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  1. mooney33

    Diesel Mechanics Jobs with 482 visa

    Sept 17th 2018 I am still recruiting for plant mechanics with 5 years experience of plant maintenance and servicing for a client in Australia. Send cv to tony@livethedreamaustralia.com or call me on 07774494055
  2. mooney33

    Diesel Mechanics Jobs with 482 visa

    Hi Liam, The telephone number I gave you is incorrect, it should have been 020 3137 3161 Tony
  3. mooney33

    Diesel Mechanics Jobs with 482 visa

    Hi Liam initially send your current cv to tony@livethedreamaustralia.com or call me on 02031373162 Tony Mooney
  4. The Australian economy appears to be on the move. I am looking to recruit for a client 25 diesel mechanics with a minimum of 5 years recent experience working on plant and equipment. Experience of maintaining servicing and repairing excavators a definite plus. There are jobs across Queensland, NSW, Victoria and WA. Locations are urban, rural & some remote locations. For successful candidates the employer will pay for your 482 temporary working visa, your flight to Oz, 3 months accommodation and cover some of your relocation expenses. The work is varied, with no two days the same and a challenge. Interviews are being held in the UK. To be transparent my fees are being paid by the employer; you have no recruitment costs to pay. If you can say yes to the following conditions contact me: Diesel mechanic qualifications UK passport, Educated in English No criminal record No major illnesses
  5. mooney33

    should I apply for a visa or try to get a job first?

    Hi Hayley, Sponsored Carpenters jobs are not easy to find in Australia, mainly because the job is typically sub contract as in the UK. If you have found an employer we can assist you with the visa but we are not aware of any employer currently looking to sponsor. You are welcome to call me if I can be of assistance 020 3137 3161. You will not be able to obtain a 457 visa without a job offer.
  6. mooney33

    Live The Dream Management Company ?

    I suppose this proves my point, as I am not in Adelaide how can I really give an opinion that is valid.
  7. mooney33

    Live The Dream Management Company ?

    Hi Sapphire, My name is Tony Mooney a director of Live the Dream Australia. Owen & Ali are not employees nor share holders of my company. Your comments are a little bit cynical but understandable if you have not used our service. We are a small company based in the UK with many years of experience in managing the move to Australia of skilled UK migrants. It is not easy what we do, in fact I am not aware of another company in the UK that does what we do. Since the changes to the migration rules on July 1st 2012 we have seen a huge increase in enquiries from people who no longer qualify for 176/175 visas. These enquiries also include people who we spoke to in previous years and who have not yet managed to migrate to Australia, who have been trying to either find a sponsor or use the PR visa route. I really don't understand why anyone should make comments about us when they have not even spoken to us. Let me tell you what we do. First we assess the options of the individual / family. we do this at no cost, unlike some companies who want to see your credit card before telling you anything. We do take a fee as an engagement fee to get some commitment from the client. We then prepare the client for interview with an employer, this includes the creation of a resume aimed at the Australian market. We coach the client on interview techniques. We have a group of recruiters who we network with in Australia. These are specialists in the trade skills such as Mechanics, welders, plant fitters, spray painters, panel beaters, and electricians who are possibly the hardest trade to place due to licencing regulations. After being interviewed we then negotiate a relocation package if possible. This could include accommodation, transport, possibly flights and assistance with relocation costs upon arrival. This means the overall costs will be reduced; all managed by us. We are only interested in our client we receive no fees from the employer. Upon accepting a job the rest of our fee is payable, which seems fair? Following the acceptance of a job offer we commence the visa application for the 457 visa. Once approved we start the relocation process. This includes finding accommodation upon arrival arranging flights, shipping, banking foreign exchange, managing the UK property amongst other things. Some of these items attract fees payable to the service provider. Hopefully I have taken away some of the mystery of Live the Dream Australia.com. By the way Owen & Ali are currently enjoying 37degrees of heat in the sunshine of Adelaide, working for a major fabrication company.
  8. mooney33

    Down Under Live

    We had a job in Sydney and one in Perth, they are hard to find. Where are you in the process?
  9. mooney33

    Value for money?

