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  1. theonetruechris

    Trans World Sports

    You can post all you want about something you know nothing about. But nope, I'm not sure what you've found there to back up you twisted world view but the actual lgbtqia+ community does not hold this view, there are differences as you would expect with community mashed together through adversity. Let's be honest the majority of grooming (which is sexual exploitation of minors by the way) is done by cis males. Let that sit with you and tell me what you're going to do about it
  2. theonetruechris

    I know no one will care but...........

    It's the little things like at the doctors where they ask for your preferred name but never use it and when you're on the phone and you're doing mental gymnastics as to who I can refer to myself as with the minimum of fuss, I can fix that now. Suffice to say I'm pretty damned stoked. Currently drowning the dead name with joy and champers
  3. theonetruechris

    I know no one will care but...........

    I know no one will care but......I got home today and picked up the post, my name and gender change have come through
  4. theonetruechris

    Trans World Sports

    So......I know plenty of trans women who date trans women (the term is transbian) not sure how you would describe the relationship but whichever way you look at it, it's a gay relationship. And a trans woman with a cis woman - is it a gay or straight relationship, similar to a trans woman and cis man. Absolute mine field - I find it best to not judge or make assumptions. Just let people be themselves because love is love
  5. theonetruechris

    Trans World Sports

    Thank you so much this is one of the first attempts to honestly try to connect and learn from one another on this forum on this subject. I would be more than happy to discuss this with you through messages or on a separate topic as it would derail the conversation
  6. theonetruechris

    Trans World Sports

    What I pointed out was that gender is not the same as biological sex. Sexuality is a whole other thing, why we are part of the LGBTQIA+ community is probably due to the fact that historically trans people were persecuted heavily and gay clubs were a safe space for them, along with limited dating opportunities in the 'straight world'. Sexuality wise trans people are no different to the wider community we are straight, gay, bi-sexual, pan-sexual, and all the flavours of asexuality. I honestly don't think I could suggest an overriding sexuality to associate with trans people. *checks notes* I don't think you do know that for a fact. But hey, if we're just going to be just making stuff up and posting it then I'm all in If we are the ones with an 'agenda' why are you bringing drag queen story time into this, when it is clearly a topic about sport? I'm just trying to dispel some mistruths that way we can get to a debate about trans people in sport on a level playing field without pre-existing biases and bigotry
  7. theonetruechris

    Trans World Sports

    No.....just like speed and velocity or weight and mass are different things which the average person doesn't have the need to be able to distinguish the difference between, sex and gender are not the same, you just think they are. I could agree with you but then we'd both be wrong. No trans person has ever or can ever change their sex that is impossible all they can do is present in the gender to which they are most aligned. If this is confusing to you then you will probably need a good sit down and a strong cup of tea before you consider people who are gender diverse that really is going to be a head scratcher. Regarding transgender as an offensive term, it is not, I was referring to the use of the term 'the transgenders'. Referring to a marginalized community in such a way is dehumanizing. In the same way that in society we would no longer refer to (and please excuse me for using these terms they are abhorrent and I only use to illustrate the point) 'the jews' or 'the blacks' or 'the gays'. I hope you can see the way society has evolved to be more inclusive and less tolerant of bigoted views - seeing people as different, yes - but people first and foremost. Perhaps you preferred society before I'm not sure. All I know is I will advocate for my community wherever and whenever it is required. Just as a final point and this is very apt for the group. Nationality is an abstract concept and doesn't actually exist when you really think about it. I was born English, I now live in Australia and consider myself Australian (I've got a certificate and passport to prove it) so where is the push back on everyone saying no you're not - you weren't born here you can't call yourself Australian. That's right it comes from a very tiny minority who's mantra is fit in or f off
  8. theonetruechris

    Trans World Sports

    Firstly - Do not refer to us in the collective as transgenders - its offensive. Secondly - Biological sex and gender are 2 completely different things. One is a scientific classification, the other is an abstract concept. Thirdly - Stop comparing trans people who easily pass against those who do not, or equate someones gender presentation to how valid they are. Fourthly - can we stop pretending its about inequality in minor sporting events affecting a minuscule proportion of society - it just comes off as disingenuous.
  9. theonetruechris

    The Voice Referendum

    Its easy for a white person to ignore race and colour. Just as its easy for a male person to ignore misogyny. just as its easy for a christian to ignore islamaphobia. just as its easy for a Muslim to ignore anti-antisemitism. just as its easy for an able bodied person to ignore disability. just as its easy for a straight person to ignore homophobia. just as its easy for a cis person to ignore transphobia. There is no level playing field whilst underlying biases exist, and if you haven't been subject to them do not try to minimize their impact.
  10. theonetruechris

    Cairns - much to do?

    ooo looks like there's plenty enough for a week or so
  11. theonetruechris

    Cairns - much to do?

    Thinking about popping up to Cairns for my 50th at the start of October for a week. Is there much to do apart from the reef? Going to be flying solo - I'm not sure if that matters.
  12. theonetruechris

    Spotlight on seven

  13. theonetruechris

    Political correctness gone mad

    Who are the people that are OK with with a thing you have made up inside your own head, yet outraged by someones body autonomy being completely disregarded? Misjudged peck - nah more like extremely entitled behavior bordering on predatory
  14. theonetruechris

    I know no one will care but...........

    Not getting enough attention at home?
  15. theonetruechris

    World Cup semi-final - who will you be supporting?

    Only if they can get access to good premium arenas like the MCG, Marvel, Optus, and Adelaide oval. The AAMIs capacity is woefully inadequate for international matches. And as much as Suncorp and Accor are great venues more are needed to stage a global event, but I doubt the AFL would play ball. And yes it would be awesome to get another world cup here