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    help advice need asap please

    Yes but as I said It had slipped my mind whith everything going off in oz I have not got the paperwork this is in my suitcase which is on its way from London i packed it by mistake) The shipping company only contacted me last week asking for all this money i was shocked. They could have wrote to me or phoned me . They have not given me any time on this could you find over £2000 in a few days? They have not given me a chance to sort this out.
  2. I owe my shippers some money The story is I left my goods in storgage in the Uk as i am renting and have no space for my goods i OZ I had a phone call last week asking for the money It had total slipped my mind with all things that have been going wrong for us in Oz I sent them a email 9th feb to explaine my paper work is in my case that is been shipped out end of the month from the Uk ( i had too much weight at airport so it had to sent on) They have sent me a e-mail today to say they are now selling my goods HELP can they do this They have not given me a chance to pay anything towards my goods Help me need advice asasp please
  3. mobilephone


    Did any one answer you As I too would like to find out what is invloved in Franchise please
  4. mobilephone

    Wanted Telesales job or Sales job Perth

    Thank you for you reply keep your fingers crossed for me please
  5. I am from the UK with years of Telesales and Sales exp Arrive in Perth begin of Nov and looking for work
  6. mobilephone

    Shipping arrived damaged!

    So sorry to hear this.Please pm me with this company as we are about to book ours.More who knolw about them then people don't use them.
  7. Any one stayed at Fremantle Village Perth Good or bad Also what is the area around like at night ? Thank you in advance
  8. mobilephone

    self employed tax question

    Thank you ever so much.
  9. mobilephone

    self employed tax question

    I need advice please. I have just done my accounts March 2011 to Feb 2012 so I am all up to date with the tax office.( I am self employed) But I am due to move to oz in the next few weeks . I also need do my Feb to July in before I go. Do I just contact the tax office and tell them i am leaving the country ? Do I get my paperwork upto date and take it woth me to Oz and tell tax office in Oz? Sorry if this has been asked before. I am a little confused :confused:
  10. mobilephone

    wanted room to share

    Thank you both of you. Keep your fingers crossed for me please
  11. mobilephone

    wanted room to share

    I am arriving on my own in Perth Rockinhgham area around 11th August I need to rent 1-bed/studio on a short-term basis for approx the first1 to 2 months on my arrival. I have been offered a job so need Rockingham area. ( My wife and son arriving Oct) Has anyone got a room they wish to rent out please. I am a non smoker and house trained. Or is anyone else was in the same boat, and if so, would you be prepared to share short-term accommodation during this period? singles/couples. Thank you in advance Garry
  12. mobilephone

    help confused about my skills City and Guilds

    thank you for your reply Cal . It looks like you need a licence for about everything . It would have been nice to hear from someone who went over with C&G just to see how they went on with work etc.
  13. Any one help me please. I am lucky to have a PR Visa got it nearly 5 year ago. ( I have to be in Oz this year) I went to the EXP0 to see about getting work contacts. Waste of time for me. They said as I had city and guilds it was un reconigised in OZ. That bI should just get on a plane and sort it out in oZ not very helpful at all. But I do not have much cash and can not just get on a plane unless I know I will find work. So I would love to hear from others who have city and guilds and did they get work or did they have problems getting them recogonised. Very stressed and would love some help please. My City and Guild is Metal Arc Welding and Oxy Acetylene welding of steel pipelines. and heating ventilation , pipework and brazing and a few other certiticates ( I am not bragging just wantsome help please)any body in the same boat as me. :arghh: Please help me somone. Has anyone got on a plane and got work with City and Guild. Would love to hear from you Garry
  14. Hi Mark I have city and guilds in welding I can fabricate. I am in uk. Can you please tell me a bit more about about the job please. I thought you had to be in Oz before you got a look in fro jobs? Thank you Garry
  15. mobilephone


    Sorry to but in on this thread if you do a F gas 2079 in Uk is it recongnised in Oz or do you have to do it again? I am due to do it soon but not sure if its worth waiting til I get to Perth or Not Hope some one will advise me