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    Disability and Migration - Public Debate

    George, thanks for posting the article. Interesting read. There is some information on migration and health for other countries (UK, Canada, USA, NZ) in submissions 63 and 61 on the migration disability inquiry website which may be interesting to read. http://www.aph.gov.au/house/committee/mig/disability/subs.htm
  2. Gill, It was good that all the new submissions, including mine and yours, have been published. I have read through all 30 of the submissions and they make very interesting reading and some extremely good arguements within them all. I was sitting up waiting for the webcast on the meeting with Human Rights Lawyers only to find an email confirming it had been postponed. What a shame, but it will be interesting when the meeting does happen. I have emailed the secretarit for the inquiry in relation to personal community statements at public hearings. the hearing on the 12th Nov in Sydney states that people will be allow to speak and tell their story in person to the committee for up to 5 minutes each if present. I know those of us who have been inpacted by it would LOVE to have such an opportunity, and many of those impacted will not be living in Australia for the very reasons the inquiry was set up (migration treatment of disability resulting in rejected visas). They have taken note of my points, that those of us abroad would have some very relevant points to make. They acknowledge this and advised it will be looked into as to whether we could make personal statements via tele/video conference at some point during the forthcoming public inquiries which run until feb/mar 2010. I will forward the email to you for reference. I hope others who have been impacted by this or who have an opinion or view continue to make submissions as this is such an excellent opportunity to influence the decision makers of migration policy. Dermot
  3. Gill, I have already sent my submission through and really hope others join in on this. I have contacted a few other people/groups in Australia who I know are also preparing submissions, but i also hope as many people as possible make submissions as it would be a huge shame if this opportunity is not taken advantage of. Dermot
  4. hogand

    Help Please

    Rowena, cant add anything to offer you help, but I do wish you the very best of luck and hope it works out and you manage to get the waiver you need and deserve.!! This is another clear sign of how the immigration legislation for disabilities is such a disgrace. I was rejected a visa back in June as my son has down syndrome (mild). such a stressful and unhappy experience so I do hope it works out for you. There is a government inquiry into how they treat migration with disabilities, and I am making a submission to it about my experiences and views. I think you should also consider making a submission to it about your experiences etc. The more strenght put behind this inquiry, showing how awful the rules are, the more chance of a positive change i imagine. deadline is 28/10. there is a thread on it on PIO. Dermot
  5. Thanks for the post Gill. It is a great opportunity for those of us who have been effected by the process to get our voice heard, and i will definately be making a submission
  6. I hope someone can advise on this - How do you prove that you have worked for at least 12 of the last 24 months in an occupation on the SOL? what evidence do you need to give? The reason I ask is because I have had broken employment over the last 2 years, and also the jobs I have done will not be the same as the skill assessment i may go for. Has anyone had difficulties in approaching employers about this? Also, how do you prove what classification the job that you are working in is? i.e. if the job is not as clear cut as say a Doctor or accountant etc, how do you prove what Skilled Occupation it is? The jobs I do could come under a few catagories, like intelligence officer, or business and information professional not classified elsewhere.....just dont know how to prove this if it doesnt match the skill assessment I may go for. any advice or experiences much appreciated thanks
  7. hogand

    Children with special needs

    Alloffsoon - can you let me know a bit of background to your situation and how you managed to get a visa (if you have one). The reason I ask is my son has DS also, and I had a sponsorship job but the 457 visa application was rejected in June this year as they stated my son did not meet the health criteria. He has mild DS and the MOC gave a estimated cost to the state which was more than the 21k threshold level. We were, and still are, very disappointed that the visa was rejected. I would be very grateful if you could share some of your background which may give me some help in deciding to do an application (perm) in future. Also, I researched some schools in Sydney before our visa rejected, so if your moving to sydney then let me know.
  8. hogand

    So how'd you choose your area?

    fiona, is living outside the metro area a decent option with good employment opportunities?
  9. hogand

    disabilities in children-can we still get into oz?

    Gill In response to the following - I think what the three of us and others should all do is to write to the Chairman of the new Committee, a chap called Michael Danby MP I am definately in agreement with you on this and willing to do whatever is needed to get our views heard by the appropriate people. Please let me know what you require from me etc to get the process started. Dermot
  10. hogand

    disabilities in children-can we still get into oz?

    Jonesfamily- really sorry to hear your appeal was rejected by the MOC. I totally understand and relate to what your feeling and going through. Really not a nice feeling going through it and 1 month on from our rejection its still so frustrating when I think about it. Cant offer any advice on what, if anything, to do unfortunately but hope things work out for you in some way.
  11. hogand

    disabilities in children-can we still get into oz?

    Chrisbj, will decide in time whether or not to reapply. Its alot of time, money, effort and stress involved in the application only to find out its rejected, so not sure want to go through it all again on the basis of hope only. If I felt we had a good chance of being accepted, then yes, I would consider it, but thats a bit away to be honest. At the moment, we are looking into getting some of the documentation (through the FOIA) involved in the rejected app so as to understand the rejection more. Fingers crossed yours goes through, just try have as much positive evidence as possible to support the application
  12. hogand

    disabilities in children-can we still get into oz?

    chrisbj, I hope it goes well for you and you manage to pass. My visa application was rejected last week as son did not meet health requirements (has down syndrome - posted a thread last week about visa rejected). He is seen to have moderate learning disability on his statement of special needs. he is very healthy, active, in great condition. the MOC did his costings, and it came in over the $21k threshold , which meant rejected. My potential employer (was applying for sponsored 457 visa) did not want to take an undertaking for the potential costs either, so visa was rejected. We were surprised with the costings the MOC came up with and disappointed. I wish we had of approached in differently now, and provided alot more info in an attempt to push through the visa, but can change it. I have had alot of contact with Gill recently who has offered some amazing advice and information in relation to the health criteria. She will offer you the best advice possible to give you the best chance possible of getting your visa. I do understand your concerns and worries though, as getting to Oz was my dream and had been for years. wish you best of luck
  13. thanks to all for comments and posts. Made very interesting reading and has helped alot. Been a disappointing and frustrating 24 hours but hopeful to get some positives from the experience. Will go away and consider what options are available for alternative routes into Australia and decide if its a process I want to go down again as it isnt much fun hoping, wishing, waiting and then finding out that the visa is rejected. Gill - Thanks for phone call yesterday and all your helpful advice as ever. It is much appreciated. I will be in touch shortly to discuss a few things further.
  14. Les Mighalls - can you elaborate on point 7 and how it works in my case 7. The Privacy Act explicitly forbids the Case Officer from contacting the employer direct. Cost estimates are only provided to the applicant who then goes to the employer with them for the undertaking I did not receive any cost estimates from anyone or havent seen what they were. I suspect they went through the agent to the employer who then rejected the option of an undertaking.
  15. Thanks for comments all. Not expecting Gill to be able to add much to be honest as I know if the sponsor wont give an undertaking then its pretty much dead. Guess im wondering more so if it is even worth looking at going to australia at all in the future i.e. looking at perm options, or is the fact that its been rejected by MOC going to always be the case and applying for anything will be a waste of time/money/effort/stress