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  1. From A to Z, and all words inbetween? LOL...
  2. Har00n

    Insurance Tax and Super

    thanks for that.. Strange that we can import our pension funds into insurnace here, but can withdraw from here back to a pension fund in the uk. Oh well... guess i better figure put what insurances are on my super. TBH, i havent even looked at it much since it was setup a while ago..
  3. Har00n

    Insurance Tax and Super

    reviving an old thread as its relevant to me right now.. Wondering what people have done regarding their super here. Did they just leave it here, and let it grow, or is there a means of transferring it back to the UK? I'll be working and earning in the uk, but im not sufre what to do with this little pot of money i accrued over the last 6 years. Looking for info from people who moved, what did they do with their super???
  4. Har00n

    What do you wish you'd done before you left?

    Still in the process of leavinbg, but i really regret not actually going interstate. I've been working and living in perht, and dont think i saw the 'real' australia in my 6 years, as ive always been over this side. never had enough time or money to travel interstate, and I really wish id seen the other side of the country before i leave. On the flip side, its also a reason for me to return at some point... i think ill be back again... still so much to do and see...
  5. Har00n

    Motorbike Licence Questions

    Conversion does not mean relegating your Uk Licence. I converted my Uk Licence to a WA licence. i still kept the uk licence. i then got my r class, which i wanna now put back onto my UK licence when i move back... guess i just speak to the DVLA on this one..
  6. Har00n

    It's large Movecube day!

    Interesting... thanks for the update Ozzie. I've ordered a large movecube for the other route - Australia to Uk, but looking at the photos it might be overkill for us. We're not moving any furniture, just boxes of stuff (clothes, decorations, books etc), and looking at the photos you provided i think we might have ordered too big a box. will finish packing the boxes today, will have to measure up again in the space in our thatre room, i had marked out the space, and thought wer'd fit it all in, but i think ill have to measure again. Good luck with your move down!
  7. Har00n

    Motorbike Licence Questions

    Dont think thats how it works. Nothing stopping you having two licences, if you take the situation of 457 Visa holders, they are temporary visiotrs, so nothing stopping them getting a australian licnce whilst still having a british one. Not sure how it works for ireland, but pretty sure there is nothing stopping you holding both an UK and Australian Driving Licence.
  8. Har00n

    Motorbike Licence Questions

    Ok... here's a strange question that might be easy to answer, but I cant find the answer online anywhere. I'm going back to Scotland at the end of August. I've got a full UK Car licence, and had passed my CBT for motorbikes but left for Australia before actually sitting my test. In Australia, i got my bike licence, unrestricted, and have been riding big bikes for over 5 years... Now, i know i can convert an australian licence to a UK licence, but i already have a uk licence. I just need my Motorbike entitlement added to my UK licence, so i can get insurance when i buy a bike when i get back home. Is that possible? is it just a form? im guessing ill have to take a trip to the local DVLA office, no big deal, kjust thought id ask here in case someones been through the same process at all?
  9. Har00n

    Leaving Australia on UK or Aussie Passport

    Thanks! No more Xbox, TV and motorbikes for me... Twice the fun, twice the cost, so the toys are all going.. But i cant wait! Really looking forward to it! Not sure how the mrs is going to handle me plus 2 mini-me's.... LOL...
  10. Har00n

    Leaving Australia on UK or Aussie Passport

    been married for 16 years, no kids. Did the IVF thing, and we both hit 40... and we thought we'd start looking at adoption and fostering before its too late. Then, on our last attempt at IVf (6th or 7th...) Boom... Twins.,... Due 25th december., Wife has no real support structure here to go through this, and im at work all day, so figured its time to head back for a bit. That way she will have family and friends around her for support, we'll be able to milk them for gifts and hand me downs (LOL!) But also, ibve been coasting through life up to now... work in IT and basically took things as they come. Now, with twins on the way, need to start making and saving money. Can earn double in the UK in my field than what i do here... so time to make some cash contracting again, and who knows, maybe in a decade when the kids are gonna hit their teens i might travel back here with some cash to spend. Im an aussie citizen, so coming and going wont be a problem, might even try the ping pong pom thing for a bit, as i can get contract work anywhere...
  11. Har00n

    Leaving Australia on UK or Aussie Passport

    Its a 2011 Z1000. Ive got her for $8400 on gumtree, facebook and some bike forums... Realistically id probably let her go for $7800 But its winter, and people are just not buying stuff right now. im hoping some of the tax returns will spr people to spend a little.
  12. Har00n

    Leaving Australia on UK or Aussie Passport

    In the same boat as you, sue... Got a car and motorbike to sell before we head back at end of August. Am tempted to just take a hit ont htem both, if it means getting them sold. have them on Gumtree,facebook, carsales etc, but not getting anywhere..... anxious is the right word...
  13. Har00n

    I'm Almost there.....

