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  1. I received my 801 application about 2 months before the 2 year mark and frontloaded everything and sent it back. The 2 year passed a week ago and I was told yesterday I have been approved for PR! Hope it is as speedy for the rest of you (I know it must be frustrating for those who have been waiting ages.) Smiler
  2. Smiler

    2nd stage spouse visa timeframe

    Woo! Speak of the angel and they are sure of appear! - After just sending my last post I got my approval for PR in the post!!! So my application took 5 days after the 2 year mark! Hope your one is as speedy Cimbon Smiler :biggrin:
  3. Smiler

    2nd stage spouse visa timeframe

    Hi Cimbon The info required may vary for each person but the info the asked me for were the following: Statutory decs from applicant and sponsor Original National Police Check (we don't have children so I only have to do for myself) Original penal certificate for any country visited for cumulative period of 12 months or more since 820 grant date. Acknowledgement card (if you want to know they received application) Certificate copy of personal details pages of most recent passport Certified copy of personal details of sponsors most recent passport (or drivers licence) Form 80 Overseas travel details since 820 grant date. I received my letter from immigration requesting the above info about 2 and a half months before the 2 year date. It seems almost definite that immigration will not consider your application for PR until the 2 year mark and then it can be 6 - 9 months after that - although the card I received to acknowledge immigration received my application stated it will take up to 3 months from the 2 year mark. I would also like to so some part time study so I understand your partners predicament. Hope this helps Smiler :biggrin: (Melbourne)
  4. Smiler

    Sending off for permanent residency

    My second stage application pack just had my name on it so not sure if this was the same with CUFCfan616. I am still awaiting news but I put my application in early as they sent my documents about 3 months before the 2 year mark. My 2 year mark will be in about 2 weeks time and they said they will not look at my application until the 2 year mark onwards. Smiler:biggrin:
  5. Well done CUFCfan616! How exciting! Give the rest of us a bit of hope that sometimes it won't be the quoted 6 - 9 month wait! Open the bubbly CUFC!
  6. Hi I emailed the email address ( act.ssp.processing@immi.gov.au ) about my subclass 801 second stage processing visa and I got the following response: Your email has been received by the Partner (Permanent) Processing Centre in Brisbane. This mailbox should ONLY be used to contact our office if you have been granted the Partner (Provisional) visa (subclass UF 309/310) AND your application for an Partner (Migrant) visa (subclass BC 100/110) has not yet been finalised. As my application is 820 to 801 visa, I am unsure which email address I would have to use. Thanks Smiler
  7. Smiler

    form 80 PCC

    Yes, form 80 is a painfully laborious task. I think it is best to do it and cover all bases so that they don't have to ask you for it at a later date if they need it.
  8. Hi Does anyone know the email address for second stage partner visa 801 in Melbourne please (for permanent residency)? I have seen a previous thread that has the following email address but I think it is just for the ACT: act.ssp.processing@immi.gov.au I'm in Melbourne so the Melbourne office would be processing it. I haven't been assigned a CO as yet so thought I would see if I could get an update on if I was anywhere near to being assigned one. Thanks Smiler:biggrin:
  9. Same situation as you CUFCfan616 - submitted my 801 application about 3 weeks ago in Melbourne and got the card aknowledging they received it a week later. I rang them last week (as I had to tell them we will be out of the country for a couple of week soon) and they said the application had been registered or words similar to that, the day beforehand. I have not been notified of being assigned a case officer as yet. Anyone else put in their 801 application recently? Smiler
  10. Smiler


    Congratulations! Great news. Will pm you soon Smiler:biggrin:
  11. Great, thanks Rebrol and Baazighar.For a little while, I was self-doubting whether I had actually had put the right code on the application there. Yes the UK one is a bit more snazzier with the colour photo, etc. Thanks again Smiler:biggrin:
  12. Hi Just a quick question for anyone else who has done a AFP certificate for immigration reasons - my certificate did not have anything written on it that it is for immigration purposes even though I filled out code 33 (for immigration purposes) at the top of my application form. Is that normal? Thanks Smiler:biggrin:
  13. Smiler

    Spouse Visa

    Which stage of the application are you on? 801 permanent spouse? Which office did you give it in to and did you give it in by hand and see an immigration officer? I will be doing it too soon so I am interested to know Thanks Smiler:biggrin:
  14. Smiler

    Medical x-ray

    Hi I had my medical in Melbourne for PR application. A couple of weeks later I received my results (of course I have not opened the envelope as will give it to immi). Do Medibank also post back the x-rays to the applicant too? Thanks in advance Smiler:biggrin:
  15. Hi I think I am having a dumb moment but after the time I have spent doing these application forms I think I am allowed to...perhaps.... Form 80 , question 36 - 'Give details of all visits (including short stays) to countries outside Australia for the last 10 years' I have been back and forth from England to Australia for various periods of time - do I have to put every time I have gone to England? (I live in Australia now on temp spouse visa) thanks in advance Smiler:biggrin: