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  1. Jag Khairra

    Overseas during BVB - change of address?

    Hi Greg, You got nothing to worry about. Changing address does not make your application from onshore to offshore. 189 can be granted whilst you are onshore or offshore.
  2. Jag Khairra

    What's my chance in getting invited for a 189 visa

    Plumbers will get invitation very quickly, even on 60 points.
  3. Jag Khairra

    from WHV to PR

    Or they simply enrol into appropriate courses (through student visas) and get skills and experience towards PR It is a common trend in WHV community looking to prolong their stay and pathways towards PR.
  4. Jag Khairra

    New Category 5's - Where are you now?

    We have been receiving emails since yesterday! I hope they process all Priority 5 applications by next year. Some applicants have been waiting since 2008.
  5. DIAC is introducing this model from July 2012. The Model is proposed to commence on 1 July 2012. As of this date, new applicants for independent, family or state/territory sponsored migration would need to submit an EOI and be issued with an invitation before lodging a visa application, unless eligible for transitional arrangements. The first round of invitations is expected to occur in January 2013. Transitional arrangements currently apply to certain people who, on 8 February 2010, held or had applied for a Skilled – Graduate (subclass 485) visa. This group is able to apply for a permanent skilled visa under the previous system, until the end of 2012. There are no additional transitional arrangements in relation to the Model. More info on: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/skilled-migrant-selection-model.htm FAQs: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/general-skilled-migration/pdf/model-faq.pdf
  6. We get lots of anxious international students in Melbourne who are told by "so and so friends or relatives" that they are eligible for PR/Work Permits when in fact, they are not. Who corrects them and put them on the right path? If you can't do your research in picking a right agent, you probably aren't good enough for DIY either. That involves a lot more research! That's what I have noticed with many applicants (mostly NOT from UK though ) Lots of applications are messed up because applicants want "short cuts" and they approach Agents who will them exactly what they want to hear (typical with lots of young applicants here) and charge a premium! Of course it all sounds perfectly OK to pay premium for a visa they know they are not eligible for. Applicant who knows that they are eligible for a visa will probably check with few Agents, forums and DIAC websites and then avail services of a good RMA! Doing so will help applicant get an idea about average fees in the market. I bought a modem for my office last week and I went to a public forum to read reviews by users and picked the one that suited my requirements! Of course, I could have gone to the shop and picked the pretty one or as recommended by the salesperson. And I don't go to public forums to pick my bread A good agent is good for peach of mind and smoother application! Depends on whether you want to spend your own time'n'expertise and save money or spend your money and save time
  7. Thanks George, I think that's why this list is nowhere to be found on the DIAC website. And the list says "for information purposes only" (whatever that means). The reason I asked was because it had quite a few ANZSCO IT occupations mapped from 2231-79 ASCO.
  8. Just wondering if this is the new ENSOL? It was on DIAC website but cannot be found anymore.
  9. Jag Khairra

    TRA: Fees update for Job Ready Program

    Received this information through ComLaw today: (i) Provisional Skills Assessment: AUD300 (ii) Job Ready Employment Assessment: AUD500 (iii) Job Ready Workplace Assessment: AUD2,000 (iv) Job Ready Final Assessment for the purpose of the Job Ready Program: AUD150. This Instrument, number IMMI 10/052, commences on 17 November 2010.
  10. Jag Khairra

    Skilled Visa Points Test - Summary and Comment

    freakz, You are under transitional arrangements. So you can lodge 885/886 until 31/12/2012.
  11. Jag Khairra

    Press Release from Chris Bowen re the new points test

    Here is how a student might be eligible under new Points Test, under 2 age groups: Age: 30 | 25 (25-32 vs 18-24 age group) IELTS: 20 | 10 (8/7 each) Education: 15 | 10 (degree) 2 yr study: 5 | 5 Employment: 5 | 5 State nomination: 5 | 5 Regional study: 5 | 5 Note: Not many will have 8 each in IELTS or 1 year Aus employment. State nominations will generally require 1 year employment as well with limited occupations on their lists. PhD students will have extra 10 points. Diploma students (trades) stand no chance unless they have 8 each in IELTS + 1 year experience + State nomination + Regional study!
  12. Jag Khairra

    New Points Test - Details - Skilled Migration

    This statement/information has been retracted by the MIA. Still waiting for the points test to be released. Looks like everyone including MIA is confused.
  13. The following advice received from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) General Skilled Migration (GSM) Program Director David Stewart: DIAC is aware that there is a degree of confusion regarding the situation of GSM visa applicants whose skills were assessed by ACS as Computing Professionals NEC pre 1 July 2010. DIAC are discussing this issue with ACS and hope to resolve this matter in the not too distant future. DIAC's current advice is: The following policy settings remain unchanged: Applicants cannot change their nominated occupation; Computing Professional (NEC) in ASCO does not currently map to an ANZSCO occupation on Schedule 3. Applicants can always submit new information to DIAC and if regulations allow it must be considered. DIAC would not advise clients to get reassessed by ACS unless it is determined that Computing Prof NEC maps to occupations on Schedule 3. If such a change were made DIAC would process applications generally in order of original date of lodgement and not date of "reassessment". Any such change will be advised via Department of Immigration & Citizenship and GSM auto reply processing information mailboxes, Adelaide and Brisbane.
  14. 21 October 2010 Planning levels have been reached for the following occupations for the 2010-11 Program Year and are no longer available for State Sponsorship: 233211 - Civil Engineer 261313 - Software Engineer 261312 - Developer Programmer 261111 - ICT Business Analyst 261112 - Systems Analyst 233513 - Production or Plant Engineer Immigration SA will not be proceeding with applications that have been submitted (including those with all essential documents).
  15. Jag Khairra

    Decision Ready Checklist

    Many applicants who lodged applications themselves are now approaching RMAs to take advantage of DRC.