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  1. Amateurs or Professionals, does it matter? As far as I'm concerned we are all here to have fun on the Internet. There are some companies who employ writers for various reasons but to me they are advertising or promoting rather than blogging. It doesn't matter if "amateur bloggers are more likely to write opinion pieces or fiction on their blogs", most intelligent people will see through this sort of thing. I've since found my travel blog https://www.travelblog.org/Bloggers/NigWar/ I must get it updated but I've been so busy travelling.
  2. Johndoe your photos are fantastic. A few people can take a few pictures like that but you seem to do it thousands of times. Congratulations on being such a good photographer.
  3. This is rather a specialist blog but it does have a number of regular readers: http://nkwaring.blogspot.com.au/ I did have a travel blog once but can no longer find the URL, might start a new one.
  4. NigelWaring

    Six years today ...

    ... since I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer and the news is generally good. You only need to go back to 1970 when only one in five with cancer would survive five years, the recent figures are that now 70% will survive at least five years. The basic treatments have been radiotherapy and chemotherapy, both have the problem that they cannot tell the difference between cancer and non-cancer cells, they do use a few tricks but they are not as good as they good be but things are improving all the time. I read several medical articles every week, some I can understand, some are much harder and many are near impossible, often they use words that even Google hasn't heard of. Today I came across the following article which describes new treatments 'Checkpoint Blockade' and 'Adoptive Immunotherapy': Article on New Treatment It will only take a few minutes to read this article which I found easy to understand. .
  5. NigelWaring

    Home Renovations

    We've been on 16 cruises and most of them very good. As reflected in the comments here it is different ships for different people. We are in the older group and tend to favour Princess Line but they probably would not do for anyone below about 40. We like ships of around 70k tons, we have been on ginormous ones but although the facilities are good they seem to be very crowded, theatres can be near full 30 minutes before the show, dining seems to be at one end and entertainment at the other so at changeover time it gets a bit congested; we go up or down a few decks to get there much more quickly. One day we might try a luxury line like Silversea, Regent, Seabourn or Tauck but some of their prices are unbelievable but we understand that most do give value for money. We once had a couple of weeks on a ship of less than 190 passengers, we did enjoy it and we did get to know just about everyone else on board but we were very lucky, we realised that there would be no getting away from anyone that you didn't like.
  6. NigelWaring

    Home Renovations

    Yes Maryrose, we believe that everyone always needs another cruise, it is the best pick-me-up ever. We go on one to Enzed in a few weeks then another to PNG in about three months. We want more but will probably have to go to the northern hemisphere to find some places that we haven't been. .
  7. NigelWaring

    Home Renovations

    I do not think that we will ever go through this again!
  8. NigelWaring

    Home Renovations

    Yes we did get several quotes. We have asked for a lot of work to be done, the area that is being attacked is about the size of a very small house so we think that it is reasonable value. The old part of the building was completely demolished then rebuilt along with the extensions using the same materials and to the same style. We would have saved a bit with just an add-on but doing it this way gives us what we want. .
  9. NigelWaring

    Home Renovations

    It was quite high but in the kitchen everything was ripped out including the floor. Around the walls above the working surfaces we installed armoured glass, first it had to be cut exactly for every power point etc., then taken away and baked in an oven and allowed to cool slowly over about 48 hours. All the drawers, cupboards and bench tops were built to fit and included new plumbing including a new double sink. We also have a new dish washer. The new floor looks a bit like marble but isn't and only needs a good clean at the end of each day. The other rooms are also a fresh start, we have a new washing machine, new toilet and small vanity. All these things add up. We can't take it with us so we are doing our best to enjoy our savings as much as possible. We also take lots of holidays including cruises.
  10. NigelWaring

    Home Renovations

    Our costs included the kitchen, which was done several weeks ago, the laundry, shower room and a spare toilet are being done at the moment. The cost also included a new stove and plate top cooker, demolition of the old laundry and shower then rebuilding new ones twice the size. The renovations to the kitchen did not need any council consent but the rest of the works did which added a lot of cost and time. We will never ever go through it again, if the kitchen sink etc collapses we will get a bucket and if the stove/oven breaks down we'll get a camping stove or just eat out. We know of several people who have done similar renovations without the permissions, we now understand why. Reminds me, quite a few years ago we met a couple on holiday who had been married just over twenty years, during that time they had always eaten out and had never even had breakfast at home. They lived city centre somewhere in USA.
  11. NigelWaring

    Home Renovations

    Many thanks for all the suggestions. I think we will rely on the warm floor to make it comfortable along with the towel rails and any other bit of bathroom fittings. We won't put the towel rails in for a bit, we'll use it for a few weeks to find where we need them to be. We have since looked at a couple with totally white and were pleasantly surprised with the effect. At the moment there is a lot of hammer, bang thumping going on, I think they do this so that you won't think about the bill.
  12. NigelWaring

    Home Renovations

    Estimated cost $160k but it will probably end up around $180k
  13. NigelWaring

    Home Renovations

    Although we still call it a bathroom there will only be a shower and no bath.
  14. NigelWaring

    Home Renovations

    Thanks for the suggestions everyone. The room is still being built. We had our existing laundry and bathroom demolished, at the moment the builders are putting in something twice the size which will give us a new bathroom, a spare toilet and a nice big laundry with lots of extra storage cupboards. The suggested white tiles are quite big, about 2ft x 1ft and there does not seem to be anything available with decorations etc on them to break it up, I wondered if we might be able to get some transfers or similar that can be added to ceramic to break it up a bit. In the store display the fact that the tiles are big seems not to give it the public toilet look. The same builders team renovated our kitchen about two months ago and honestly they seem to have done a wonderful job making the best use of the space available, we love it but as it was being planned some of the things that they suggested seemed a bit odd but now it is obvious that their ideas were good.
  15. NigelWaring

    Home Renovations

    We are having a new bathroom and a few other things built. Several people, alleged experts in the industry, have recommended that the bathroom walls be tiled entirely, floor to ceiling in white. We were quite surprised by this and do not know what to think of it. It is supposed to make it look bigger and brighter. Has anyone here experienced anything like this and what do you think of it?