    As this is a reasonably busy thread can I ask your opinion. With the new EOI system yet to settle down there is clearly some confusion in the market place. livethedreamaustralia.com is a migration management service helping skilled UK workers to start a new life in Australia. We have a turn key solution for our clients who wish to go to Australia with the intention of staying. We first get the client, employer ready with a resume creation service, interview coaching, job search, arranging interviews, manage employment packages including relocation support packages, processing of the 457 visa, (client pays the $365 submission fee to DIAC), we then organise accommodation in Australia, book flights, open bank accounts, open FX accounts, arrange shipping etc and then arrange for the client to be met in Australia. On top of these services we are a great source of information about Australia and the process. My question is this; considering the cost of using a migration agent for a typical 190 state sponsored visa could cost around £5,000 - £7,000 do you think our fee of £3200 plus vat is reasonable? Please also consider that we currently only have jobs for Diesel Mechanics/Fitters (about 200), Plant Fitters (about 75), Car Mechanics (20), Spray Painters (45), Panel Beater (25), Welders (30), Fabricators (30), Hydraulic Fitters (15), Industrial/Maintenance Electricians (5) Thank you for your time Tony Mooney (mooney33)
  10. mooney33

    Down Under Live

    I have been to several Down Under Live events and I have found that there is some good information to be found and there are usually ways to find out about jobs but no event can cover all types of employment. The company I work for can not find work for accountants for example but if you are a diesel mechanic, car mechanic, Industrial / maintenance electrician, welder, fabricator, spray painter, panel beater, hydraulic fitter, CNC operators, we have jobs all over Australia where the employer will offer 457 visas. Let me know if you fit into any of these categories.
  11. mooney33

    plant fitter......job dilemas

    In reply to your jobs dilema, there are jobs available in Australia for fitters. For those of you who know me from livethedreamaustralia.com will know we assist our clients to migrate to Australia. Our services include securing you a job with a sponsoring employer, processing your 457 visa and managing your relocation for a fee; however with some of the vacancies we have uncovered we now include in our fees the following: Flights for you and family, 8 weeks accommodation, Visa sponsorship Relocation service We are looking for mechanical fitters able to do the following: maintain, service and repair either as a field service fitter or branch fitter, diesel and petrol engines in trucks, vans, utility vehicles, plant and equipment such as generators, pumps, compactors, compressors, diggers, excavators etc. Ideally time served or 7 years experience in the plant & equipment hire industry or a field service or workshop based environment. We have currently 43 position available in Queensland and Western Australia. Interviews are being held in Dublin & London during April 2012. For more information please contact tony@livethedreamaustralia.com or call Tony Mooney on 020 3137 3161
  12. mooney33

    Electrical licence

    I am the recruitment and relocation director for http://www.livethedreamaustralia.com My job is to find suitable sponsored employment for our clients. Electricians are a challange due to the reluctance of employers to take on Electricians without full licensing. We will only assist clients where we know there is a clear migration path which includes an electrical licensing provision. We believe there will be an increase in demand during 2012.
  13. Hi Simone, I don't come onto this forum that often, so I did not see this posting when made. I am not sure quite what you are asking in your post but If you are asking can I justify the fees charged by live the dream, here is my reply. We are a migration management company. We find jobs, process the visa (using registered migration agents) and manage all aspects of the move to Australia. Even when you arrive in Australia we are able to assist you. I think that's worth our fee. We have live jobs waiting to be filled. If you have a skill on the 457 list we will talk to you. Best wishes Mooney33 (Tony Mooney)
  14. mooney33

    should I apply for a visa or try to get a job first?

    Hi All, This is Tony Mooney (mooney33) from livethedreamautralia.com I am getting emails asking about sponsorship in Australia. Yes it can happen and yes we find sponsors for our clients. But please drop the idea that sponsorship automatically means the employer will send a jet for you and pay for everything. The Australian employers have worked out that Australia is a popular destination and they do not need to help with the move. There are some employers who will help in some way maybe accommodation when you first arrive. For example we are currently looking for Plant Mechanics/ fitters, Industrial electricians, Branch managers and assistant branch managers for an equipment hire company who offer flights relocation package and accommodation which is exceptional. We are also looking for panel beaters and spray painters for an East Coast company who offer a small relocation package. From July 1st jobs will be the main focus of migration for most occupation. There will be all sorts of myths being generated from this so if I can help just ask. Obviously if we take on your case we charge a fee but we have many happy clients living the dream in Australia. On another matter someone posted that they contacted livethedreamaustralia in 2009 but did not get a reply. livethedreamaustralia.com was established in 2010 so it was not us. In case there is any doubt about what we do, we are a migration management service provding suport in all aspects of the move including jobs, visas and relocation.
  15. mooney33

    Confused! :(

    Let me explain. It's all about money. Plant Operators are considered to be semi skilled. I believe there are some exceptions such as working in mines and construction sites if the employer can show there are no possible applicants for the job. Operators in mines are extremely well paid so you will find there are plenty of takers for these jobs so why should an employer import labour? mooney33