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    Buying a house in the UK whilst still in Australia

    Hi Sorry I have not been on here for a very long time, and just seen these questions about moving back to the UK. Not sure if Ian Blakemore still works for the company, but we arrived back to UK in 2010 and have been happily settled here since. Still in the same house we bought on the internet, through an expat mortgage. I have just looked back on previous email from Ian and found the name and address of the company which you could maybe google. Not even sure if they still do expat morgages, but worth a try. Happy searching and hope you find happiness wherever you end up, because me and my family found happiness right under our noses, Possie x ADS Mortgage & Financial Planning Ltd National Westminster Bank Maidstone Kent
  2. possie in brissy

    Has anyone lived in Melling, Merseyside??

    Hi Ozscousers. We are currently living in Maghull, but travel through Melling quite a lot, and also go to the pub there called the Bootle Arms, and there is an amazing very cheap garden centre, which we always go to. Our lad goes to Maricourt and loads of his mates live in Melling too. seems a lovely quite area. People say a bit close to Kirby but again we ave lovely friends from kirby so its swings n roudabouts. We only lived in Maghull just on a year cause we been in Aus (brissy for 5 years) but yeh seems a nice enough area. Hope this helps Possie
  3. possie in brissy

    So much stress

    we are the same 1 year back in the UK and what a year its been. still catching up with our lovely family and all the friends whom we have lots of History with. We done the "Harsh winter" and i definetly prefer the changing seasons from the Harsh heat of the sun. and not having to constantly put sunscreen on and then mozzie spray of an evening. the changing seasons and the long days (doesnt go dark till after 10pm at the moment) have definetly won me over. I do not regret emmigrating to Aus and staying for 5 years. but even more so definetly do not regret coming back eithier. we are just very lucky we had the option. i feel sorry for the people who feel trapped in a country they feel they can never call home. And believe me ther are lots of people who are trapped. due to finances, partners not wanting to do the same, feeling they need to wait and get citizenship, married to an australian partner, or maybe splitting up with the father/mother of a child who will not agree to kids leaving the country. My heart goes out to these people and count my lucky stars everyday. I LOVE READING POSITIVE POSTS ABOUT OUR OWN COUNTRY IT SHOWS ITS NOT ALL BAD. THANKYOU X
  4. possie in brissy

    Typical timeline for people

    no we didnt have jobs to go to sunni, but we didnt ave jobs to go too when we emigrated to Aus and that didnt stop us going !!!!! so having no jobs to come home too, didnt stop us either. the thing is...... it was much easier to get jobs back home because, all quals were recognised, "its not what you know, its who you know" kinda thing and we ave sooo much family friends, friends of friends, previous colleagues ect, it just seemed "easier" than being in an ALIEN place with ALIEN people who could not understand you, didnt recognise your qualifications, thought it was too much hassle to obtain references from overseas and basically didnt wanna emply you anyway as they would much prefer "one of thier own" JUST MY OPINION!!!!!! that was what both myself and hubby found, obviously it is not applicable to all. We both found work within 2 months, hubby within 4 weeks myself probably 10 weeks but that was purely down to it being summer holidays and i work in the education sector. but found it pretty easy and have since been offered other positions and both been offered promotions. So its how much you want it, and how hard you are prepared to try to get back on that ladder. Good luck to all those who are taking the step in eithier direction. Once u find your happy medium, happiness follows xxxx
  5. possie in brissy

    Typical timeline for people

    we were Northside Brissy, not far from Redcliffe, northlakes (also known as Little Britain) Were are you guys???? Good Luck with the move!!!!:hug:
  6. possie in brissy

