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  1. Hi Just received notification that today, my Permanent Residency has come through :smile: Can`t believe what I`ve hd to overcome to get it Will be having a drink later
  2. Chops1963

    A certain age group required.

    the middle of a 45 single
  3. Hi Go online and check out Meetup groups in your area. They are a friendly bunch and will make you feel very welcome
  4. Chops1963

    Health Staff Bullied According To WA Exit Surveys

    Sadly, from my own personal experience and talking to others (migrants and Australians) it is a widespread issue. Currently, putting in for PR (on a 457) and on my third employer, have received bullying at all 3 firms. I have just made an official complaint about my manager as I have been off work with stress for the last two and a half weeks. Ultimately, being treated like this can affect a person`s confidence,well being and self worth. Hopefully, It will be regarded as a serious issue and those who bully, and management who choose to do nothing..will be held accountable. Being bullied at work...is soul destroying,
  5. Chops1963

    Changing employers on 457 visa

    Hi If the company has not sponsored anyone before, they need to apply to be a sponsoring company. Second company i transferred my 457 weren`t, took about 2 weeks to complete and a week for the nomination, total cost to then was c.$400. If they have sponsored before, they just have to do the nomination bit which will take about a week. You might have to reapply for your visa, if so will take about 2 weeks if you have all the paperwork. I was anxious about doing it, but it went pretty smoothly, although i did have a great migrant agent helping me. Hope this helps
  6. Chops1963

    Recruitment companies...

    Hi getting a 457 sponsored role is very hard work, so you have to be determined and develop a thick skin, Contacting recruiters should be part of your approach, but you should also identify companies that could use your skills and apply to them as well.Additionally, see what transferable skills you have, and think about what other industries you could apply to ? As networking is important, i use Linkedin and it can be good to promote yourself and get in contact with people who can help you. Recruiters are busy, and some are just plain unprofessional. So don`t take it personally, get a plan of attack and go forward. Best wishes
  7. Hi I`m looking for work......not offering a job
  8. Hi Laura I`m in the same boat and managed to get another company to take me on...am starting the work with my migrant agent tomorrow. Stay calm, which is harder than it sounds, and focus on applying to companies who might be a potential employer. Best wishes Andrew
  9. Chops1963

