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  1. Pound has been helped slightly by this - still has the constant backdrop of Brexit and so far, the pound/currency markets have reacted negatively towards this. UK election is coming up and questionable whether this will help in terms of providing detailed clarity. For the pound, in recent times, political sentiment not economic data has been driving the rate.
  2. It will be interesting to see how popular this is - I don't actually mind a short stopover as it breaks up the trip but most people I know prefer going direct/non stop.
  3. UK Govt. borrowing has dropped to its lowest level since the eve of the 2008 financial crisis.
  4. On average, not much change in the rate over the past day or so - the holiday in New Zealand and Australia meant a slow start this morning that was compounded by a complete lack of economic data from the Far East.
  5. Pound rises on UK election news Comment by John Kinghorn from moneycorp Well, here we are again. Once more, a political event has had a big impact on the exchange rates, particularly the pound. Why? This week, UK Prime Minister Theresa May unexpectedly called for a general election in June which she says is necessary to strengthen the upcoming Brexit negotiations. Since taking over as Prime Minster, Theresa May had consistently ruled out an early election. Therefore the announcement on Tuesday was unexpected and strengthened the pound against all major currencies including the Australian dollar. The general feeling is that an election could provide Theresa May with a much bigger mandate and also importantly a bigger majority in the House of Commons. This potentially could help the Prime Minister and Government during the Brexit negotiations - that's how the news has been interpreted by the currency markets. Despite the recent strength of the pound, it is worth noting there is still the potential for a lot of volatility in a time of political and economic uncertainty With that in mind, if you need to transfer money to or from Australia this year then feel free to contact the team at currency specialists Moneycorp. Along with offering great exchange rates, the expert team at moneycorp can provide tailored information and guidance on how you can maximise any money transfer; ultimately getting you more for your money. For more information visit – www.moneycorp.com/pio Email – john.kinghorn@moneycorp.com
  6. It's certainly raised interest from those needing to send money in the next few weeks/months. If anyone would like a chat with one of our expert currency consultants then please get in touch. Make sure you state you are a Poms in Oz member in order to benefit from no transfer fees on any amount you are transferring to or from Australia.
  7. GBP continues to be strong this morning.
  8. Prime Minister Theresa May announces snap election Theresa May today announced her intention to call a snap general election 8th June - in just over seven weeks’ time. The PM stated that the election is in the national interest and concluded that “the only way to guarantee certainty and stability for the years ahead is to hold this election.” After an initial drop while the market waited to hear what May had to say, sterling has rallied since the election was confirmed and it is now at its highest level since early February.
  9. GBP already stronger today against AUD. With an election now coming up any uncertainty could prove to weaken the pound - opinion polls currently showing convincing Conservatives victory though. Economic data too as usual will affect the rate.
  10. Very interesting indeed!
  11. Big news - UK PM Theresa May has just announced snap general election on 8 June.
  12. Feel free to view information here on how we can help - www.moneycorp.com/pio Happy to arrange a chat too via private message. Thanks John
  13. Feel free to send me a private message and I can provide more information. Thanks John
  14. As geopolitical tensions increase around the globe, sterling was the second-best performing currency after traditional safe-haven the Japanese Yen yesterday. Escalating tension between the United States and North Korea and a measure of uncertainty has meant that despite Brexit-associated risk, the UK may be considered a safe bet for the time being.
  15. Hi all Many forum members have used our services and been pleased with receiving great exchange rates and expert guidance. I'm looking for 1-2 case studies - therefore if you have used moneycorp for transferring money overseas please send me a private message. I would like to know more about your experience using the service. Thanks John