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  1. VickyMel

    Newbie-trying to get RRV (long sorry)

    Do you have another option? If so it might be worth comparing the chances of obtaining that to the difficulties of obtaining a RRV.
  2. The weather will be a bit better (although it has been raining for 2 days now!). Currently complaining about hew cold spell - it was 13 today and may go down to 3 tonight - but this is only a couple of months and in summer it is in the 30s... so the beaches with warm sea are also an option. But kids walk from school etc here and I know my friends kids are involved in lots of activities. I think the city and suburbs spread out a long way and unless you lived on the outer areas you have a longer distance to travel to see large areas of green. Less hills as well. Also probably depends what area of Scotland you are moving from...
  3. VickyMel

    Melbourne earthquake! Argh!!!

    The sofa wobbled for us too. I thought it was my oh being silly at first. Seemed to go on for a long time. Was very impressive.
  4. VickyMel

    New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    Wooooo Hooooo!!!! Congratulations VB I am so very very pleased to see you have your grant at long long last. Vicky
  5. VickyMel

    Web hosts

    Thanks LKC for the info re Netregistry and great to know they are user friendly on the domain name side of things. I will get my OH to take a look later to see if their hosting will accept my Drupal attempted web pages!
  6. VickyMel

    Web hosts

    I'm potentially going to sound like an idiot here as I am not totally sure of the correct terms. Can anyone recommend a web host where I can locate a web site (any pros and cons of different places). I am currently developing the web site using Drupal and it will probably be 10 pages max (and just a couple of pictures so not massive) Thanks PIOers Vicky
  7. VickyMel

    Self managed Super

    I'm just starting a short term contract and have been asked to nominate a Super fund. I am likely to be doing short term contracts or be self-employed for a while and am wondering if there are any suggestings on Super funds I might look at given the irregular payments side of things? I am also keen not to invest in a Super fund that is heavily investing funds in property as some seem to be doing. Thanks Vicky
  8. VickyMel

    Heinz Beans and...

    They are good at marketing ploys. Like the low sodium beans that I had hoped would be less salty - they just reduced the sodium and stuck a different type of salt in! I find many of the baked beans too sweet. Baked beans with fried onions and worcestershire sauce, or curry powder... Why do they have to make things sweet and salty? A major bug bear is the salt and sugar filled peanut butter - give me one or the other or preferrably neither.
  9. VickyMel

    Its sooo cold :0(

    Put me down as a customer. We used to laugh at my Dad when he wore my old legwarmers to walk the dog - wish I had them now. Nope sorry. Took me about a year the last time. I thought I was aclimatising down to the cool of Melbourne quite well until today. Well hello - come closer Fleabo :biggrin: Can I cuddle up and hold my nose against you? My mum is complaining about the scorching weather. They are expecting snow tonight in the highlands here in Vic. "Weatherzone meteorologist Alex Zadnik said the temperature had reached about 10.5 degrees in the city by 1pm, making it currently the coldest day since July 2008 and the coldest May in 12 years. He said heavy rain and wind gusts of almost 100km/h were a great concern for those in Central and Eastern Victoria."
  10. VickyMel

    Its sooo cold :0(

    I think I coughed up my cockles a long time ago. It has been piddling down here all day - I have no desire to be wet and cold. Quite happy to sit inside in my fleeces and fluffy slippers.
  11. VickyMel

    Its sooo cold :0(

    Piddling down in Melbourne as well. I was waiting for a gap in the rain to walk to the shops. Then remembered the car - brill I also remembered to drive it with the heater full blast. Pity it was such a short trip. I am sat at my computer in 2 fleeces and a hat. I might try to find my fingerless mittens!
  12. VickyMel

    What happens when visas run out for the year?

    Hope you are not reading this until after you have had a good sleep. DIAC have a quota system for many of the visas including the skilled visas. Within the skilled visas (which includes the 176 family sponsored) they also have a priority system - whereby some people get processed at a faster rate than others. You state you are in priority 4. Under the current system if your visa does not get processed this year it rolls over to the next year. Sorry I can't tell you where they are up to in the priority 4 side of things. The site you looked at that told you "applications lodged before 12 Sept 2011 have been or will be assigned a CO" gets updated regularly - keep an eye on that to see when it is getting closer to the time you applied. Edit: Wow just realised things are really moving for the family sponsored if they are up to Sept 2011! Great news as priority 4 had been at a standstill for ages.
  13. VickyMel

    Whats your favourite ice cream flavour?

    Vanilla but... brown bread ice-cream that I had years ago in Henry's wholefood restaurant in Bournemouth sticks out in my mind Oh and then there was the xmas pud ice cream Oh and a friend make delicious ice cream with real fruit and cream.... Love ice cream - love it Can't understand why some people want to mix it with things like fruit salad - yuck..
  14. VickyMel

    Why do women iron mens shirts???

    Is that why you sit up the road in a cafe for half an hour ;-) Your wife is a woman after my MIYs heart. I rarely iron - think I did once for one of my interviews when we first arrived. The old plug is still on the iron. Every cupboard door left open here as well! I left the ever increasing pile of each days socks once for a week before I gave up - he just didn't see it.
  15. VickyMel

    Moving to Melbourne

    Yep you will be fine on that.