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  1. Hiya, I'm Meddy. My wife and I plus our 2 kids wish to emmigrate to Austalia. I Serve in the Royal Navy as a Comms IT specialist, however have a law degree. My Wife is a Marketing Specialist. I wondered if anyone could recommend a decent Migration Specialist, to help us with our application to get out there? Cheers. Meddy.
  2. I just went online to the DHL website and they came and picked it up the next morning and it cost the same. The bloke checked that what i was sending wasnt dodgy and then he sealed it all up and put it in one of his bags with the labels. I tracked it and it took 3 days too. Terry George emailed me straight away when they had recieved it too.
  3. Cheers Iron. Ive just been reading all the various timelines and it seems that some people have waited 4-5 months from sending off their packs to receiving their TOS. Just wondered what everyone elses timelines are/were.
  4. Hiya. I didnt bother getting my colour perception done when i did my medicals. I spoke the MO and gave her the form, but she said, dont worry about it as your colour perception is in your docs anyways and on the front cover of your docs. I had to photocopy everything anyway and i saw it for myself. Specsavers was a nightmare and i had to have them drops in which make you blind for 2 hours. 5 months seems ages for your labour agreement. At what point do you put your notice in then? i hoping that i can hold on so that i've done my 12 years at the point of leaving, that way i'll get at least some kind of pension....that is if the defence review doesnt significanlty alter it!
  5. I think i must have a that Pompey homing beacon too then Sydney for me...i hope I know that they finished NMIS printouts about 8 years ago and i've only done 11. Would i have to used my JPA printouts and payslips?
  6. I've read various timelines and obviously they are all different, but what is the average time taken do you think from sending off your application to receiving your TOS?
  7. Hiya all, Glad to hear that the application process is going swimmingly for most of you. I've got all my documention all together and just in the process of DHL'ing it out to Oz. I too thought it was going to be a bed of roses for me. They've promised me that i'll keep my killicks in the CIS branch, how true that will be i'm not sure. I'm under no illusion though, that Mrs Meddy, is going to find it a big steep learning curve. She says she cant wait to get out there, but i've got a sneaky feeling that she'll miss home alot. I've got most of my dads side of the family in Melbourne, so its not going to be that bad, but although im looking forward to getting out there, i'm still kacking it. Anyway, mustn't count my chickens just yet, not even had the TOS yet. It could still go belly up. If i am accepted I will be opting for Sydney. and BTW, if they teach me sunset, i'll just suck it in, as a killick CIS, im used to being talked S*** at! meddy.
  8. Hiya All, Just managed to finally get my medical done and all my medical docs copied. Got all my div docs copied too. So just gotta get a copy of my conduct record and 2 references and thats me all done. So i should be ready for posting it off and await the next stage! THis has taken ages!
  9. bloody ISSC. Does that mean i have to get one done soon. I aint got a bleeding ISSC certificate in my docs! Only just sorting my Prelims out. Good luck with ya move. Meddy
  10. Hiya All, Big thanks to General and Snowy. Like you Liz, i recieved all my medical forms and application pack, by email from Terry George in PDF format. Its handy knowing all the tips. I booked my medical with the MO in Portsmouth and she got the wrong end of the stick, even though id booked a double period. I distinctly remember booking the appointment and asking for a "medical", instead they'd booked me in with the MO to "go through" my forms. It wasnt a complete waste of time, because i know now in which order to book my appointments. I have had to book one appointment with the nurse for my blood tests. Then i have to book another appointment for my "prelims" which is just like the PULLEEMS i had last year. Then i have to book a civvy appointment with specsavers for my eyes testing. Then i have to rebook in with the MO who will check everything off and sign my forms. I have to see the dentist and a get a check up and then ask both sides to photocopy my docs for sending. Pain in the bum, but worth it i suppose. Good luck to everyone doing the move. Will probabaly attend another interview in April, but take the missus this time. One question though......where do i get my NBCD firefighting certificate from? Meddy.
  11. Hiya Guys, Dont know if anyone is still logging in this thread, as there is another i am writing in too. Just got an email from Terry George, with all my medical application forms in it. I'll have to arrange a full medical with the MO at Whale Island (pompey) and then get them sent off.....wondering what the next step will be? Im back getting excited again. Meddy.
  12. GavnGail, Where you based oppo? Im a killick CIS in Pompey. Any Q'S???? give me a shout dude. Meddy.
  13. Groovy, Im always having doubts on wether to go or not. But the RN is not what it used to be. I love life in the RN, but the promotion is non existent now, due to the lack of ships and too many matelots. You also have to weigh up the quality of life you will have in Oz, which far out weighs the quality of life here. I have to keep reminding myself of that. Have you been watching Phil from Location Location. He's doing a series on C4 called Phil down under. Its a good way of boosting your application moral. Keep your chin up and keep up with the application. Its taken me a year just to get my Medical application through. Meddy.
  14. Finally, the medical pack has arrived today, after a long wait. SO hopefuly the ball will start rolling for me now. GOt a feeling that this time next March i will be in Oz. Fingers crossed
  15. Royal Australian Navy

    How come most people on the RAN forums are moving to Perth? Is there something i'm missing? Im wanting to move to Sydney, because i believe that its nearer Melbourne to see my family. But if Perths a better standard of living, then should i be thinking about being based there? Its early days yet as the my application form hasnt even arrived yet, but i find myself just constantly thinking about moving out there.