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  1. alimay68

    UK Spouse/Settlement Visa

    Try this?: http://lifeintheuk.net/index.php/iphone_app or do a google search for "life in the uk test iphone app"
  2. alimay68

    UK Spouse/Settlement Visa

    I shall have a look at booking in the KOL ... Hope you get a buyer soon, but surely it can't be as bad as here? I noticed the other day, a house had a sold sticker on it after being on the market for two years (I remember it from when we were looking this time two years ago!).
  3. alimay68

    UK Spouse/Settlement Visa

    Hi Yorkiegirl Cheers for this, although I did ring the Border Agency today, after spending ages trying to find the wretched number in the first place! I gave up and tracked it down on our phone bill from the last time I called. Their website is atrocious! I did eventually find the section which states about applying for ILR earlier, but you still have to pay the same 972pd fee and submit all of your documentation again. That's what the guy today told me and there doesn't seem to be any easier or cheaper avenue, as far as I can see. I know about the same day application - another massive rip-off! Anyway, good luck with your app too. Keep in touch - you won't be so very far from us, so perhaps we could catch up for a coffee once you're over and settled.
  4. alimay68

    UK Spouse/Settlement Visa

    It's worth taking a look at this link: http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/manuals/tcmanual/tcm0128060.htm - it relates to tax credits, which is one of the questions of the SET M form. The Border Agency will just tell you that under entry clearance restrictions, you don't have recourse to public funds and should not be claiming Working Tax Credit, whereas the HMRC will contradict this and say that with one part of the couple being a British Citizen, it overrides the other's immigration control.
  5. alimay68

    Medical cover- Perthes Disease

    Hi there I had a congenital dislocated hip and had surgery twice as a child. When I applied to migrate on a spouse visa in 1997, I had to undergo a special examination by an independent orthopaedic surgeon to assess my burden on Medicare I suppose. No problems there, but we eventually took out private health insurance, which is more accessible to your average families/individuals in Australia. Besides (and I think it's still correct), you have a 1% levy on your tax if you don't have health insurance. We were with the NIB and they were brilliant. I had a total hip replacement 2.5 years ago and the only requirement was that we had the top level cover for 12 months prior to the surgery. I 'interviewed' three surgeons and chose the one I felt most comfortable with. He did a fantastic job and I was in a private hospital in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, room to myself, great staff and aftercare. We had about $5k out of pocket expenses, but it was well worth it, even if I did grumble about the anaesthetist's fees at the time!!!! We all also got two free dental check ups/scale and polish each year (had to go into the city for this). Can recommend thoroughly recommend NIB. Having said that, Medicare is a great system too - I had both my kids through Medicare and they were terrific. A friend of mine's daughter had leukaemia in Prep and they'd only been in Australia for a few years. The Royal Children's in Melbourne was, and still is, marvellous to both Mum and daughter. Same friend has secondary breast cancer - the treatment is exemplary. Her folks also emigrated almost 2 years ago and Dad has had treatment on Medicare for a pre-existing complaint. I'm just going from experience here - you might find a few more answers on the Medicare website and others might have their own experiences to share with you too. Good luck!!!
  6. alimay68

    UK Spouse/Settlement Visa

    Hi RandL, Dan has a Settlement Spouse/CP (KOL req) entry clearance visa. He did the biometrics test, but was not made aware of doing the KOL test at the time. We've been busy setting our lives and business up here since our arrival in May 2010, that this has really only come under the radar in light of having to apply for the ILR. When I spoke to the Borders Agency in January, they said Dan couldn't apply more than 28 days before the expiry of his current visa or 28 days prior to 2 years in this country, which would make it the beginning of May. I'm beginning to wonder what those numpties at the BA actually know, as the guy also told me to be careful if claiming working tax credit (given that the visa states no recourse to public funds); it needed to be in my name, otherwise it could cause us a huge problem with the application. I phoned the HMRC who said that as I'm a British Citizen, my status overrides Dan's immigration status and can therefore claim, even if self-employed! I'm so confused and frustrated with this whole debacle! Whereabouts are you going to be settling when you get over here?
  7. alimay68

    UK Spouse/Settlement Visa

    Well I'm even more confused, as we would have met all of that criteria and still got the 27 month visa. We have two children, born in Oz, but with British passports. I'm dreading the whole collating information and poking around in our financial affairs again. Not to mention the stinking fee!!!!
  8. alimay68

    UK Spouse/Settlement Visa

    Wondering how this works - it's thrown me into a bit of a spin now!
  9. alimay68

    UK Spouse/Settlement Visa

    Hi Darkstone - I've just been reading back on some of these posts and yours has thrown me into a bit of a spin. I'm British born, my husband Aussie. We applied for a settlement visa for him in 2010 and he was granted a KOL visa which expires in August 2012. I was never aware that we could have applied for the ILR straightaway, despite back then, being married for 15 years and we rang the Visa premium line in Canberra to get advice first. We're now up for another exorbitant fee of GBP 972 + Citizenship Test for ILR status. It's now a year since your post, can you tell me how you got on and which visa category your wife ended up with? I've just re-checked the UK Border Agency website http://www.ukba.homeoffice.gov.uk/visas-immigration/partners-families/ and it states: [h=3]Husbands, wives and civil partners[/h] Find out how to apply for a visa or permission to remain in the UK if you are already married to or in a civil partnership with your partner. After 2 years, you can apply to settle here permanently. I don't know quite how you could avoid the two year permanent residency visa before being eligible to apply for the ILR, so I'd be interested in your feedback! Cheers.
  10. alimay68

    UK Spouse/Settlement Visa

    Be prepared for the same old tat two years down the line! My husband and I have been married for almost 17 years, went through the whole spouse visa business almost 2 years ago, before coming to England, and now hubby has the 'UK Citizenship Test' and a new 'indefinite right to remain' visa application looming. Another GBP 1000, thanks very much! Gulp!
  11. In my experience, I reckon Aussie kids are less petty/cruel ... depends where you live I guess.
  12. alimay68

    Council tax in Australia

    We lived in Melbourne up until May 2010 and paid $800-900 a year, compared to the rip-off GBP 1800 a year that we have to pay here, in a town with rubbish roads and pavements, no train station, no cinema and an ailing town centre!!!! We like our house and garden though!
  13. alimay68

    Not eligible to live in the UK indefinately..

    I selected '8' too. According to this table, there are only 3 'bank' holidays ... I thought all Brits called a 'public' holiday a 'bank' holiday ???
  14. Fourcorners - you need a medal for having lived between Buxton and Leek! That stretch between the Roaches and Buxton must be one of the bleakest places in Britain, most of the time. Lol!!!!!! We can see the Roaches from our back garden - on a clear day at least!