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  1. Moving to Melbourne in Sep, what do I do first??

    Thanks for the info. We have set up our bank accounts from the UK already. Is there anything else that we will need? We will be trying to get a long term rental ASAP, would it be ok to show our UK bank statements as proof of funds as my wife will be joining me six weeks after I arrive so that we don't have a break in income while I'm looking for a job in Oz?
  2. Hi all, My wife and I are moving to Melbourne and will arrive the 1st Sep 2012. I'm trying to prioritise what I need to do within the first few days of getting to Melbourne (besides the obvious of getting a job and a rental) what else should I being doing and how do I go about doing it, i.e registering with Medicare, transferring my EU drivers licence to Ozzie one, register for a tax number (TRN) etc etc. How do I go about doing the aforementioned and if I've missed out something important that I should do, please advise what that is and how do I go about doing it. look forward to hearing from you....
  3. Visa question

    yes thats correct. The government will usually give you a date before which you have to validate your passport. Once its validated you can come and go as you please as there are no stipulations on the visa. Hope this helps.
  4. Hi all, My wife and I had our visas granted in Jan 2012 and need to validate them before 8 Feb 2013. We've just found out however that we are expecting our first child. Given our timescale its inevitable that our child will be born in Oz. Just thought I'd drop in and request some info on what to do when we get there in terms of hospitals, doctors... do we need to notify anyone (I have emailed our CO but got no reply as yet). We have a 176 visa, do we qualify for any government assistance while my wife is not working, what can we expect to pay for child care etc etc etc.... obviously theres a million questions we have, but the above will do for now!
  5. Short Term Accom Melbourne

    cheers for that. I've looked at point cook which looks like a nice enough area to live but not sure if we get jobs in the city how easy it would be to commute. What are your thoughts on point cook?
  6. Short Term Accom Melbourne

    I'm in print and my wifes in IT
  7. Short Term Accom Melbourne

    I agree with what you say regarding the short term rental as we will probably not stay in the area where we initially secure short term acomm. At the moment we don't have jobs and have no idea which area we will find work in hens I would like to be central i.e close to the city so that we can easily travel either direction for interviews and house hunting. We plan on coming over sep/oct/november, november for the lastest I would like to think as we are currently awaiting our UK passports (originally S. Africans)
  8. Short Term Accom Melbourne

    yes I am aware that we can't secure a long term rental as agents require you to view the place first which I totally understand and wouldn't have any other way. I guess what I'm trying to get a feel for is what area in and around the Melbourne CBD would be "affordable" and what prices I should be looking to pay for my wife and I for a 6 week furnished apartment. I've looked around the St Kilda area and North Melbourne which seem to cater mostly for students only.
  9. Short Term Accom Melbourne

    Hi all, My wife and I finally recieved the all important email last week entitled "Visa Grant Notification"!! Now its all systems go, and the first thing to sort out is short term accom in the Melboourne area. Both my wife and I do not know at this stage where we will be working so I was thinking/hoping to get something central maybe in and around the CBD area. Having looked on Realty.au and Domain.au accom is fairly expensive in these areas. Has anyone rented short term accom in this area or any other area that they could recommend and at what price p/w can we expect to pay? Any leads or info on suburbs, contacts of short term acomm and/or comments would be highly appreciated. thanx for looking and hope to see you all down under soon, Julian and Tanya
  10. Hi all, as the post says, my wife and I got our visas on Wed last week. Whilst waiting on the visa decision I got in touch with a number of recruiters in ACT and VIC. To cut a long story short I now have a job offer in VIC. Is it legal to accept the job in VIC without even going to live in ACT?? any feedback or advice would be greatly appreciated!! thanx Julian
  11. Shipping Car from UK to Oz

    Is there any merit in shipping our car from UK to Melbourne. I've been looking at car prices in Oz and its clear that UK cars are much cheaper. What are the costs involved in shipping i.e approx shipping costs, import taxes etc etc etc. Any advice and/or feed back will be appreciated.
  12. Anyone done their Police clearance in London please shed some light on how I should go about it please??? look forward to your feedback.
  13. Meds in London?

    oh ok! I just thought that maybe there is a set Med criteria that require to be checked?
  14. Meds in London?

    Strick, So what you're saying is that I should make an appointment to have a medical for immigration and my doc will decide how in depth that test will be carried out???
  15. Meds in London?

    Thanx Lisa, Is that what I should ask for when applying for my meds?? Should I request meds plus chest x rays, hiv, Hep B and Hep c tests??? And was that £310 per person?