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  1. theonetruechris

    Recently Separated - mental health is suffering

    Thanks for the comments I somehow missed the sticky post on depression so I’ve been looking through that. Think I’ve clarified the it’s over part. Moving back is my worst case scenario as I’d never think of it in a million years otherwise. Sorting out what we’re doing with the house once we can get into the bank so I’m stuck for another week at least. The current job doesn’t make me happy it’s been the opposite for a long time. I was pretty much relying on the one pillar. So all in all I think I’ve got some massive changes to make. To quote the wombats ‘jump into the fog’
  2. theonetruechris

    Recently Separated - mental health is suffering

    I've just recently separated from my wife (we're still in the same house lots to be sorted out) of 22 years. we been here 12 years now and I've not managed to build a social network. This was my first real relationship and I haven't broke up with / been broken up with before. I'm feeling super alone & anxious. I'm not sure how I'm going to survive this. Panicky me wants to head back to England where family is but I have a 16 year old son here and there's no guarantee I'll find a job (I'm 48 and a draftsman). So background done, Rather than the generic advice of join a club / volunteer / get yourself out there. I'm looking for specific ideas and tips to help me for access support services / make connections / develop a social circle. Also the situation can't get messy or nasty as its not right & I'm holding on to a slim hope she may take me back. I'm currently in South East Melbourne - Cranbourne area. Thanks Chris
  3. theonetruechris

    Is Dan Andrews doing the right thing?

    Flame bait??? New to me. If you want to suggest that inclusivity and diversity has caused the problems with the COVID 19 in Victoria then I consider the post to be somewhat toxic in and of itself. Also a little preemptive on the personal attack comments
  4. theonetruechris

    Is Dan Andrews doing the right thing?

    where to start Paul, where to start, who are these people you speak of and whom is in a position due to diversity and inclusion? I can only assume you're a bit cross that jobs you see as being exclusively for straight white males (they're the best at anything / everything) have been denied them because they're not diverse enough and anyone else is bound by nature to fail because the best person for the job is....... Its OK to be a bigot buttercup all society is a construct with the only truth being your own - don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
  5. theonetruechris

    Masks compulsory from Thursday

    It'll probably make things worse if anything. Theory is they don't stop you getting infected unless its a medical grade one with a skin tight seal - although they will limit you passing on the infection to others. People will have a false sense of security and not distance as much is my theory
  6. theonetruechris

    Who do you believe - Johnny Depp or Amber Heard

    Or somewhere between the 2 lies the truth, they strike me as being just awful people.
  7. theonetruechris

    'Orrible Ads

    if we're talking radio ads got to be Frank Walker - National Tiles
  8. theonetruechris

    'Orrible Ads

    Haters gonna hate
  9. theonetruechris

    Another pommie programme worth watching

    You absolutely did not
  10. theonetruechris

    Any vegetarians?

    Went plant based whole foods at the start of the year, turns out that's vegan. Anyhoo you shouldn't be hungry just from meat not being on your plate. I prep meals for lunch which are the same serve size with meat, without meat and with 'meat substitutes' and i don't notice a difference regarding how long it keeps the munchies at bay. My tips are for the junk food fix Grill'd beyond burgers & Hungry Jacks rebel whoppers are good. Also jackfruit makes great 'pulled pork' Its not as hard or complicated as folk make out, eat a variety its how we evolved
  11. theonetruechris

    What to do in Bendigo

    Going to look at a dog near Bendigo at the weekend. Is it worth pushing on for the afternoon? Whats to do there?
  12. theonetruechris

    Moving to Lyndhurst Victoria

    The smell bizarrely seems to only be noticeable in the winter I think it's because it's spent the summer warming up, but even then it's nowhere near a constant. Still if you smell it a couple of times thats enough for some people
  13. theonetruechris

    Moving to Lyndhurst Victoria

    Funny how everyone claim areas are 'rough' without living there. I'm in Cranbourne East which ifs a couple of km's away. The main development Marriot Waters is far from rough. There's schooling on the site not sure of the quality - if its like ours its adequate but the parents tend to bitch and whine on facebook pages. Due to population growth schools are locking down catchment zones. For secondary schools the public ones with the best reputation are Elizabeth Murdoch in Langwarrin & Alkira (Cranbourne North / Narre Warren south) Primary schools seem to be much of a muchness. Lyndhurst has easy access to city via train station Merinda park (they are currently upgrading the line so expect some bus replacements for part of the journey. Also the M1 (Monash) and the Eastlink (toll road) are in (relatively easy reach). All in all an average to good area not fantastic. Reasonable ammenities and within easy reach of the city, Bayside beaches, Mornington Peninsula, Phillip Island and Dandenong Ranges.
  14. theonetruechris

    Got what he deserved? 👋

    The slap looked like a reaction to the incident which is fair. The follow up punch however showed him to be the 'man' he is. Whats the saying - you get the politicians you deserve.
  15. theonetruechris

    You will never guess who the new Dr who is...

    Quick to the message boards this is an outrage!!!!!!!!!!!! Whats up buttercup? did the new timelord need to be a man? Not sure if you noticed but its all make believe