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  1. sherin

    176 Medical and PCC

    Ya hopefully u will get a CO soon.. the co would mail you usually once they open your application .. or you can check on the online ..if any of your status has changed to completed tht implies co is on your application.
  2. sherin

    176 Medical and PCC

    Thanks Roberts
  3. sherin

    176 Medical and PCC

    Hi All I front loaded my medicals and PCC for my 176 Visa and that helped in expediting the visa process. But that was a year back, does it work now. My friend has applied for an onshore 176 but his partner and kid is offshore, he has been allotted a case officer. I was suggesting him to front load Medicals and PCC for his partner and kid. I thought of taking a second opinion from some of folks who has been through the visa process recently. Cheers Sherin
  4. sherin

    New to Canberra - Friends needed

    Just over three months now, found a job for myself hence a sigh of relief, so how u finding Yarumalla
  5. sherin

    New to Canberra - Friends needed

    Hi I can catch for a coffee, I do not know how helpful I can be as I am new too. Regards
  6. sherin

    PR GRANTED RIGHT NOW!!! Thanks Pomsinoz

    woooooow!!!!!!! congrats
  7. sherin


    Hi All I know how difficult it is to find a new accommodation in the city because I just Migrated . I have a spare bedroom I can share it for couple of days for free if anyone needs it in dire situations . But let me warn you I stay in Queanbyean which is a bit far of from the civic. And I need prior permission of my landlord to that. But I will be more than happy to help anyone who has just arrived.
  8. sherin

    Meeting people in Canberra

    Well but it is a nice place to start of for family .. lot quieter.. less traffic , good schools etc
  9. sherin

    Meeting people in Canberra

    Well I have been here for over 12 weeks now... I think Canberra is a boring place for singles


    <p> </p>

    <p>Congratulations !! Good to know that you got your visa. I have not left as yet but am on my way beginning July, 2011. Good luck to you and have a good trip.</p>


  11. sherin

    Need Advice on moving

    Hi Matjones Hem house share and pot noodles I am game for it ...at this point of time I am too excited to look at anything negatively . After 3 years of dreaming I cant believe I am going to be in ACT soon... And good to know that you are tagging along well in Canberra ( 12 sep) Wow such a coincidence ..:biggrin:
  12. sherin

    Need Advice on moving

    Hey Quoll Thanks to your insights I have decided to book in YHA for the initial stay , it seems to be a good place. I have found some room sharing options too but I will only finalize them once I come there. With accommodation being taken care off, a huge burden is off me Thank you !!:jiggy:
  13. <p>hey i got my visa .. wen u going to ACT or r u there already .. would like to connect with u there... i am moving in august</p>

  14. sherin

    Need Advice on moving

    Hey Thanks buddy .. I will surely catch up with you.. Are you travelling to Canberra on September 12 th .. coincidently thts my birthday . Cheers Sherin
  15. sherin

    Need Advice on moving

    Hey Quoll Great inputs ,I gather September is the best time to get in and kick start... Braddon, O'Connor, Ainslie, Dickson, Turner are these areas safe .... Frankly speaking I have not done much research to decide on where to stay.. I was looking at the map now and these localities looked decent and well connected. Is car a necessity can I possibly manage traveling with a cycle I hve heard the cycling paths are excellent there. Do you know any back packing kind of short term accommodation. Finding it little overwhelming now , I am coming with a open mind.. If I get a casual job to start with which will sustain my single stomach I will be more than happy.. Quoll thanks for helping again , you had also helped me on my commitment statement... I owe you a drink.. Cheers Sherin