    Typical timeline for people

    Thanks "sunshine" you will be glad to know it has been just that lately in North Liverpool SUNSHINE most days and 10.15pm the sun goes down (nightmare for kids going to bad if you dont have black out blinds) But Fantastic for us having BBQ's on our aussie BBQ. everyone is amazed by our BBQ, which we got from Bunnings for about $250 and a similar one is 450quid here. so make sure you bring a barbie with ya lOl.... I know how you feel with the "trying everything, and nothing sticks thing" I felt numb/bored/lifeless/mundane/ Homesick can cause all kinds of emotions, and can change you as a person. It did change my way of thinking towards my family even my in-laws in the end LOL. I really appreciate everything they do for us now, and savour every moment with each and everyone. Most importantly I love it when my door bell goes and its my mum/sister/cousin/ or even the friendly neighbour or postman. I used to dream my mum or relative would knock on my door in aus, They came over many times on ARRANGED visits lots though!!!!! I wish you all the luck in the world with your move I have 2 kids too (12 and 8) and they love being home!!!! I know it seems hard to arrange an international move with kids hanging off ya neck but sometimes I would be up till 3am on the phone to my morgage advisor in the UK or family memebers helping us look for a house ect.... But it worth every second, when you board that plane to a life back with your fambo.... (bad weather, crime, credit crunch, ect ect) has no relavance if you want to be were the heart is. Take care and keep Smiling :biggrin::biggrin:
  7. possie in brissy

    Typical timeline for people

    Hi we have been back 10 monthe also. Lived in Brissy for 5 years and came home to Liverpool in aug 2010. We used Kent Removals for our container and they were absolutely Brilliant could not fault them at all Micheal was the guys name (he may not be there now, but you could try) We used Jetpets for our 2 dogs, and they were also Great. We secured our morgage and bought a property whilst we were still over in Aus we used a broker and he got us an expat morgage with the Halifax. We kept our bank accounts going here in my mums address which i think really helped with credit ratings and stuff. We did have to put down 30% of the morgage though. and we kept the morgage on interest only for a while until we found our feet. (240 quid a month on 96,000 quid) not bad when we were paying $700 per week morgage in aus. We have a lovely house now on the outskirts of Liverpool and could not be happier, the kids are still amazed that we have so mant relatives, aunties, uncles, cousins, and my calendar is chocker block all the time with 30th, 40th Weddings, communions, christenings ect ect. we had no problems fitting back into life here. u do find lots of people saying "OMG what ave u come back HERE for, u mist be mental" but we are used to it now. our move went amazingly smooth, with a lot of organisation and timing, we were amazed how smooth it went. we love our family and friends here, and no-one including us will ever take that away again..... If you need anymore help or advice just PM me and I will help ya were I can. Its very stressful and u spend a lot of time organising, jumbling money around ect ect. But its worth every minute. If your family mean more than sun, sea, sand and loneliness. then you are doing the right thing HONEST. Take care and Good luck with you planning and organising. :biggrin:
  8. possie in brissy

    car Insurance Problems

    Hi we came back to the UK after being in Aus for 5 years. I was with the Comm bank of Aus Insurance and i emailed them when i hit these problems and they sent me a copy of my No claims within 10 mins I submitted this to Budget Insurance here in The UK and they accepted it it saved us nearly 600 nquid a year per car, so worth the hassle really. Hope this helps. Ps our friends who also came back never had thier cars insured with a company in Aus (only the insurance that comes as standart with your rego) and that was knocked back by every company here in the UK as it is not classed as an "insurance Poilcy" therefore they will not grant it. Hope u get sorted soon :smile:
  9. Hi Lindar we ave been back in the UK for just on 12 months (after 5 years in Brissy). I agree with all of what you said in your thread. we had a nightmare with our car insurance too. I am a working mum, with a hubby and 2 kids aged 13 and 8.... the kids love being back home with all the fambo and friends they are having a ball, finding out they ave aunties/uncles and cousins they didnt even know about LOL... weather has been lovely in April we have bought a little tourer caravan for 900quid (same van about 4000 dollars in oz) and we ave done a bit of touring lately with all the school holidays and bank holidays in April. And we plan on going down south to cheddar gorge and newquay in August... (we are from merseyside) we didnt realise how beautiful our country is when we went chasing the sun 5 years ago.... But we should be grateful for what we were given by our parents....Anyway gr8 thread... I found PIO very useful when i was coming home, gr8 info for bringing my dogs back, exchange rates ect. Havent been on here in 12 months but thought i would check out all the members who were in the same boat/same time... and wish everyone health wealth and hapiness in wherever thier path of life takes em
  10. possie in brissy

    Where did you return from?

    BRISVEGAS (without the wow factor LOL)
  11. possie in brissy

    anyone cashed in or mover thier super fund back to the UK

    Ohh Thankyou for that info Verulam I really appreciate that. So would the best thing be to give the super fund our forwarding UK address for us to access statements until we are of retirement age??/ Then we can access the funds.... Great feedback Thanks again Cheers Possie:cool:
  12. possie in brissy

    Buying a house in the UK whilst still in Australia

    Hi corinamac..... Pleas dont quote me on this AS STILL BEING THE CASE TO DATE........ However i did start my research at the end of 2008, (when the "credit Crunch" was in full swing) it may have changed..... but this is how my research prevailed... I done some research with my own bank in the UK (i never did close my accounts, just changed the address to my mums) Anyway i bank with the LLoyds TSB and had a previous morgage with The Abbey National. I made calls to both of them.... TSB emailed me back saying because of the financial crisis in the UK and the "Credit crunch" they were not giving out morgages without a 2 year track record of salary in the UK, (unless you had a substantial deposit, which we dont) !!!!!!and because we didnt have any salaries going into the tsb account that we still had a good credit rating ( not using still valid credit card) and keeping "out of the red" with everyday account that would go in our favour but 2 years of work history would still be required. The Abbey emailed saying we would need "permanent jobs" with 18-24 months of UK work history.... Even though we had a great credit rating 5 years ago (when we were in the UK) even still, we would need the above requirements.... We then looked into the Expatriate morgages just because we do have the work history here and could prove it.... the rest was pretty plain sailing..... As i say this may NOT be the case to date as things seem to have imporved in the UK and i have not looked into it any further lately because i have not had reason too. Happy researching.... and Good Luck with everything Possie:biggrin:
  13. possie in brissy

    anyone cashed in or mover thier super fund back to the UK

    Thanks Quoll. You are a wealth of information and support here on POI. Appreciate your feedback. We actually came over here 5 years ago on a permanent residency visa, However became Ozzie citizens in 2008. So if we was born and bred "ozzie" then decided to retire in the UK could we take our super over there b4 retirment age, or just wait until we retire????? I am 35 years old, so do i just keep all the super paperwork for another 25 or so years. then reclaim it back.???? Because my husband is in the mining industry he has put in a substantial amount if money into his fund over the past 5 years and I dont wanna see it go down the drain so to speak!!!! Thanks Quoll (you should become some sort of counsellor or advisor for returnees to the UK. You may end up a millionaire LOL:notworthy: Thanks Possie
  14. Hi was wandering if anyone who already has/ or is thinking of Going back to the UK. What to do with the super fund you have over here in OZ. whether to "freeze" it, whether it can be cashed in? or whether you can tranfer it back to a UK Pension..... I have tried to research this but have been given all different answers, Even when i called them they couldnt give me a straight anwer is this a bit of a "grey area" with anybody else..... Appreciate any feedback. :confused:
  15. possie in brissy

    Buying a house in the UK whilst still in Australia

    My morgage has all gone through now without a hitch, apart from the normal UK thing (house we were buying being stuck in a chain) Getting the actual morgage is not a problem, Ian has been helpful sorting everything out. He also sorted our bricks n mortar insurance.. I think as long as you have 25% deposit and jobs here that u can prove. It has been quite a simple process. We are soooo excited now Going home in August to a house we have bought that we have only seen pictures of (how scary) But exciting too. At least we wont have to wait 2 years in the Uk before we can get on the market. Great idea that i think has been pretty straight forward for the complexity of it , and the fact no-one can get a morgage in the UK. Hope this helps anyone who needs this advice Possie