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    Missed Opportunities.

    I haven't always done the job I do now, I used to be heavily involved in the horse world in a very different way and I worked for a particularly well known Australian Media Mogul and I was offered the chance to move to Australia, he was going to sponsor me and I think its fair to say that his sponsorship would have counted for a permanent life in Australia but no... I decided to let my girlfriend at the time dictate my future and my best mate went instead.... he is still living out there and runs his own place I'm told....
  3. I have couple of friends who are ex coppers, one has retired, one was so pissed off with being made to focus on motorists for all the wrong reasons he left and is now an advisor for a group called Drivewise and some of the stories they both have told me over the years about the waste that goes on is shocking... I know many will defend it, especially things like budget spending to ensure they get the same budget the following year but what is different between their waste and the waste of any other "company"? If this sort of thing went on in the private sector people would lose their jobs, in the private sector they are well protected.
  4. We were set to move a couple of years ago, had started the whole visa process, we were firmly on the road to moving then both mum and dad had major health issues, we very nearly lost dad, mum had major open hear surgery and because of dads on going health problems he can never fly again, he can't even go to our family place in France so it pretty much stopped us dead in our tracks! As harsh as it sounds we are now waiting for some resolution to dads condition, if you know what I mean, before we do anything about it, there is plenty of time, we just both have to come to terms with not being where we want for a few years.
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    New web page

    Amazing pictures mate, some proper skill there for sure.
  6. Swannie

    Overrated records

    Anyone mentioned Celine Dion yet?
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    favorite Muppet ........?

    John Prescott, he's a muppet.
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    Complete confusion

    Thanks Skipjack, sorry for not replying earlier I have been flat out busy and only had time to check for replies in my User profile and its stopped updating itself. Thats great info cheers, yeah, if in passing they mention anything to you I'd appreciate it. One of our best friends has just moved out there, a couple of weeks back and she is trying to get the other half to move out there with her to Gisborne.
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    Complete confusion

    Well this is my first post in this section, I joined the site because we were set in stone at looking at Australia but recently the other half has said that she is more interested in New Zealand. This is mainly because she works with horses and in the Eventing world New Zealand is king, well she is now thinking that NZ would be a better option for her. Me, I'm easy, I don't take too much to convince me to leave the UK so here I am, asking you guys, help me out. What is the place like? What would we have to do to get there? (We have looked at the immigration website and its a lot more confusing than the OZ website) We both have family in NZ but no one close and no one either of us have ever met.
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    Norwich in October

    Yeah why not, I'm away at the moment but if I am back from working I will be up for it, love the place and know it well, its one of my locals.
  12. Swannie

    Norwich in October

    Why not try here.. Taste of Oz - an Australian themed restaurant its just down the road from us and it really does bring back a few memories.
  13. Swannie

    Close To Tears Through Anger.

    Tony, not sure if this has been mentioned at all but to be honest the whole "blood diamond" issue puts even Moaty or our boys at war into the pale.... what happened over blood diamonds is a stain on all our consciences and one that can never be erased. On the other hand I would happily see that spoilt com Campbell die of a nasty illness.
  14. Swannie

    Emigrating with UK debt

    Thats a very naive attitude to have. The banks are past masters at hard sell, they know how to pull on the strings, know how to play the system better than anyone. Banks specifically target certain people. My other half has never one day in her life had an overdraft, she has never needed on, and never needed to borrow money, have credit, nothing... guess how many times she has been offered a credit card? Not once. Me on the other had, I have always had a business overdraft, always used it and sometimes, thanks to the vagaries of clients who think its OK not to pay people have sometimes in the past relied on it. How many applications do you think I get a month? This is cynical targeting, its what they do brilliantly, why do you think that magazines like Country Life and the sort of magazines a certain percentage of the population run almost no credit card or debt adverts? Compare them with something like Hello or one of the other chavvy mags... coincidence? Yeah maybe, but then it could also be true that Elvis is alive and works in a chip shop in Great Yarmouth. There are teams of people who come up with ways to "convince" people that their credit cards will get them out of their money troubles, couple that with the former ease with which you can accrue a credit card, then hand that credit card to a cash strapped, often poorly educated or informed person who has always had to count their pennies and hey presto you have a recipe for disaster and debt. As I said, I'm not asking for people to endorse what many call theft, just to be a little more compassionate than some of the sentiments voiced on here... life is not black and white, just a huge range of shades of gray and there but for the grace of god go us all.