    Re: Advice about Cost of living

    Hi I`m currently on a457 visa, but will lose my job next month (i`ve been here since Nov 2010) ihave been offered a job in Hobart, but it is a big drop in salary (about $ 15k) to $60000 plus super. I`m a single guy inmy late forties, and need to be able to survive for at least 2 years until ican get PR. Can anyone tell me if this is a good enough salary to stay on, ihave to let the guy know on Monday (26/05) he`s being pushy, and i have someconcerns about taking the job. Does anyone knowwhat the job situation is like in Tasmania? I work as a Production Manager(Food/FMCG background). An option i thought of was to try and transfer toanother Tasmanian company, if it doesn`t work out so that i can still get myPR. There is another jobin VIC, which, i`m waiting to hear back on, and they would want to interview meimmediately, and i`m keeping my fingers crossed that they do, as this is $30 kmore than this role, better company and boss as well. Currently, i`mstressed out to the max, and can`t think clearly, so any advice would begreatly appreciated Thanks Andrew
  10. [h=3]Dynamic, Resourceful Manager seeks a Production Management role with an Australian company[/h]Highly motivated Manager currently working in Canberra on a 457 Working Visa seeks a permanent Employer Sponsored role in Shift/Production/Operations Management. Extensive experience in Planning, Quality, Leadership/Coaching/People Management, OH & S.Training/Experience in Lean Manufacturing techniques. Experience in Continuous Improvement-Including founding "In-house" Improvement team . MBA educated with an hands on workstyle, proven with companies ranging from Global Multinational to small family run enterprises. I`m seeking to transfer my 457 Working Visa to another sponsoring employer (this is a straightforward, quick procedure and inexpensive procedure). Will relocate anywhere in Australia for the right position. Feel free to contact me for an exploratory chat, or if you require clarification/expansion on any points. Thanks
  11. Hi David My own experience of looking for work, in the UK and in Australia is that you put a lot of effort in but get treated in what might be seen as a rude manner i.e. getting no response or feedback in relation to job applications. Because of my age, i had to apply for a sponsored position, so a lot of legwork on my behalf (researched 5000 potential employers, applied to c 1700, and came over with 7 potential interviews). The most disheartening aspect for me was getting no response from companies, although in fairness, agencies did invite me to contact them when i came over. i think that less than 10 % of employers replied. But, if you come to Oz, are resilient, focused and network then you can be successful I mentioned the word network,as i had great success by making contacts through Linkedin, and met a Melbourne businessman for a Coffee and informal chat (TIP: If you go for a chat with a potential employer/contact, treat it as a business meeting/Interview....they will). As a consequence, he gave me a list of 12 names in his network, including a CEO of a large food company, a couple of MD`s and some useful contacts. Another contact, i made through Linkedin, put me in touch with a Consultant who interviewed me for a job, and although i didn`t get it, he said that he knew the HR Director of Arnotts, which led to an interview offer, but unfortunately, due to time constraints i couldn`t go). So make sure you network, make contacts, go into the Linkedin forums and say you`re looking for a position, you`ll be surprised what might come your way. Anyway, accept that recruiters aren`t always going to be the most professional in their dealings with you, and start connecting. Good luck Andrew (aka Chops)
  12. Hi I think that i`ve browsed their website, and found that some of the jobs were quite old. To be honest, i think your best bet might be to make direct enquiries, i ge in the medical field i think that it might be easier than some sectors like my own (Manufacturing) as agencies see getting sponsorship as a hurdle. Also, if you`re not on Linkedin, it`s worthwhile joining and getting a profile up, as there are groups relating to Australia, getting sponsorship, networking so you can post a question, ask for advice and put up a post saying your looking for a sponsored position. There are also some migrant agents and companies that help place people in sponsored positions that are on linkedin, i`ll try and see if i can recall some of them Hope this might be of some help Kind Regards Andrew
  13. Hi Julia Are you on Linkedin ? There are several sites relating to Australia and Training and development where you could ask for advice and/or leave a post saying that you`re looking for work. Andrew
  14. Chops1963

    Changing Sponsor on 457 Visa

    Hi i`m here on a 457, just over a year, and the dream has become a nightmare. My friendly , helpful boss is now a micromanager who is kranky most days which ramps up the stess, and you make more mistakes. A colleague who was also a 457 migrant lost his job just before Xmas (same day as the Xmas Barbecue !). His last day was after the 28 day period was mid Jan, but to date he hasn`t been contacted by Immigration. He has a job lined up and is waiting for references. Have read posts in here where people have said that hey haven`t been contacted, i got the impression that if you are serriously looking for another sponsor they will be sympathetic. In your position, i would look to get another employer before leaving, which is easier said than done, esp if it means travelling out of state etc for interviews. My stress levels are too high, talk through with someone, even on here, it can help.
  15. Chops1963

    Skype Interview Next Week!

    I recently applied for a job and arranged a Skype Video interview with the MD (who was in Dubai). I added his user name as a contact, but at the appointed time (having being contacted by his PA by e mail to confirm that he was about to contact me) i waited, but it he didn`t appear, i waited and e mailed his PA who thanked me for interest and wished me well in my job search ! Contacted skype, who checked and confirmed that the Skype user name wasn`t recognised, i cut and pasted the content of the conversation and e mailed to both the PA andthe interviewer, he admitted that it was an alias, and gave me his real skype name which i added. Another interview was arranged, and i was on skype chatting to a friend, an hour before the interview was due. When the interview time arrived, he wasn`t there and he didn`t contact me. His PA again e mailed me to say that he was contacting me. The interview never took place. My advice to any one would be to check that your skype phone/video works in advance by contacting someone with Skype, also make sure that the skype name they give is recognised.