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  1. natmark

    Which agent to choose

    We used John Adams at immigration2oz and he was fantastic. I cannot rate him and his team highly enough. John was always approachable and responded to emails extremely promptly and often at the weekends or bank holidays! He and his team kept us up to date every step of the way. Our situation got more complicated after all the changes last year and John was always in communication with us about our options and he was commited to helping us achieve our dream of emigrating to Australia. Good luck with whoever you choose. Natalie
  2. Mine did that. It means that your meds are finalised and now comes the wait for your visa! Hope that helps
  3. Thanks everyone! We're really excited to start planning the next chapter of our lives and raising our two children in Oz! Good luck to you all Natalie
  4. Well it's been quite a night. My husband and my daughter's meds were uploaded and finalised last week. My newborn son's (Noah) were couriered last week and arrived on Monday. Mine were uploaded on Tuesday and referred on Wednesday (not sure for what?). Before I went to bed last night my referred meds were changed to finalised. Noah's meds were finalised when I got up at half 3 this morning to feed him. Then when I woke up this morning to an email from our agent stating our visa has been granted! Our case officer has been great the whole way and must have been waiting to push that grant button as soon as he got confirmation of Noah's meds! We are so so happy but not looking forward to telling the parents that it's actually going ahead. This has been such a long process (despite what my timeline may suggest) and a dream that began 6 years ago has finally been realised! I'm off to have some champers now!! Natalie
  5. natmark

    Referring medicals

    Following on from my previous post, I didnt have to wait long for the decision! I had an email from our agent this morning saying our visa has been granted!!
  6. natmark

    Referring medicals

    You can get a list of panel doctors on the DIAC website. There are only 8 in the country. My son was born after we got a CO but he still had his meds at the same time as us. His meds were sent to Sydney by courier and arrived on Monday. They were finalised today aswell! Now for the wait on the decision!

    <p>My husband and my daughters mess were uploaded last week and finalised the same day. Mine were uploaded on Tuesday, referred on Wednesday and finalised Friday (Aussie time - tonight to us). My son was born after we got a case officer so have had a headache trying to get him added to the e-health system. That couldn't be done so his meds were couriered to Sydney and arrived on Monday. We are now waiting for them to be looked at. Then will begin the waiting for the visa decision!</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>How far through the process are you?</p>


  8. natmark

    Referring medicals

    My meds were uploaded on Tuesday 7th June and were referred (not sure why?) on 8th June. Have just checked the online tracker and they were finalised on 10th June (Aussie time)! So not long to wait at all!
  9. <p>Wow, we're doing the same as you have done... and for SA. Have you heard anything yet following your medicals? We're in the very early stages but great to read when people are getting through the long process!</p>

  10. Yes, you need the baby's passport as it's required at the medicals. We did the check and send at the post office and it was back in 9 days!
  11. We got our case officer on 16.4.11 and my baby was already 2 days late! He arrived on 20.04.11. We then had to register his birth and get his passport. We sent these to our agent and completed form 1022 (change of circumstance) who forwarded these onto our case officer. We couldn't do our medicals until we had his passport ( meds were actually completed 21.5.11), so now we're waiting for them to be uploaded so we can get our decision. Hope this helps. Natalie
  12. natmark

    New Baby and Passport

    http://www.direct.gov.uk/prod_consum_dg/groups/dg_digitalassets/@dg/@en/@travel/documents/digitalasset/dg_174925.pdf Have a look at the above link. It's for the passport photo guidelines, and it states that babies under the age of 1 DON'T need to have their eyes open for photos but it is preferable
  13. natmark

    New Baby and Passport

    I'm in exactly the same situation. We got a case officer when I was 2 days overdue bit I went ahead and booked the medicals anyway for 21st may. Luckily I had my little boy 4 days later (20th April) but now it's the rush to get his birth certificate (to be done 3rd may) so we can send off for his passport (which we will do the same day). Our local newsagent/post office does their own passport photo service and he said that under 1's don't even need to have their eyes open, which was good as my little boy was asleep at the time!! I believe the rules are fairly relaxed for babies so you should be fine.
  14. natmark

    Applying For 176 Visa when pregnant

    We lodged our 176 application 3 weeks ago and our 2nd baby was due yesterday (still not arrived!). Our agent has said that if we get a CO before the baby has arrived and we've got it's new passport and birth certificate then we can apply for an extension whilst we do this. He said it's quite standard to do this so don't worry.
  15. natmark


    We're using John Adams and his team and they are brilliant. I can't say enough nice things about them. It's been a long road for us and he's been so positive and approachable the whole time. He's always available via telephone or email, and has even responded to some of my questions on a weekend or bank holiday which I didn't expect. Can't recommend them highly enough!