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  1. I'd like to come tomorrow but expecting Foxtel to come in the morning sometime, so not sure what time they will arrive at. Could someone PM me a mobile num in case they come early so I can check that your still there, Dome Mindarie thanks Grainne
  2. Once again Iron Chef thanks very much for your help! Dont know what people would do without you!:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: grainne
  3. Hi Iron Chef Cant believe I have another question for you! When the motorbike arrives in the container at customs, do customs remove it from crate to have a look or do you have to be there yourself to remove it for them. OH made the crate himself and has it well strapped , and tacked etc but screen removed and foot rests as well so I presume he will have to be there with customs for to put these back on etc? grainne
  4. Thanks ironchef for getting back so quick I was in a sweat there! And thanks again for all your info, such a brilliant thread! Grainne
  5. Anybody know what 'letter of compliance' is? Where to get etc? Do I need it for a motorbike that I already got approval for. Just saw it listed on things needed for customs and hadn't seen it before. HELP! Didn't know about this and container coming next week ! Grainne
  6. grainne73

    WA, NT and tropical QLD road trip :)

    Good luck! Hope to follow in your 'footsteps' soon!
  7. Hi Iron Chef Just received our approval yesterday for 2003 BMW Adventurer , but was just wondering what you meant by 'unrestricted import for pre 2006?? I'm doing the p0aperwork for OH so just hoping I didnt miss something?? thnaks grainne
  8. Yes , even with PR still have to have the points!
  9. We are taking a motor bike in the container with the house contents.4k for the container But definately think it's more expensive from northern ire than mainland uk, prob less competition lol
  10. Thanks Sue, I got a letter this morning from my solicitor to say we have rented out our house here from aug so hopefully that does it. Nightmare, more stressful than visa LOL
  11. Hi sue Just a quick question, if you can help, did you have an Australian rental address to make up the 100 points or did you sell your property here. We are renting our house out so don't have the sale to make up points. Really frustrating! We opened bank account in oz a year ago and they say it's not recent enough so no points for that and don't have jobs there yet either! Any words of advice? Thanks Grainne
  12. grainne73

    Calling all ladies!

    Great answers girlies, exactly what I needed to hear! I'll carry on packing the lit as planned (apart from few bits to charity shop)! Thanks!
  13. grainne73

    Calling all ladies!

    Is it just me or does everyones OH panicing there wont be enough room in the container because we have so much clothes. I reckon mine will take 6 boxes plus whatever I take with me on flight. I dont think thats TOO much or is it. Love to hear other womens take on this. :biggrin:
  14. grainne73

    Category 2's - Where are you now?

    Makes a difference once you know you have it, and cant believe the difference it made once we actually booked the tickets, really makes it seem real. Its great. Do you have a house to sell or are you going to rent it out? We are going to rent ours out as would take too much of a loss on it. Only have to find a tenant now haha
  15. grainne73

    Category 2's - Where are you now?

    So so happy for you Marg, I logged on today specially to see if you had gotten your visa yet! Enjoy your celebrations tonight. When are you thinking of heading out?:biggrin: