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  1. My family and I live in Australia ( QLD ) and we are having my wife's Mum come to visit and stay with us. She is 71 yrs old and in very good health. It appears she can get a 3 month visa with no real problems, but to apply for a 6 month visa, she is expected to meets lots of criteria; provide a medical cert, have private health insurance & be able to demonstrate £5000 in an English account. We know that you can apply for a visa extension, so our dilemma is ....do we jump through hoops and try to get the 6month visa or get the simple 3month visa and attempt the extension once she is here.???!! The DIAC have advised that visa extensions are usually granted, but we didn't really want to blatantly cheat the system..!?! Any advice is most welcome..!!. Stephen...
  2. Stephen

    Anyone landed in a city other than sponsored state??

    I fail to see how you can comment that the state (WA in my case) were trying to fulfil an economic need by offering me SS... My skills are within the Gas Pipeline Industry, WA sponsored me, I'm very grateful for that.....!!...YET... there is at present probably the biggest Pipeline construction initiative going on within QLD..??, (where i was offered a job...Very Quickly...Not one job offer from WA...!!) So i'm not sure what econmic need they are trying to fulfill by offering me SS..when they obviously are not in a position to offer jobs within that sector... and believe me I did apply...for lots..!!! How is that being morally sound on their part...by inviting, (which is all SS really is) a family half way around the world with no real chance of providing work...???
  3. We have been in Brisbane now for just coming up 2yrs and have had our house in the UK (Manchester) rented out for the entire period. We are now thinking about selling the property..?? We do have it advertised on the free property website " Tepilo ", as we dont want to scare off our current tennants with a board on the property etc..!! But were wondering if anyone else may have found themselves in a similar situation??....OR if anyone is thinking of moving back to the UK / Manchester...would the purchase of a very reasonably priced, modern family home be on their radar... :wink:.... Any advice Welcome... Stephen....
  4. Hey There... We too live in Cleveland... We've been here for 2yrs... I'm 38 and my wife is 42... we have 2 children (boys) 10 & 14...the !4yr old plays AFL and the 10 Yr old plays Football....it will never be soccer to me..Ha.!! He plays at Redlands Football club in the Elite under 10's ( under 11's next season )... I work FIFO ( Fly In Fly Out ) doing 2wks on 2wks off...so is good and my wife works in a coffe shop in Clevelend...(She also like a sniff of Vino in the evening..Ha.!) Would love to meet up and say hi sometime... Stephen & Julie...
  5. We have a son who currently plays under 10's Soccer / Football at a high level at an independent football club. Can anyone advise of the best high schools that would help / progress his Football / Soccer development. We are aware that this may not be the most well represented sport in Australia, but feel if we can choose a school (public or private) that achieves both academically as well as in sporting nature, this would be the best combination. Any information or advice is greatly appreciated...:smile:
  6. Hi surflen22.. Thanks for that.. We did think that it was 14days, BUT as they have served US with Termination of lease, is it still 14 days notice or can we move out whenever another property is ready..?? Thanks again..
  7. Hi there... Please can someone give us some advice..??!!! We are currently renting a property in Ormiston, QLD. We have now come to the end of our tenancy agreement lease period (12months), but due to an ongoing A/C problem, we refused to sign another long term lease until the problem was addressed / rectified, so at present, we are now on a periodical lease. We have since been served with a "Termination of Lease" notice by the Agent / Lessor, with a 2month timescale for us to find new accomadation and vacate the property. My question (Part 1) is, how much notice should we give the Agent / Lessor before we can vacate the property, as we have found a new property and (Part 2), we have filled in the correct form and from the day they recieved the form to the day we intened to move out was 12days and they are saying that by us not giving them 14 days notice, we are liable to cover the 2days rent that we will not even be at the property.?? Hope that all kind of makes sense....but any info or advice would be most welcome... Thanks... Stephen..:unsure:
  8. Stephen

    Viking Kayaks for sale

    Hi there.. Are the Kayaks still for sale..?? Thanks..
  9. Stephen

    Brisbane suburbs and schools query

    Not sure where you get the term "Semi-Private" from as this term doesnt exist in QLD and probably not in Australia. Feels a little like an Eliteist comment. We too are in the Redlands area, and the current stats for Carmel are very satisfactory. Before choosing a school for our child, we made the descision on an in depth discussion with the head, a tour of the school, a look at how the curriculum was structured, as some schools are very sports orientated and if your child isnt sporty, no amount of cash will help them and how my child felt about the school. We looked at a lot of schools in the area and had good testimony from both British and Australians that they knew of children at Sheldon, that if they did not quite "Fit In", they were actually asked to leave...!!! This was after they had spent hundreds of dollars on the uniform..!! Good old fashioned research is the best way to pick a suitable school i feel..of course cost plays a part, but shouldnt be the ruling factor..!
  10. Stephen

