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  1. Hi Claire Yes we've been here a year tomorrow! We're making friends slowly but they're mostly through work which is in the city! We're up for extending our social circle now!! I'll email you if I can work out how to find your address!!! Lindsay
  2. linziloo2

    Meeting people

    Hi Jenny, My family and I are in a similar situation and would love to come along on meetups/ get together's to try and extend our social circle!! We're 32 and 37 with children aged 7 and 5. We have been here for almost a year and are currently living in Clarkson (but not sure where Kingsley is in relation to us) Please let me know if you're arranging any social gathering! Lindsay
  3. Hi Kirsty, I'm in a similar situation... just emailed you... Lindsay

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    <p><p>Hiya! How are things going for you?</p></p>


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  5. linziloo2

    How long from medicals to visa ?

    5 days!
  6. linziloo2

    naive about the massive move to oz??

    Hi there I can certainly relate to your feelings (of guilt etc) as we are migrating in January with our young kids (taking them away from their grandparents n all). It's been a 2 1/2 year emotional roller coaster and will continue to be. But the advise you've been given is true (and has just really helped me so ta!). Live your life for you. We need to live ours for us and we believe this will be a fantastic adventure that will hopefully bring more opportunities for both us and the kids. And yes, nothing is forever. All the best of luck, lindsay x
  7. linziloo2

    Category 2's - Where are you now?

    Hello there connie! We received our visa this morning! please could you turn me purple? Thanks so much xxx Lindsay (linziloo2 lodged August 2010)
  8. linziloo2

    We have a visa :-)

    sorry cant help with the queeries but Congratulations!:yes:
  9. linziloo2

    Category 2's - Where are you now?

    Hi there! We've just got our CO!!!! Still in shock! Please can you turn me pink? thank you, Lindsay (linziloo2- august 2010)
  10. linziloo2

    So Excited...

    Hello there! We constantly go through the cycle of feeling very selfish for leaving our lovely family- to feeling very proud of ourselves for actually chasing the dream and trying to better our lives. God knows how we'll feel when we actually get the visa! People I have spoken too tell me its 'normal' to have these ups and downs and luckily our family are supportive. That doesn't mean they want us to go though and i suppose we don't know what they 'really' think which is a down side (and which plays on our minds). But its all actually 'real' for you now so i reckon you're bound to get those extremes of feelings. Good luck with it all. Hope it's us soon!! Lindsay
  11. Hi, So who would you recommend contacting? We lodged our visa in August 2010- (176) WA SS. I'm living in hope that we may have a CO but just haven't heard!! Lindsay
  12. linziloo2

    cost of medical and police clearance?

    Great, thank you for the break down too x
  13. linziloo2

    cost of medical and police clearance?

    Thanks guys, yes more spending! a costly process eh- but worth it in the end we hope )
  14. linziloo2

    getting a case officer

    hmmm thanks! I can't remember stating either way! I hope they email as we will be moving in the next few months hopefully!!
  15. Hello, please can anyone give me a rough idea of how much it will cost for medicals and police clearances for us? (two adults and two kids) Thank you x