-at-times some Australian's were. The whole experience albeit for a short time of 1 year, has changed us both. Australia is a long long way from the UK and its not all sunshine and roses when you get there. Best of luck to all who try it. X?
  3. cypruscj

    Vetassess long wait

    Hi guys, just wondered on the subject of Vetassses timescales, if anyone knows or had experience of Australian board of Quantity Surveyors?? I'm worried so far far about these time scales! Horrendous wait for some of you.
  4. cypruscj

    July 2012 visa changesH

    Clock is ticking! Lol. I have decided, pardon the cliche " new year, new start " lark, that this year we have to take the opportunity to go to oZ for jobs and decent ones at that. We did a WHV 2009-2010, and lived and worked in Sydney, loved it! Yes it was expensive and yes you work hard, but more for my husbannds morale and self worth I think we definitely need to go back. He is consults for a prize ( fill in the blanks) and we live week to week, wondering when the next redundancy or dear John letter will arrive. Now way to live! Onwards people!
  5. cypruscj

    July 2012 visa changesH

    Thanks for replying guys, takes a wee bit of pressure off. My husband is a Quantity Surveyor so I'm hoping that won't be deprioritised, it seems to be an in demand area. Now just the painful task of saving, post Christmas, for visa fees and potential agent! I'm hoping with the use of an agent we will get heads up on any potential pitfalls!
  6. cypruscj

    July 2012 visa changesH

    Hi all, happy new year! Quick question, would I be right in thinking that if my husband and I applied and submitted our 175 before July that we would be applying under the current scheme, even if the visa is not approved by July, which I assume it wouldn't be given timescales, would that mean that come July our visa would still be processed under old scheme and we wouldn't be getting an email or letter to say that we need to be invited first!
  7. Hi everyone, Does anyone know of a good migration agent who allow payment plans or in stages? Looking into using an agent to ensure best chances for 175, but don't have £5-7 k upfront as I am sure many others won't these days either! want to try get application submitted before new changes come into place! Many thanks for any advice!
  8. So my husband and I have decided to take the plunge and move out to oz, we were there on WHV last year, loved it and want to go back, mainly since jobs here in NI for a quantity surveyor are non existent!!! No quality of life etc.. We think we may decide to use an agent purely since we are both busy and he works away 5 days a week. Should we do the DIY option, my question is do people start a skills assessment first before applying for visa? If so how would one go about that, if anyone has done the quantity surveyor one? Timescales costs etc? We want to get visa application in before these new "'don't call us we'll call you' to apply for a visa change takes place!
  9. cypruscj

    175 visa cost with spouse

    thanks very much guys! thought it was a bit steep paying over $6000! I know the aussie government likes to squeez every penny out of the whole process lol thanks again
  10. cypruscj

    175 visa cost with spouse

    Hiya, my fiance and i are planning our move over to Oz, after back from a year on WHV, we decided we like it enough to move permanently. I have a quick question regarding the cost of the 175 visa. Might be a dumb one but still want to double check lol! He is a QS and i unfortunately don't hold any qualifaction listed on sol list, (though will have a Honours Degree by the time we aim to move) The plan is for him to be the main applicant and me as spouse. is the cost per visa or per applicant. ...ie from immi.gov.au it says: The 1st instalment of the Visa Application Charge must be paid at the time of application. The 2nd instalment of the Visa Application Charge for dependents aged 18 years or over with less than functional English must be paid before the visa is granted. Skilled - Independent (Migrant) visa (subclass 175) Charge Type Charge Amount 1st instalment $2575 2nd instalment $3575 so does that make the visa cost $6150 or is it $6150 per person named? :confused: thanks
  11. cypruscj

    Psychological blackmail from our loved ones...

    Thanks very much. We have both decided that we are putting our needs first and hope that in time our family will see from our point of view. We've been through the mill will redundancies etc so need the fresh start and me personally I found it hard to get my head around why some members of our families weren't seeing how moving to Oz would be the best and a good thing for us. But onwards on upwards I say! I'm scouring this site for any tips and info to help us make the process a smooth one! This site is a godsend!
  12. cypruscj

    renting with 2 dogs

    Phew! Glad I found this thread! My fiance and I are planning to emmigrate to Sydney by end of 2011 and have a collie/lab/German Shepherd aka a mongrel! We are planning to take him with us and know all the jazz about quarantine 30days etc. We also have experience of renting in Sydney and know that Sydney although dog friendly its not so much dog-rental friendly. Lots of smaller breed dogs in apartment complex's, I guess because they are easier to keep and take up less space.....Our dog is large, 30kg. Docile and never barks would you believe, so I am really stressing about finding apartment to suit! Hoping to find someone on Poms in Oz who has experience of renting with dogs, and whether doggy contracts/bonds and references etc helped significantly?
  13. Isn't is awful the way close family act and the things they say when you say "Hey I'm off to Australia to give me and my family a better chance in life"? They claim to want the best but act so selfish when something is going to upset their family balance. I have a mother who is agrophobic and hasn't left the house in over 5 years voluntarily accept to go to hospital for a broken hip....she won't come see me in Oz most def- my dad who left her and my brothers and sisters several years ago, married an Aussie...so of course all aussies are evil...It'll be up to me to spend the money on flights every year to see my mum and likely my other halfs mum wont get on a plane unless it goes to Spain...thats her limit. Selfish but true. I swear i will never act this way with my kids! Parents have to know that they children grow up and move on and have their own set of priorities-everyone deserves a chance for a good life!!
  14. cypruscj

    Psychological blackmail from our loved ones...

    Great post! I just stumbled across this as myself and my fiance have experienced emotional blackmail. We were in Sydney on WHV each hoping to convert these to a sponsored visa...didn't quite turn out that way and we ended up coming back to NI. But the WHOLE time we were there we got nothing but " Come home, we miss you.." "Why don't you just come home, it's not for you". We now seriously regret not fighting to stay in Oz and are in the process of planning to return as permanent residents. Most definately we will not stand for any blackmail rubbish, as we have since seen that we don't matter a great deal to loved ones other that when they needed us for something! And let me tell you a few thousand miles between me and the future mother in law would be a blessing!! Thanks again, glad to see others understand how it (unfortunately) is with family on matters like this!