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  1. Hey Steve Were building in Upper Coomera at the moment in the Stone Creek estate. Well practically be neighbours.
  2. Hi. I know Moston well. I actually used to play footy for Moston Brook. We have kids and for me you cant beat the Goldcoast. It has so much to do for kids that you will never fail to be entertained. Brisbane is ok but I've here 3 years now and been up to Brisbane twice. Plus there are no decent beaches in BNE which made me choose the Goldcoast in the first place.
  3. Matt R

    Genesis Estate Coomera

    Hi All. Does anyone live on or have any opinions on the Genesis Estate in Coomera. We are looking at buying there so any advice before signing up would be great.
  4. Matt R

    Gold coast here we come!!!

    Hi. Me and my wife live on a complex in Hope Island and love it. We have two girls 8 & 4 and the complex life style is brilliant for them. If you need more info or would like to meet up just send me a message. Cheers, Matt.
  5. Hi All. I'm thinking of organising a afternoon picnic/bbq/beers for anyone looking to meet a few friendly faces from home. My family and friends of ours all live in the Hope Island area and have kids between the ages of 8 and 4. I was thinking of somewhere near the water with somewhere to wet a line and a play area to keep the kids entertained. I've got a few places in mind so if enough people reply I will start putting plans into action. Thanks Matt
  6. I recognise your face Jo. I lived at 126 Westminster Rd, Failsworth so not even 5 minutes to your gaff. I must have bumped in to you waiting for the 76:)
  7. Hi jo. Where a outs in sunny Oldham are you from?
  8. I believe we have met at Nicolas. It was me who started this thread. Ha
  9. Matt R

    Moving to the GC... thinking Hope Island??

    Hi. I do the commute from Hope Island to the airport everyday and all though it is longer than driving it is time you can be reading, watching movies or like me sleeping which makes it feel like a very short journey. Hope Island is great with a lot of gated complex communities which we love as it gives the kids freedom to explore without us having the worry.
  10. Hi Joe. Small world. Were from Failsworth as well. Where about in Failsworth are you from???
  11. Matt R

    Just moved to North Gold Coast

    Hi. Me and my wife are in Hope Island and are 30 and 34. Were on Magnolia Drive East and have 2 kids. We have regular meet ups (piss ups) with loads of other poms so message me if you would like to catch up. Matt.
  12. Yeah still in Hope Island. Where is Pearl Bay? never heard of it.
  13. Isnt it funny that you replied to a post i sent ages ago and then we ended up neighbours for a short time. Matt.
  14. Hi. My wife is newly qualfied nurse with no experience and has just applied for her Aphra registration. Does anyone know of anyone being granted there registration without experience??? Any advice would be most welcome.