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  1. Stevenson

    VBA plumbing interview Melbourne

    Yeah. The trade recognition exam is just a cash cow. Then the VBA will also get more money out of you by making you do the rego exams. They did give me mostly rego and just a few thing provisional. I am not on Pomsinoz that much these days, so if you ever want any info on the plumbing regs and exams the just PM me and i will try help where i can.
  2. Stevenson

    VBA plumbing interview Melbourne

    Hi mate. The interview isn't that bad. Take in as much evidence of previous experience as possible, as well as references. They will most likely only give you some registration and provisional registration. But thats enough to get you started, then you need to go to tafe for the rest. As i said take as much proof of previous work experience, certificates, anything. They won't look at half of it, but it looks better and they give more.
  3. Stevenson

    Plumbing nightmare ! Melbourne !

    Ok I am going to organise a night out for UK plumbers living in Melbourne I am going to try and get this sorted for mid November. PM me if you are up for it.
  4. Stevenson

    Plumbers in oz.....help!

    Hi mate, I don't know how far on you have got and what you have found out, but for me I called the PIC the day I arrived in Melbourne as you need to arrange a interview so they can give you the correct qualifications, bring everything you can to prove how much plumbing experience you have as they really don't care about Vetassess. When I arrived I was given a provisional registration for most classes in plumbing (classes are water, gasfitting, drainage, roof/stormwater, sanitary and mechanical services), I was only given full registration in sanitary and mechanical services with my UK experience. I have heard of some people getting full registration (apart from roofing) when they arrived. I then had to do a 2 night plumbing course to get up to scratch with aussie plumbing (longer courses are around, but cost a lot more money), I then sat gas, water and drainage tests to be come fully registered (apart from roofing). From there I have now become licensed in gas fitting, I will let you know the PIC do not work fast so this has taken me 18 months. The minimum you need is registration, as provisional reg is just like being an apprentice and this makes getting a job very hard. The registration tests are practical and theory so vary between 1 to 2 days per exam (e.g. gas or water, drainage and so on). The license test for gas was actually quite easy (with a bit of study) as its is all multiple choice and a lot of the regulations are the same as the UK. Hope this helps, any questions the just PM me and I will try and help.
  5. Stevenson

    Plumbing nightmare ! Melbourne !

    Sounds good mate, just let me know when suits you guys and I will arrange a place. I am thinking somewhere like St.Kilda or Richmond as they have good bars but I am open to any suggestions. When did you arrive out here?
  6. Stevenson

    Plumbing nightmare ! Melbourne !

    Well said mate, I have posted similar comments in the past. I have been here 2 years and still can't get a plumbing job. I got provisional rego and thought thats me a plumber.......haha no chance. Then I got full rego and thought I will get a job now......haha no chance. Now I have decided to do the licence off of my own back, which is actually easy (when u study) so I am now gas licensed, next water then drainage, and then hopefully I can get a job.... and if I can't I can at least start my own company as I will be licensed. The manner in which the system works over here is very slow and very frustrating and as cgranger and charliebhoy have said no one will just walk into a fully qualified plumbing job, at best you might become a plumbing labourer, but don't expect much more or expect any plumbing company to welcome you with open arm's. I noticed cgranger your from E.K., that's where I am from, who did you work for back home. We need to get a PIO Melbourne plumbers get together, as it would be good to meet the people posting on here, I think I have said to charliebhoy before but I never got round to actually arranging anything. If anyone is up for a PIO Melbourne plumbers get together let me know
  7. <p><p>hi scott no worries mate my number is 0406519228. goodluk with the tests, will text u in a few weeks!</p></p>


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    <p><p>Hi mate, yeah need to meet up, I have my plumbing tests over the next couple of weeks so studying but after that. drop me a txt when u get a chance my number is 0415 724 923.</p></p>

    <p><p> </p></p>

    <p><p>cheers scott</p></p>

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  9. <p><p>hi scott they gave me full registration before i left scotland so i dont need to do anymore as this is all u need , u only need a license if u wanna work for yourself and sign bigger jobs off (most of the aussie plumbers i work with only have registration and i have more tics on the back than some of them). im currently working with hays recruitment - it took me ages to get in the door with them as they dont trust any1 - weirdos man , but once they know u r not daft they keep giving u work, we live in elsternwick mate ! r u hear with wife/gf ? maybe we could meet for a beer one day and do some plumbing talk lol</p></p>


    <p> </p>

    <p><p>Hi charliebhoy, thanks for getting back to me. I am in Camberwell, what about U?.</p></p>

    <p><p>I had done my Vetassess back in the UK, but that only got me provisional plumbing registration, I am now trying to be come fully registered with the PIC and then licensed. </p></p>

    <p><p>I was much the same when I arrived, no plumbers would take me on, so I am working for a swimming pool company, but just want to get all my plumbing upto date.</p></p>

    <p><p>What u working as now?.</p></p>

    <p><p> </p></p>

    <p><p>Cheers Scott</p></p>

    <p> </p>


  11. <p><p>hey scott sorry took so long i neva got email to say i had message, anyways , i done all the **** back home mate it was pretty basic stuff so i dunno any1 who has done it the way ur doin it, it took me ages to get plumbing work for my 1st year here so i done other stuff - all ok, were r u living mate ?</p></p>


    <p> </p>

    <p><p>Hi charliebhoy, I am looking for a bit of help, I am a plumber, we have written a couple of messages before on PIO to each other. I am currently going through the plumbing registration test in melbourne, I was wondering if you have already sat this course and if so what work should I expect to do on the gas and water registration test.</p></p>

    <p><p>How are you finding life in Melbourne?</p></p>

    <p><p>I take it you have a job as a plumber now?</p></p>

    <p><p>I hope I am not to rude in asking for advice.</p></p>

    <p><p>Cheers Scott</p></p>

    <p> </p>


  13. Stevenson

    Last to post in this thread WINS!

    God it was page 653 the last time I posted on here, and there is still no winner. Chris-mac, you created a monster. :happy_face_vampire_
  14. Stevenson

    Plumbing Licence QLD

    I know what you mean, It's the exact same in Melbourne, been here 9 months and still basically an apprentice, and can't get a job in plumbing because no one wants a 32 year old apprentice, even although I have over 13 years experience plumbing in the UK. Thankfully I got a job with a swimming pool company doing plumbing to pools, but a system needs to be put in place for trade skills to be transferred. Good luck hope you get there soon.
  15. Stevenson

    Gas Fitters Watch Out!!!!

    Hi there, If you contact the PIC (plumbing industry commission) in Melbourne they will give you all the information you need. For myself it has been the slowest process ever, been in Melbourne 9 months and I am still the equivalent of an a apprentice (it sucks), I was a plumber for 13 years in the UK, ran my own business for 6 years. It took 2 month to get an interview with the PIC to get provisional registration, then a further 3 months to do the registration course after which I applied for the test, and 4 months later I am finally about to sit the test (why not run tests after the course work, aghh)......Then after that at some point I will need to do the licence course work and test. The work and regulations are much the same, so I would not panic about the work, but just be ready to get very frustrated by the whole process...........The Oz government should work with vetassess and state groups like the PIC to make the skills transfer easier, but I do not think that will ever happen. The PIC were not fussed about my apprenticeship, but were more interested in my last few years of work Good luck.