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  1. Exactly, jobs with the Australian Federal Government are restricted to Australian citizens, with rare exceptions. Jobs with the Australian Capital Territory Government are open to permanent residents. Perhaps someone told you that vacancies would not be advertised externally, like on the Jobs ACT portal or so. Anyway, I realize you must be facing difficulties but having a negative attitude doesn't make things easier. I tell you from personal experience.
  2. Rangel

    So the Job Market is pretty much dead in Canberra

    Yes, I read that. On one side I welcome the news as it means I will be able to get more affordable accommodation. But if this really persists it means that the economy is starting to feel the hit from the election.
  3. Rangel

    So the Job Market is pretty much dead in Canberra

    Hi OL, no problem. In my case, a single person who will rent a room and keep superfluous spending to a minimum, I say 25k would be fine. But of course, this is a worst case scenario and I can't believe it will take me a year to get a job.
  4. Rangel

    So the Job Market is pretty much dead in Canberra

    It's a book on job-hunting: http://www.amazon.co.uk/What-Color-Your-Parachute-2014/dp/1607743620/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1382311382&sr=8-1&keywords=what+colour+is+your+parachute
  5. Rangel

    So the Job Market is pretty much dead in Canberra

    Hi there, thank you for your reply. Yes, I've talked to people who told me the same. But as I was saying, I will not be desperately looking for a job right away, as I will be doing other things before, like getting a driver's license. As far as accommodation goes, I will try and book a room at a homestay for at least three months. The savings I'm taking with me should provide some peace of mind. Postponing, as well as returning, is not an option for me. 29 years wasted in this wretched country is more than enough.:yes:
  6. Rangel

    So the Job Market is pretty much dead in Canberra

    Hi there. I am moving to Canberra in January. I am a librarian and am aware that I will not be able to find a job in my field in the beginning, for lack of local experience among other things. Anyway, I have been researching seek.com.au jobs for the last six months and they always have job ads for administrative assistants and positions with training on the job, especially on the retail field. Have you applied for those? It seems that the most important thing a newly arrived to Canberra must have is a fair amount of savings to get by for at least one year.
  7. Rangel

    Anybody received state sponsorship since 1 July

    Hi kuber15, Well, that is a very specific question. I think you should send an e-mail to ACT Immigration, here is the address: migrationservices@act.gov.au. They have always answered my questions whenever I got in touch with them. Good luck!
  8. Rangel

    Anybody received state sponsorship since 1 July

    Apparently not, as I have just received my nomination. I am just lost for words... :smile: Hope you receive yours soon too.
  9. Rangel

    Anybody received state sponsorship since 1 July

    Hi there. My application was submitted on April 24th for a 190 visa (Librarian). The payment was approved on the 28th and a case officer was assigned on May 23rd. Now waiting for the result...
  10. Hi there. Well, from research I've done in the last few years it seems there aren't that many librarians applying, or at least, getting visas through the State Sponsored stream. For example, last year, the vacancies available for librarians on the skills lists from SA, NT and ACT were kept open without being even limited. On the other hand, the openings are very disputed and I have been told that you have to network a lot before landing a good position, like doing volunteer work, for example. That is why is so important, especially in Canberra, to arrive with a considerable amount of money so you can provide for yourself until you can get a good position.
  11. I am afraid libraries will not die so soon, they will just change their focus to information harvest and filtering, something old pal Google will never be able to do... Anyway, responding to the thread opener, here are your options: The only States that will sponsor librarians and library technicians are the Northern Territory, South Australia and ACT. As long as jobs are concerned, in my research the best option appears to be ACT, because of all the public institutions and most of all the National Library of Australia, although you will only be able to work for federal institutions after you become a citizen. The important thing is to get there with some considerable savings so you can climb your way. It seems that there are a lot of opportunities in the NT as well, but it is not for me, with the weather and all... The best place to check job opportunities is the jobs section on the ALIA page: http://alia.org.au/employment/vacancies/. There is a top menu there where you can filter the opportunities by State. I hope this information will be useful to you, good luck!
  12. Rangel


    Hi there. In case you are still interested, the Federal Government demands Citizenship for most jobs, so if she is on a Permanent Resident status she will not be able to work with the AFG. As long as State and Local Governments are concerned there are no restrictions about the Permanent Resident status. The best place to survey for jobs is the ALIA jobs page: http://www.alia.org.au/employment/vacancies/. In my case, I am in the process of applying for a sponsorship with the ACT Government.
  13. Rangel

    What is life like in Darwin?

    Thanks guys, nice comments. And what about NT immigration policies, is the NT government less demanding when it comes to selecting immigrants? I'm not talking about the formal requirements, I mean in the way they approach the applications. One thing I noticed is the requirements for the amount of money you must take with you. In the NT they ask for at least AU 35.000. Is the cost of living there really that high?
  14. Rangel

    Victoria Skill Shortages Persist....

    Yes, I've been reading that even in this GFC Australia is still suffering with skills shortages. To me it seems that immigration and unemployment in Australia are unrelated things. Even with high rates of unemployment there are still shortages. I think the issue lies on the deficit of professional schools in Australia. The government should really deal on this front.
  15. Is WA sponsoring librarians? Last time I checked they weren't.