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    Date applied: Sept 2015 City/Council area: Moonee Valley Victoria Online / Paper: Online Date received the acknowledgement email: sept 2015 Date of the Citizenship Test:8/10/2015 Date of ceremony: 16/03/2016 (awaiting letter but dept of immi and council confirmed on the list. Advised letters can come up to 1 week before ceremony ) Type of ceremony (Urgent/: normall
  2. On this, defintely check the address as my documents were sent to the UK. I presumed they would be sent to the Australian address I put on my original form as we had a house here already but nope........ Luckily I still own my flat in the UK and my neighbour sends me on any mail!!!
  3. Great thread, been stalking it for a few days and decided to write. Been in Oz for 2 years and whilst all going ok, I still miss Europe so this has got me thinking... What the UK has that Australia lacks? (My opinion solely) Christmas in the Snow……….Santa was not meant to have speedo’s Chocolate .............that doesn’t taste like 5 tablespoons of sugar in one hit......too sweet here. Variety of flavoured crisps................. i.e. Worcester Sauce /Monster Munch Crispy Duck Curry Chips Waitrose Marks and Spencers A public transport system that comes every few minutes (I will never ever moan about the tube again) Better Fashion Cheap dentists Free contraception RYANAIR (never thought I would say that) Pubs with no TAB signs Non agressive drivers Cheap Cars More than 20 days holidays a year Jobs which give you real benefits i.e. private healthcare and life insurance and bonuses!! Ability to be in another country in an hour ! More musical theatre More "big" live bands and festivals Green fields Squirrels :-) Spiders that arent the size of elephants..... Spiders than dont kill you... Less creepy crawlies in general..... No snakes Hmmm.........now I'm homesick
  4. Dear All I am wondering if anyone can help. I hold a defacto spouse temp visa and just arrived in Australia. My partner and I are going on a holiday to NZ next week and I am struggling to get travel insurance because a. I am not a permanent resident or b. I have not been in the country for longer than 3 months. I dont quite understand this and wondering if anyone else has had these issues or can help me find travel insurance that doesnt have such ridiculous conditions. I am planning on beinh here forever so it seems unfair that I cannot get insurance. Help
  5. Frannie, I know getting your application can be a nightmare but dont worry - it will be worth it. I got mine in October and leaving next week. I put about 40 pics in, I printed 4 on each a4 page and wrote where they were taken and date. In terms of the certified bit, I certified the "official docs" like passport, birth cert, p60, degree copy etc. I put in proof of earnings to show i was a bludger! I put in degree to show I have half a brain so it all worked and i got it approved in 2 days ! I didnt certify bank statements, invites or cards or anything like that - it is more to prove legal documents or official docs so dont worry and send me a message if you need more help as I dont get on here as often now. Best of luck , sin
  6. Jules Thanks for your reply. I would be contracted to their asia/pacific offices and paid from their Australian company as they have offices in Sydney. I would be self employed and not salaried. Just payed on business I develop for them. It works for me because I will do some travelling and I guess when I need some cash I will do some work. I dont want to work for them permanently for quite a few months. So I dont know whether it would be like setting up my own small business ??? Im just a bit confused as this type of thing is quite simple here in Europe but there is so little information on being a self employed consultant in Aus or maybe it is called something else??? Thanks
  7. Hi guys I have been searching the net and to be honest I am struggling to find decent information regarding my situation so I was wondering if anyone on here can help. My story is - I am on a defacto visa and heading to oz in Jan. I resigned from my perm job in London recently and they have asked me to stay on with them as a self employed consultant. I would not be salaried but would earn money on successful projects I deliver on. They have asked me to do this to assist them as they havent found a replacement for me in London. I have agreed and had thought it would be similar to here in UK, where you go to agencies like "first contact" and just set up a limited company very easily and contract through that. I would be self employed but would use their brand behind me. Has anyone got any information on what I will need to do or options for me? Thank you so much if you can help or at least provide guidance.
  8. Catriona I sympathise but can only advise on my own experience. I have been living apart from my boyfriend since june and I got my visa in October. we have been together since 2004 so we thought we would have issues but what we made sure of was that all our forms were date perfect and matched and we accounted for our time apart by providing evidence of calls etc. we werent interviewed either but we have a mortgage together and we had £30,000 saved so we submitted bank statements to show we werent idiots so account for every minute, send them flight details, did you send postcard to anyone and from both, show pictures etc. Prove you have lived together since 06 if thats what it is and leave no gaps, show them you are being truthful, give them cv's , give them your educational background, give them things they dont ask for but everything to show you are a good candidate and you will not be a burden on the country. Any questions - IM me. I got mine in 2 days which was a miracle but I sent spo much in that there was no doubt and no gaps and not sure what else they could have asked for as I sent supporting evidence for 5 years and not just 12 months. Good luck
  9. Hey there, congrats by the way. in answer to your question, I printed mine onto a4 paper in colour and they sent it back - not sure why as didnt want back as was only a print ! Maybe you can write to Co when you send your passport in and ask for them and include enough postage to cover weight??? Good luck
  10. Janie, good luck and good luck telling your mum. I totally understand where you are coming from as I was so scared. My parent were pleased as they know I am unhappy here without my man but still sad. My mum is positive and she says "its not like years ago when people went on the boat and we never saw them again"!! They just feel it is so far away. I am dreading saying bye to them and my friends, going to have christmas here but dreading that day as know they will be upset but I have to make a conscious effort in my head to look at it like I am only away for a while and be home soon. Sometimes I think I look it it like their comparison to the boat but know I will be back soon. As i said, good luck with it and get her on skype with a webcam ! makes such a difference! sin:hug:
  11. hah....i thought the same....I was like...this looks like a flimsy sticker...plus it doesnt have a time limit on it so I thought they would have the 2 year temp time limit on it......Its all go go go now... 10 weeks left here now...woo hooo........good luck with everything too. :-)
  12. Ozburt, I mailed my passport in to them on Monday 2nd nov and got it back on thursday 5th - sent in a special delivery envelope but obviously was at work went they sent it back which was Thursday so I picked it up this morning from the local delivery office......what a relief now to have a lovely reddy/orange visa page. yeeeahhh!!
  13. SIN

    Question about partner visa

    Hey, I sent in loads of cards and original inviations etc and sent a stamped addresses envelope. I put a £5 worth of stamps just to be sure and got everything back within a day of it being granted. I didnt certify any of it and thought photocopying cards was stupid so doubt they even photocopied it either. Good luck
  14. Gill, Sorry Im not up to speed with changes being implemented or planned as Im a defacto applicant but have you got in touch with TNT Magazine (the one for Antipodeans here in the UK) - Perhaps they can assist? In person/by mail TNT Publishing Ltd 14-15 Childs Place Earls Court London SW5 9RX UK How do I get here? See map Call us Ph +44 (0)20 7373 3377 Fax us Fax +44 (0)20 7341 6600 Send us an email For sales enquiries : websales@tntmagazine.com For all other enquiries: webmaster@tntmagazine.com
  15. Curious to see if there is anyone on here who is currently or has gone through stage 2 - i.e. Permanet Spouse Visa. Please give indication of requirements on this one - info required etc? This is more so we can fully prepare and keep every single piece of mail ever !! Useful to know what it involves and length of process as havent seen any posts on here with regards to 2nd stage. Thanks to everyone for all your help so far. I actually genuinely dont think I could have done this without all the help and assistance on this forum. :hug: