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  1. hey, i live not far from you, no kids though but if you fancy a cuppa let me know. Welcome back!
  2. dudleydog

    permenant residency - now what?

    Hi, Just got my permanent residency - at last! now I need some advice, what do i need to do now? I know i need to contact medicare and change from my temp resident card to a permanent one but what else?
  3. dudleydog

    St George region NSW?

    Hey Hopskip30 sorry for your loss, don't think anybody would be feeling great after being back for such a sad occasion. hopefully time will help. we go back for xmas and new year and i know it'll be hard coming back after that. my dads health hasn't been great and i think the change in him will be upsetting. its also going to be freezing We hav'nt been to the south hustville RSL, we just stay down the road from the Ramsgate one so end up there now and again. We do bring the average age down a bit though! So where will your new job be? well done for getting sponsored. i'm waiting to hear if my work will sponsor my permanent residency, but as usual they are slower than stop! Will keep my fingers crossed for the both of us!
  4. dudleydog

    Haggis + Real Irn Bru

    hills butchers in maroubra do haggis, square sausage and black pudding - they also deliver. check them out online
  5. dudleydog

    Sydney meet up Sunday 5th Sept

    Cancelled this meet up due to it being fathers Day. Will try and re arrange soon
  6. dudleydog

    Sydney meet up Sunday 5th Sept

    Venue: Edinburgh Castle Hotel, 294 Pitt street, Sydney. Time: From 12.30/1pm, Sunday 5th Sept. Hope to see you there. PM me if you want anymore details
  7. dudleydog

    Sydney meet up Sunday 5th Sept

    everyone is welcome!
  8. dudleydog

    St George region NSW?

    Hi Julia, Yep, we are still in Sans Souci. Its a nice little spot but it is quiet. We like it as we can walk the dog down by the beach. We have a couple of friends here but most of my friends are living in the eastern suburbs. How are you guys getting on? did you have other family here? You should PM me your contact details and we could meet up and share our St George experiences. Where are you working? I'm luckily doing 12 hr shifts and only need to do 12.5 shifts a month so I have quite a lot of time off.
  9. Does anyone want to meet up next sunday for lunch or afternoon drinks? Was thinking in the city somewhere but open to suggestions. I always seem to be working when other meet ups are arranged so thought I'd try and organise one myself. I'm Jane (32) and my husband is David (28). All welcome!!!!
  10. dudleydog

    Rentals - Do you really keep the dog outside?

    We got some references from our neighbour and the vet before we came over to help with the rental process. Your options are restricted but again generally they want the pet to stay outside. Tell them what they want to hear but make sure they don't live next door!
  11. we have relatives arriving on tuesday for 3 weeks so won't be able to make this meet up but keep us up to date if you are all meeting up soon. my hubby 28 and i 32 are finding meeting couples quite difficult so this would have been perfect. have a good night all who attend and hopefully see you next time!
  12. dudleydog

    I need some friends! Sydney

    My work seems to clash with every meet up anyone tries to organise! Have fun all that are going on Wednesday and hopefully we can make the next one.
  13. Hey, we are living just down the road in sans souci, we could maybe catch up in the next couple of weeks?
  14. dudleydog

    Sydney meet?

    Hey, i realise I missed this get together - how did it go? Does anyone fancy doing it again soon. I never thought it would be this difficult to meet friends! It would be really good to get to know some more couples. Im 31 and my other half is 28.
  15. I'm free this friday, I've been working every other time somethings being arranged! Anyone else want to meet up? The city is good with me also. Is it girls only or with partners? Let me know if anyone else is free!