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  1. theskeers

    Manchester Expo?

    Hi all Does anyone know when there is a seminar or expo in or near Manchester please? cheers
  2. theskeers

    Any Advice Please.

    bump bump
  3. theskeers

    Any Advice Please.

    HI hopefully someone could give us some advice please . My wife is going to be the main applicant (fully qualified plumber/gas engineer) she has been plumbing for 7 years in that time she had our daughter who is nearly 4 then went back to work for 2 years untill she went on maternity to have our son , she had 12 months off and now gone back to work SELF EMPLOYED are we right in thinking once she been back in work 12 months she will qualify for the 12 out of 24 months part of the application, cause of the selp employed we are not to sure. Any advice is much appreciated cheers
  4. theskeers

    Plumbers TRA/Vetassess???

    Hi there Is this right plumbers have to have there skills assessed by TRA (technical interview) and then if that ok have a practical with Vetassess? sorry just confused.:confused:
  5. theskeers

    Women Plumbers?

    Hi there Were gonna be starting the process of emergrating soon (looking at Perth area's) just wondering what the take on Women Plumbers is as my wife is a fully qualified plumber/Gas Engineer. Would she find it hard get work cause of her sex??? Cheers
  6. theskeers

    Query About Work Experience

    Hi there hope someone can help please. Theres me my wife and 2 children looking at starting the visa process by the end of the year. My wife would be the main applicant (she is Plumber/Gas Engineer) but she has been on maternity for last 12 months and wont be starting work again til September so in all she would of been out of work for 16 months(12 of which were maternity). So my question is, Is maternity classed as being out of work so she would need to go back to work for 12 months before we can start the application process??? Hope that makes sense Cheers.
  7. theskeers

    Female Plumbers

    Hi just wondering how the Australian construction industry look towards female plumbers on site my wife is a fully qualified plumber an we are staring the migration process soon . Cheers
  8. theskeers


    Hi gollywobbler me and the wife are both qualified plumbers im only NVQ level 2 and the wife is NVQ level 3 so we are going for the 176 visa , We wanted to go to NSW but General Plumber is not on there shortage list so we are going for our second choice of perth we are both 25 and have a 17 month old daughter . My wife is going to be the applicant.
  9. theskeers


    Hi we are just shopping around for a migration agent at the min, had a few quotes upto now Either side of £2000 but we have come accross a company called get-going.co.uk an they are alot cheaper then the quotes we've had . Has anyone used this company before and can let us know what they are like? Cheers
  10. theskeers

    vetassess info please

    Hi we are looking at booking vetassess(Plumbing) soon but just been looking on there website an the reference books it says you can use are the Oz/NZ standards so am i right in thinking that you get tested on the Australian Regs ETC and not the British surely it cant be that or have i just got it totaly wrong :wacko: Any info would be great Cheers theskeers