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    life stories of an average 8 year old!

    morning/evening all, myself n family r relocating to melbourne(cranbourne)January time. I'm hoping to have found a local school for my children maizy 8 and rocky 6 by the time the new year starts,I've also got a 2 year old moe.So my hands r full! I'd be interested in hearing from any people who have been in a similar situation. My main concerns are school life,Australian childrens attitudes,childrens activities outside school general parent concerns really. My children are very social and are excited by the move so I'm sure I'm worrying over nothing,just trying to get some feed back for the big move. Thanx for any help Maxime
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    Where to move

    really depends on what aspect you are hoping to find in the uk ....bristol is not as nice as bath,which comes in at the top end of my hypothetical list!..speaking from experience lots of the southern costal areas are well worth a look,but the ones you've mentioned don't spring to mind when measured against perth.The cost of living in the south is considerably higher than further north.So I suppose having to choose from your suggestions I'd say .. bath