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  1. JuliePaul

    Form to complete when returning back to the UK to live

    Thanks I think I will contact them and off possible keep it like you say until we have other policies in place! Any my regrets about moving back? Where in Aus did you live?
  2. JuliePaul

    Form to complete when returning back to the UK to live

    Thanks for your reply, I understand what you are saying but I don't want to deny my son or his extended family of having a close bond! Life is too short and we haven't closed any doors, all of us now hold dual citizenship so there is nothing stopping us returning to Australia in the future if the UK doesn't work out! We had a good life in the UK before we left, we just fancied a change while we had no ties but circumstances change, and I believe we can still have a good life in the UK, otherwise I wouldnt even contemplate moving back. other things to consider is healthcare in Australia, there is an ok public system but a lot is private, even going down the lines of paying to see a gp, $200 for a 10 minute dental check up, I know a lot of people moan about the Nhs etc but until uv experienced the other you don't realise how lucky you are to have it!
  3. JuliePaul

    Form to complete when returning back to the UK to live

    Hi Rallyjon I don't mind you asking why we are returning, the long and the short of it is I miss the UK, crazy as it sounds even the cold weather, things I never thought I would miss! The light nights in summer for example, it's dark here at 7pm even in summer! The main reason is we have since had a little boy and I want for him to have a good relationship with all his family, not just a Skype relationship. Don't get me wrong Skype is great but it's definately not the same! It's too expensive to try and come back to the UK every other year as well! Australia is a great country and glorious weather but for me it's not worth the compromise of those close family relationships! I think if you had all your family and friends in Australia then it is the perfect place to live! I knew within the first 6 months that I didn't want to be here forever, hubby loves it and would stay a lifetime, but even this year since having our little boy he has started to feel the pull, that said he still doesn't really want to come back! We've had a great time and made some great friends along the way but home is home!
  4. JuliePaul

    Form to complete when returning back to the UK to live

    Great thanks for that! We will have been here 5 years also so same with our super not been much etc and its a fair time away for us to worry too! We have life insurance etc still through our super, is that still valid if your not in the country? As it draws out of our super monthly so if we aren't conributing to the superfund and its not valid we will be as well to cancel? yes we are planning on moving back to Kendal, home is where the heart is, as they say!!
  5. JuliePaul

    Form to complete when returning back to the UK to live

    Yes I think it was the tax one! We are now australian citizens as well, are we able to still claim our super when we reach that age or transfer it to our UK pensions? Also, we own a property here would we have to pay tax on the money that we take back to the UK from the sale of our house here?
  6. Hi guys, we've been in Australia 4 years and are looking at moving back to the UK permanently. when we initially made the move to Aus, we had to complete a form for leaving the UK (cannot remember the name of this form), my question is do we need to complete a similar form to advise the UK government that we are returning permanently from overseas? hope that makes sense, also any other advice of things we need to set up before we make the move home!
  7. JuliePaul

    Sunshine coast couple 30s

    Hey, caloundra is lovely we should definately keep in touch and meet up when u relocate!! Looking forward heading home for a visit guys its gonna be sooooo cold!! Good luck with the move, hope all goes to plan, if I can help in any way just let me know x
  8. Hey Cool, we can always head down to Brissie also! Definately not looking forward to the cold weather but will be good to see everyone none the less. I had a look for you on FB but I cant seem to find you,
  9. JuliePaul

    Sunshine coast couple 30s

    Hey, Hubby 31 and me 29 live in Caloundra, been here about 18 months, always looking to meet new people. Off back to the UK a week tomorrow for 3 weeks, but if you both fancy meeting up when we are back let us know...?
  10. Hi There We live in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast, hubby 31 and me 29 always looking at meeting new people, been here about 18 months. Hubby LOVES surfing, we have a dog so get out walking a fair bit. Going back the UK a week tomorrow to catch up with family and friends for 3 weeks but would be up for meeting up when we get back if you fancy it..? Originally from Kendal, in the Lake District. :smile:
  11. JuliePaul

    Removal Companies from Oz to UK

    Hi Guys Just wondering from all you guys that have returned or are returning to the UK which removal companies are good ones to get quotes from to take furniture and belongings back to the UK...? Thanks :wacko:
  12. hi there i go to coast hairdressing on the esplanade in caloundra its owned by an english lady the girl who does my hair is called sam an she always does a good job!! hope it helps x
  13. JuliePaul

    Nearly 10 weeks here.

    Hi Jill Brilliant post, hubby and i are flying on Tuesday, 8 Feb so was a really interesting read. We did all our research on the gold coast, then when we validated our visas, spent a day on the Sunny Coast and fell in love with it so decided we would move there instead!! If you dont mind me asking, what does your hubby do...? My OH is a Carpenter and there doesnt seem to be many jobs advertised locally, wots the work situation like on the ground..? Juls x x
  14. JuliePaul

    Furbaby flys tomorrow

    Dreading tomorow, our little dog Benji starts the mammoth journey to oz!! Drop him off at Heathrow at 5pm!! boo hoo x
  15. JuliePaul

    Help needed to decide - WA or QLD? Pros and Cons...

    Just seen your post Taz, congrats on the Case Officer!!! Good luck with your plans - we fly out on 10 Feb eek!!!! All the best Juls x x:wubclub: