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  1. I have returned the UK for work and I have a really nice low milage mint car Sat in Sydney gathering dust. The car was originally shipped from the UK when it was a couple of months old so import charges are not applicable. The car is however only worth 15-20k AUD so i need a low cost option to make it work. Any recomendations around the grounds? Thanks
  2. I had to leave Sydney for work reasons. i have a mint 2011 Opel insignia still there! its only done 57k with a full history the car is the 170bhp Elite CDTI version with all the toys and averages 4.6l /100km so has a range of 1500Km per tank! I purchased it for £19k a year ago. Selling for £12.5k to pay off bills in Australia. (Not secured on car) the car is located at a dealer in Sydney who will mamage all the papework E mail flint.m.alex@gmail.com or if in the UK: 07881016347
  3. alexandkate

    Anyone in Sydney need a new car?

    Hi, i remember the mantra! My car is a Vauxhall made in Germany and badged Opel. Holden have just starting selling them new. Google holden insignia and you will get some images. Cheers alex
  4. alexandkate

    Anyone in Sydney need a new car?

    I ve moved back to blighty for work in arush and had to leave my car unsold car: 2011 white Opel insignia cdti elite 160 bhp 1500 km to a tank! All top end extras and far my lux than BMW and Mercs available. 57k with full history Mint condition up for $18.5k however may be open to a poms in oz bargain! The car is major flash in Australia as they are rare and Opel is seen as a German built prestige car. I got it because i like vauxhall cars and it does massive mpgs so i was on planning on some interstate touring which never happened! Available to purchase through a prestige car dealer in Brookvale Sydney so full dealer support with finance etc Drop me a line at flint.m.alex@gmail.com (dont forget im in the UK so there will be a delay)
  5. Hello People, After 10yrs living in Oz im now back in the UK due to work. (CEO of a charity trust) I moved back quickly and had to leave my car unsold. Its currently stored with a dealer in Brookvale Sydney. I now need to sell it and thought a pom might appreciate the type of car!?? 2011 vauxhall / Opel insignia Elite 160bhp 2 Owners from new, originally imported by a banking executive from ireland. I have spoken to him and his details are with all the import documents the FULL service history. Its only done 57000km and you can press a button to see this in miles so no dodgy clock changing like jap imports in the uk!! the car is top of the insignia range and has everything e.g large, alloy wheels, leather, climate and full electrics etc etc pretty much mint condition if i recall it does 1500km to tank of fuel and runs like new. servicing is easy and i had it serviced at Holden Heritage as its the same GM group its up for $18k which is a bargain and major flash in australia (rare car) for little cash you can purchase directly from the dealer, so all normal protections and finance support are available. drop me an e mail at flint.m.alex@gmail.com and i can put you in touch with the dealer. Thank you
  6. <p><p>Hi, FF family and friends discount needed. Please email <a href="mailto:" rel="">handoko_0711@hotmail.com</a></p></p>

  7. alexandkate

    Looking for people in melbourne...

    Hey People, Did anything happen??? Me and the Mrs would be up for a meal out or something?? If everyone who is interested wants to e-mail me on alex@f2002.fsnet.co.uk I will pull it together..maybe a meal in the city after work on a Friday? Cheers Alex
  8. alexandkate

    Good gyms in Melbourne?

    I work for Virgin active, Thanks for the feedback guy, say Hi next time your in the club.....
  9. Hey Everyone, I have just moved to Melbourne, and I working as a GM for Fitness First. They have given me some Discounted Family and Friends memberships. I don't know anyone so figured may as well offer them out!! They are valid across Australia check out www.fitnessfirst.com.au for locations. Drop me a private message if you want one.......got to use them by the end of the month. Cheers Alex
  10. alexandkate

    PR info required

    Helllloo, About to go out to melbourne on a 457 visa. I worked for 6 months/lived for an extra 2months in Au in 2007/2008. What is the process for applying for PR once I land. Anyone got any info, or even better gone through this? Thankyou
  11. alexandkate

    Quick 457 question

    Hey, Ours took a week....
  12. alexandkate

    Is there any body out there?

    Me the Mrs would be up for some Kung Fu training.....we have only really done our own training so some proper training would be cool..If you are on Facebook add me my e-mail is alex@f2002.fsnet.co.uk
  13. alexandkate

    457 Visa Delay

    I am in exactly the same position. All my paperwork was put together by my employer. They checked, and advised on what extra items will help support the application so it sails through. It was all submitted in Feb. Nomination came back within a week!! The employer (worked for them before and have signed an employment contract) quoted a month max, so I got my house rented and gave in notice at work!! I am now homeless and employed living with my parents wating for the nod. The case worker told the employer last Friday!! Ahhhh the waiting game!! I WILL be based in Melbourne, is this a state issue?
  14. alexandkate

    Is there any body out there?

    We (I'm 31 Kate is 28) will be moving back to the St Kilda area (lived in South Yarra for 8 months last year) as soon as we get the nod for my 457.....was supposed to be last Friday, so Figures crossed this week!! Would be up for a social Alex