    Cheers B1ker. Its been a bit draining really, as i've had to fit all the moving and packing in AFTER a full days work (Im STILL at work right now!). On a sad note, i didnt win the lottery. On a happy note, neither did anyone else, so the jackpots 136 million on friday!! hmmmm 136 million... what would i spend it on first... would i even move to oz if i won?? <The answer is yes, id still move to oz, but stay in a penthouse!>
  14. Har00n

    IT Contracting in London

    Hi B1ker, Im an It contractor as well, am in testing. Was contracting all over London last year, so hopefully i can help. 1. £350 - £500 is accurate per day, i'd say. This would be in and around london city. I actually know people who're contracting in investment banks that earn close to 1k a day... so dont see why you shouldn't be able to earn £350-500 a day. Bear in mind this is before tax etc, you will have to setup either yoru own ltd company, or use an umbrella company. Umbrella companies take away the hassle of accountitng, but if you get yourself a good accountant, you should be able to retain more than using an umbrella company. 2. Is the 700/1000 a month realistic for 1 room etc in London? Depends where in London really. A friend of mine was paying £1100 for a tiny one bed basement flat in knightsbridge... i decided to stay further out, and managed to get an huge 2 bed flat for £800 a month. I stayed outside london, in Crawley and East grinstead, close to the train line, and it took me just about an hour to get into london. Once in london, the undergrounds will get you where you need to go. If your just looking for a room, sites like easyroommate.com or gumtree might help you find just a room, which will cost you less. 3. Best Places to stay... Like Marta said, really depends... Every place has its good and bad areas. you'll hear about places like south croydon/streatham/tooting being rough, but i know people who stay in these areas and have no problems at all. Places like aldgate and tower hamlets are also in the news, but again, ive stayed in aldgate without issues, and have friends in tower hamlets who've not got problems... its all relative really. With regards to transportm if your living IN london, you have to get yourself an oyster card. Makes travel by train/tube/bus very easy. You pay a small deposit, but it will save you money. Also, get yourself one of the Underground apps for your smartphone (if you have a smartphone...) they are invaluable as they let you know fastest routes between stations. I also used the national rail apps to help me from station to station, and can honostly say i didn't have many major problems... apart from at clapham common. During rush hour, Its a nightmare here, you have to make sure your first on the train, and even then your squeezing in and packed like sardines! Forget about finding a seat, and just be thankful you've managed to get on a train!! Anyways, hope the above helps. If your CV's up to date, and on jobserve, and your profiles up-to-date on linked in, you should find contracting is pretty easy in London. If you have any problems, give me a shout. (i'll be in australia starting a perm job for the first time in 7 years or so, but i'll help out where i can!)
  15. Har00n

    I'm Almost there.....

    Hi All! Ok, been a while since an update, so i thought i'd post whats been happening. have moved everythign from the Edinburgh Flat, back to Glasgow, and nearly everything is boxed up. Last thing is the Telly, for which finding a box has been a nightmare, until i stumbled across self storage website. They have TV Boxes for TV's upto42 inch, which suits me fine. Bit of bubblewrap, and the tv box will be collected today, and then once its boxed up, i'll be emailing Voovit to pick it all up. One thing i will say, don't underestimate how much 'STUFF' you have. Stuff is teh perfect word for it. I thought 7 boxes would have been enough, but now, its more like 14 (double!?!?) teh original, plus the TV box.... I didn't realise a couple could collect so much stuff. (Mind you, most of it is the mrs', i could have easily fitted all my stuff into 2 boxes, one for the tv, one for the xbox/computer...all my clothes and shoes are going with me in luggage, what else does a guy need??) Anyway, though i'd add that wee bit in, just to prepare the folks that are starting the packaging process. My plane flies out next friday, less than 2 weeks to go. I've got an airport transfer all arranged, will take me from teh airport to Clarkson, for about $120 dollars. Plus, if a hire a car from the company a little later on, they will take off about $40 dollars from the charge! They have an agreement with the company i'm hiring the villa from, plus they will have the keys for me aswell, so all i have to do is turn up at the airport! Another little headache resolved! Everything just seems to be falling into place... At this rate, might go for the euro-millions tommorrow... how great will that be if i won... £117 million pounds, and living it up in australia! LOL... if only! Anyways, ciao for now, will again keep you all posted as to how i get on... If you have any questions, feel fere to ask me, i'll do what i can to help.