    Excavator operator

    Hi Lee... Here are some companies involved in the CSG works in QLD: WDS - http://www.wdslimited.com.au/Energy-and-infrastructure.aspx QGC - http://www.qgc.com.au/01_cms/details.asp?ID=305 Santos - http://santos.com/ Origin - http://origintogether.com/origin-gas/ Hope these help..
  11. Stephen

    Excavator operator

    Hi Lee, It sounds like you do exactly what I used to do in the UK. I worked originally for British Gas / Transco who then became National Grid, on the laying and repairing of existing cast, steel and PE pipes. As for Oz, we to were originally going to WA, and that is where we gained our State Sponsorship, but shortly after having our visas granted, i got a job offer from a company in QLD. I found out a collegue from years ago worked here and i feel that helped with the job offer, as I found that there is very little interest in you while you are in the UK and even less interest until they know you have your visas. At present I work in the CSG sector (Coal Seam Gas), still natural gas, they just get it via drilling. I work as a supervisor, so not actually on the tools anymore, but will give you as much info as i can. A lot of the CSG work is based in the QLD area and is almost always shift work, (I work 18days on - 11 days off, but if your lucky you can get 2wks on - 2wks off) and FIFO (fly in - fly out), as the distances are vast. You stay on camp, room and meals are always provided and paid for by the company, as are the flights. A lot of the pipework is PE, but HDPE rather than the more commanly used MDPE used in the UK. they string out the 20m sticks and use butt welding to join them together (125mm - 630mm). A saw wheel trencher then plods along, cuts the trench and they drop in the pipe. They lay both water and gas at the same time. Because of the large diameters and the amount they can lay in a day, a lot of heavy machinery is used, excavators, dozers etc, so if you have any large operator tickets, they are very sought after. I think the digger drives are on around $300 - $400 per day. The Butt Welders are on around $400 - $500 per day. It is good money, but you do sacrifice a little by working away, but I feel that because your getting anywhere between 10 and 14 days off, you can have good quality time with the family and plan ahead, trips, days at the beach etc..! Not sure if you need this information, but as far as housing goes, we pay $650 a week for an unfurnished 4 bed house. Sounds a lot but it is an almost brand new house, very modern and open plan, double shower ensuite, seperate bath and shower room, 2 toilets, seperate utility room, doble electric garage and a POOL..!! If you have kids, they are a godsend. You can still get some very nice properties for less than this, anywhere from $450 a week up to whatever you want to pay, but like anything, you do get what you pay for. Anyway, if there is any more info you need, just let me know and I will help wherever I can.. Good Luck... Stephen and Family..
  12. Stephen

    Excavator operator

    Hi there Stacey, Not sure how much help this will be as it all depends on which state / area you end up in. BUT...my family and I are in Brisbane (6months now) and I work in the Gas / Pipelining industry. A lot of the companies I have come across perform massive amounts of earthmoving / excavator work. If you want me to give you a list of companies in this field of work, dont hesistate to get in contact. I was lucky that i had a friend in the industry, so information and contacts were not a problem, but looking and searching from the UK can be frustrating. Another note...If you do look to get involved with the current booming gas industry over here, a lot of the work is quite remote, involving shift work (2wks on / 2wks off and Fly in Fly out - FIFO), but the pay is VERY good...around the $400 - $600 per day bracket..!! Good luck with your visa process...and get in touch if you need the company names etc.... Stephen and Family..!!
  13. Stephen

    Anyone landed in a city other than sponsored state??

    Hi there.. My family and I had exactly the same dilemma. We were sponsored by WA, had every intention of going to WA, had our 176 PR visas granted and THEN got a job offer in QLD. We too wrestled with the "Do we, Dont we" question, but after speaking to a lawyer, the obligation is purely a moral one. At the end of the day, my objective was to get my family to Australia AND to be able to work and provide for them and at no point did I get a job offer or even any interest from WA. The visa is for Permanent Residency, NOT state residency, therefore you are free to travel anywhere you wish at any point WITHOUT having to notify anyone. Just the same as any Australian can. As this is the case, I am sure there are just as many people who leave QLD to head to WA are there are vice versa, so considering the numbers that this "dilemma" involves, it isnt as big an issue as what your conscience is making it. We have been in QLD since last October and at NO point have we been asked to fill any forms out, even after applying for Medicare, Drivers Licenses etc. Im sure the moral brigade will say otherwise, but i am working, paying taxes and paying into the Australian economy.......Conscience Clear..!!! Good Luck in your descision...and Good luck in whatever state you land..!!
  14. Stephen

    initial rental payments

    My family and I are currently renting a furnished 3 bed apt, in Cleveland, just outside Brisbane (will provide details if required, it is an excellent complex). We had to pay 4wks rent (bond) and two weeks rent (up front payment) - 6wks in total.. $650 p/w, Total $3900... It is a fair chunk of cash, but all being well on your departure, you get your bond back..!!
  15. Hiya My Name Is Ethan,I'm Using My Dads Account, I'm 12 Years Old And I'm Moving 2 Australia In about 2 Months (Round November Time)...I'll be moving to the Brisbane area... I like football, play the drums and am really into my music....especially rock..!!