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  1. I left home @ 20 and bought a house with hubby , we only lived there for 18 month's then came to OZ. I think the thing i struggle with is i have always been best friends with my mum. We have only ever had 2 disagreements and i remember them clearly, both times i was at fault. I just don't understand why my daughter makes it hard when we could just be enjoying life. Sorry for my whinge
  2. My daughter is seeing psychologist and physchiatrist but i have not been seeing anyone. My daughter tells me i irritate her , i asked her how do i irritate her and she says just everything .She is now 22 and its not getting any better. I have basically given up, she needs to live her own life i think if she moved out it may help her face so realities if life.
  3. I feel like we have just been unfortunate, everyone else seems to think it has been a good move for kids. I only have one daughter and i thought when she was about 8 that i didn't like how i saw the teens here, but family who live here where all convinced this would be better for her. She was a very timid and shy girl and would never put herself out there. She went to private school and got a good education but absolutely hated it but at the same time would not move schools, i tried to move her a few times. Because she found school so stressful has no thoughts on going to uni. She has had a job since leaving school but she could be doing so much better but i guess she is only 22 so there is time. She has been going to psychologists since about 15 , i feel i stuffed her up by having depression from homesickness, who knows, all she says is she is very angry! She was a delightful girl until about 17-18 then we started to have clashes alot. I find her way of thinking is nothing like the families and we always end up arguing, i now avoid talking most of the time. This makes my depression so much worse at times. I really regret bringing her up here i know back home we may not have agreed on things but at least i would have felt more grounded. I have just about give up tying to have a decent life here its just too hard! Been here over 30 years and wanted to go home for the past 15 years approx.
  4. has anyone regretted bringing kids up in oz?
  5. scousers

    Is the UK’s weather massively underrated?

    Want anywhere near 0 , think it was mostly around 8-12 most days.days out and no jackets in the Feb
  6. scousers

    Is the UK’s weather massively underrated?

    Sounds very familiar, would love to return to UK. I was there in nov and feb 2018-2019 the weather was fine!
  7. scousers

    Is the UK’s weather massively underrated?

    All my family followed me here, then i had a daughter here. They all wanted to stay here at the start which i didn't, as time went on i guess i gave in to them. Now hubby and daughter would rather stay here permanently but just dont think i can, its got harder and harder. Currently looking after very elderly parents who live 2 mins away. Once they are no longer around i don't think i will be able to do it then.
  8. scousers

    Living in Australia - What you need to know

    Also agree totally! They see it as a failing if they allow some in in front if them whilst driving!
  9. scousers

    Living in Australia - What you need to know

    Only in Qld
  10. scousers

    Is the UK’s weather massively underrated?

    Oh... your words sounded just how i feel although I've now been 32 years! Would give anything to go home. I have always pulled myself together and found the next thing to keep me going but just don't want to do that anymore. Your life back home sounds just perfect to me. Im sitting writing this on a very hot night in Melbourne thinking i am so over this heat and the boredom of the suburbs, there is just nothing to describe it is there.
  11. scousers

    Thinking of moving back to Uk

    Hi Fergie.... i think if you really want to go you should go. Staying for others does not work believe i have done that, it is no good at all. Make your plans and just look forward who knows what is around the corner, you need to live for you.
  12. scousers

    How has Australia changed your health?

    Been here 32 years my parents followed 26 years ago. My mum has chronic heart failure . She was told in high school she would never marry and would not make 20. She married had two kids both times had heart attacks and spent full pregnancies in hospital. When she came to oz 26 years ago the UK doctors gave her two years. Well she us now 85z had three mital valve replacements in her life. I do think aus conditions have helped her enourmously. me, on the other hand have had depression since the day i arrived. I am 35 kg over weight. In the uk my nick name was skinny lizzie. I was so active in the uk. Never ever watched tv. Put it this way, i have never seen an episode of coronation street. Ive seen the cat walk along the wLl but then i went out doing so many things every night. Here i am in front of the tv 24/7. I have never found anything to interest me here. Aus has been great for mum, disastrous for me.
  13. scousers

    Three snakes in three days

    Omg... have lived in Melb and have only two in 32 years! I would go home in a flash if i saw one near my house
  14. scousers

    Moving back to the U.K tomorrow (Christmas Day!)

    Best if luck with your new life in Jersey, would love to be returning to the uk. Maybe one day!
  15. scousers

    Would you move to the UK now?

    Sometimes i think its a blessing in disguise, my parents wanted to come since the 70’s but where refused on health grounds, now i think there was a reason for that and we should have just accepted that.