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  1. AussieAussieAussie

    Hi.. advice please

    Thanks Lou. We too have friends in Upper Coomera. Fantastic community up there. We were over there last week and was amazed how lovely it was. Will have to like it or lump it with the commute!
  2. AussieAussieAussie

    Hi.. advice please

    Hi We are looking at relocating from SA to GC next year. We like areas such as Upper Coomera, Helensvale, Pacific pines. I currently work in the Insurance Industry & Brisbane looks much better for job opportinuties than GC. Is there anyone on the site that can tell me the current situation on insurance jobs in and how do they find the commute from any of the above areas to Brisbane? Also...Hubbys a Painter.. he is looking to Subcontract first then aim to build up his own work. Are there any Painters out there that can give us an insight on the current work situation for Painters & how do you find working in the Summer with the high humidity? Thanks in advance :-)
  3. AussieAussieAussie

    Do you regret moving back?

    We came back in April last year and returning to Australia in May. Weve not regretted coming back to the UK as the family have had the chance to spend quality time with our little one however on reflection we should of come back for a long holiday instead. I do worry our ping ponging will have an effect on our little boy (18 months) but then i think Kids adapt plus hes probably too young to realise. Also not looking forward to the dreaded goodbyes again which will be worse this time!
  4. http://www.pomsinadelaide.com/forum/renting-real-estate/42623-breaking-lease-fully-furnished-3br-lakeview-apartment-west-lakes.html Breaking Lease on our Fully Furnished 3bedroom Apartment, West Lakes, SA. Please see the above link, all details on PIO sister site, Poms In Adelaide. Any questions please PM me. Thanks. :wink:
  5. Hi PIO The company my OH subcontracts in ADELAIDE for are looking for PAINTERS for an immediate start Must be Experienced & Reliable, Have an ABN, White card and own transport. PM me for contact details Nat
  6. AussieAussieAussie

    proof of relationship, please help

    Hi We had the same problem. We have been together for 6 years, no kids, were not married (until sept 12) & also living at my OH fathers house. We scanned in a copy of a joint savings account, 6 pics of us at different stages of our relationship, 2 Stat Decs (one from my mother & the other halfs sister), a stat dec from us both describing our relationship, moblie phone bills, all correspondence with the same address basically. We didnt have any probs and the CO did not request any additional info. Hope this helps and good luck Nat & Gaz
  7. AussieAussieAussie

    We got it!!

    Hi Theres just me and my OH...we went on his occupation. Our circumstances are pretty straightforward so we thought why not...lets give it a go and see how far we get without an agent! We didnt do too bad...ha. We have done so much research, we kept ourselves up to date with the DIAC website and helpful sites like this one and Poms In Adelaide are fantastic for info! I do agree with agents for complex cases as i know a family that would not of got through it without one but its great if you can save some money and do it yourself. If you need any help.. I would be more than happy to help. Nat
  8. AussieAussieAussie

    We got it!!

    Hi everyone!:biggrin: Just to let you guys know we had our visa granted today!!! We are over the moon as you can imagine! Good Luck to all of you that are in the process and thanks to those of you that helped us through this process especially as we did not use an agent! Nat & Gaz :jiggy:
  9. AussieAussieAussie

    Medicals forms a160eh and 26eh help pls

    Hi Trace! Your right, the meds are not cheap! but Its a small price to pay to get you where you want to be! Keep that in mind, thats what we did otherwise you will drive yourself mental! :confused: Some people 'frontload' the Health requirements before the CO has even been assigned, we just waited for the Case Officer to be assigned and then he emailed us immediately (we have not used an agent), he attached the 160 & 26 documents along with a few other documents and clearly stated what we should do next. If you feel confused I would wait until your CO has been assigned, at least then you will be advised correctly on what to do. I would imagine that all applicants that are migrating have to be assessed so yes that would mean your dependants too. We recently had our meds and its very straightforward. We had ours in Manchester and our costs was £510 in total for the both of us (only me and OH) Nat x
  10. AussieAussieAussie

    Uploading Documents Querry

    We only certified our black and white documents and left the coloured one unsigned, up to now we have not had any issues. Good Luck
  11. AussieAussieAussie

    SA SS Approval!!

    Hi Leanne & Simon We are not quite there with the actual visa, had our meds & xrays today in manchester, it shouldnt be too long now. 176 seems to be the quickest route but check on 'make the move south australia' for the new sponsored state process as its re opened now and the immi.gov site. Good luck and if you want any help please ask away! Check out 'pomsinadelaide' site if you havent already done so. Heaps of great advice on the whole process Nat & Gaz
  12. AussieAussieAussie

    visa time scales.

    Hi we too have applied for the 176 visa with SA. We are due for our medicals in 2 weeks. Have you received your case officer? We received ours approx 3 weeks after lodging online. Its been quite speedy! Nat & Gaz
  13. AussieAussieAussie

    Completing 176 Visa Online?

    Thanks for the reply Sharon! I eventually got the answer I needed and to clarify for anyone in my position, No you do not need to complete form 888 on a Visa 176 unless requested by your CO.! Congrats on your visa grant too Sharon!!
  14. AussieAussieAussie

    176 supporting docs confusion.... Help!

    We eventually had this one figured out! Hopefully we should have a CO in a month or so, I am sure the CO will request additional info if required. We have submitted a lot of evidence anyway so I cant see them asking for more but then again you never know!!! Ha Good Luck with your process also.
  15. AussieAussieAussie

    176 supporting docs confusion.... Help!

    Hi Chris Did you ever get the 'Form 888' clarified, we have had the same thing, we have lodged the Visa 176 and checked the checklist and it states form 888 needs to be required, within 28 days!! I am in panic mode! It does not make sense as form 888 appears to relate to Spouse/Partner visa????? I am so confused Nat :err: