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  1. Receiving expert guidance on the timing of your money transfer will be very important. There is a range of different ways to buy your currency which can help you maximise the amount of Australian dollars you receive. Based on the current market volatility this is where you will see the biggest benefit of our service. Happy to have a chat - feel free to private message me.
  2. Brexit Battle with Barnier A promising start? David Davis has begun Brexit negotiations with the EU as both sides met face to face for the first time yesterday and exchanged hiking gifts in an attempt to break the ice. Davis entered with a ‘positive and constructive’ frame of mind to build a ‘strong and special partnership’ with the remaining EU members. The initial exchanges will continue to focus on setting out how talks will proceed in future as they look to put in an orderly process for negotiations. The early view from the joint press conference yesterday afternoon sounded as expected with Davis saying talks got off to a ‘promising start’ and Barnier re-iterating initial points about there being ‘substantial consequences’ from Brexit as they stick to the EU Agenda of negotiating the Departure Bill before any trade deals. There was very limited reaction in the currency markets as a result, but there are various comments in the papers- most notably from Tim Farron the former Lib Dem Leader who claims Davis has capitulated on day one!
  3. The pound is weaker today - following comments from the governor of the Bank of England who rejected calls for an interest rate rise.
  4. Brexit press conference due at 5pm This week is set to be another Intriguing chapter with official Brexit negotiations starting today. In the absence of a U-turn the UK position of wanting free trade and border controls without being part of the customs union is unlikely to meet a welcoming committee and as such Sterling may remain range-bound for now. Sterling remains vulnerable to domestic political instability – with the weekend press focusing on the existential threat already to this government.
  5. Weekly currency update is below. The Aussie was the second best performer among the major currencies, behind the Canadian dollar. Against sterling it strengthened by one cent and it added half a US cent. It got two statistical legs up, the first coming when weak retail sales and slowing inflation in the States cast doubt on the upward course of US interest rates. The second was home-grown, in the form of unexpectedly strong jobs data that showed employment increasing by 42k in May. Sterling was fortunate not to extend the losses it suffered in the immediate aftermath of the general election. UK industrial and manufacturing were disappointing, as were retail sales. Inflation accelerated to 2.9% (CPI) and 3.7% (RPI), outpacing the 2.1% increase in wages and putting a further squeeze on household spending power. The pound was saved by the three members of the Monetary Policy Committee who unexpectedly voted for higher interest rates. No actual increase is imminent but there won't be any further cuts.
  6. Brexit negotiations to go ahead on Monday, Government confirms
  7. Hi Jessica Yes, no transfer fees for Poms in Oz members, great exchange rates. If you need any assistance with anything just let me know - Thanks John
  8. The Australian dollar has prospered as a result of strong employment data. Seldom do the Australian employment data fail to raise eyebrows. This time they showed unemployment falling to a four-year low at 5.5% with the addition of 42k jobs, most of them full time positions. The Aussie was consequently the day's top performer, strengthening by 0.9% for a weekly gain of 2.4%.
  9. Not much news coming out of Australia – bit more surrounding the UK. UK inflation Consumer and retail price index data put UK inflation higher than the Bank of England's 2%target and they were ahead of analysts' projections. CPI was up by 2.9% on the year and RPI rose by 3.7%. The data helped the pound towards its first winning day since Thursday. Sterling was already on its way up when the inflation figures came out and they might have given it a little more impetus. However, investors are under no illusion that the Bank of England will take any policy action, given the uncertainty that lies ahead for the UK economy. As shown by the price action on Friday and Monday, the pound is deep inside don't-know territory. On Monday and Tuesday there was no shortage of economic pundits telling the financial media that the pound has been oversold; driven below levels that can be justified by economic fundamentals. That is not to suppose that it must therefore rebound in the immediate future: Trends like this have a tendency to overshoot. Spending power Whether CPI or RPI represents the best barometer of consumer prices, both indices were higher than the last measure of average earnings, which went up by 2.4% in the year to April. That means household spending power is declining. Today's wages figure will be examined closely for signs of further erosion. The UK employment data this morning are forecast to show an extra 10k jobseekers with the rate of unemployment steady at 4.6%. Average earnings growth is also supposed to be steady, at 2.4%. A lower number would be unhelpful to sterling
  10. Lot of focus now naturally on Brexit with the start of talks coming up.
  11. Three reasons to use a foreign exchange specialist By John Kinghorn from moneycorp Value for money, and the tools and expertise to manage the ups and downs of currency markets Like many of the financial services we rely on today, using a specialist instead of a more generalist provider – such as your high-street bank – can offer a number of advantages and benefits when making international money transfers. On top of the potential financial savings, there are some other key benefits that you might not have previously considered – some of these are listed below. 1. Great exchange rates & avoid high transfer fees The exchange rates offered by different money transfer providers can vary significantly. As exchange rates change minute to minute, it can be difficult to compare, but using an uncompetitive provider like your high-street bank may end up costing more than you bargained for. Using a foreign-exchange specialist company typically provides better rates. What’s more, using a bank can also cost up to £40 for each international transfer. This would add up to nearly £500 a year if you were making 12 monthly payments to cover any overseas expenses. 2. A convenient service In today’s fast-paced world, carrying out money transfers and managing your payments from a computer or a mobile device is probably high on the priority list. A specialist might also be able to take the hassle out of making regular overseas transfers by setting up repeat payments at any interval. 3. Plan ahead against unpredictable currency markets It is impossible to predict which way the pound will go against other currencies, especially with the upcoming Brexit negotiations about to take place. But if you choose the right foreign-exchange specialist you could get access to expert guidance plus an account manager who is able to familiarise you with the ins and outs of different currencies, and discuss some of the tools to help you prepare whichever way rates go. For example, using a strategy known as a ‘forward contract’, you can fix a prevailing exchange rate for up to two years (note: forward contracts may require a deposit). Poms in Oz & moneycorp Poms in Oz work with moneycorp who are a leading money transfer provider. Benefit from great exchange rates plus, as a special offer, all transfer fees are waived for forum members. You can register for a free moneycorp account by clicking here. Or email currency expert John Kinghorn – – Established in 1979, moneycorp is one of the largest and fastest-growing players in the foreign exchange and international payments market. Moneycorp is a reference to TTT Moneycorp Pty Limited which is registered in Australia (business number 116612858). Its principal place of business is Level 15 Exchange Tower, 2 The Esplanade, Perth WA 6000, Australia. TTT Moneycorp Pty Limited is authorised to deal in foreign exchange contracts and buy/sell quotes to retail and wholesale clients as an Authorised Representative (reference number 445555) of Rochford Capital Pty Limited (AFSL License No. 361276)
  12. Pound still under pressure following the UK election - speculation over a change of approach with the Brexit talks upcoming. All leads to uncertainty.
  13. Hi all In order to expand our services, earlier this year we formed a new entity, TTT Moneycorp PTY Limited, to service our Australian resident customers. As this is a new company we do require Australian resident customers to go through a new account opening process to continue to use our services. I know some of you have been asking about an email you received recently. If you are unsure about any correspondence you have received then please feel free to contact the team - Thanks John
  14. Hi all In order to expand our services, earlier this year we formed a new entity, TTT Moneycorp PTY Limited, to service our Australian resident customers. As this is a new company we do require Australian resident customers to go through a new account opening process to continue to use our services. If you are unsure about any correspondence you have received then please contact the team - Thanks John
  15. Hi Jessica Please could you send me a private message with your full name and the email address you registered your Moneycorp account with? I can then look into your client details. Thanks John