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    A proper curry in sydney

    I recommend the Lal Qila on Cleveland Street, it's close to the Norfolk Hotel. It's staffed with Pakistanis so the food is closer to the Pakistani and Bangladeshi we are used to in the UK.
  2. Genghis Khan

    Watching the Ashes (in England) in Sydney pubs/clubs

    Thanks for replies all, will have a look at Cheers and The Paragon.
  3. With the cricket getting nearer and me getting keener, anyone know where the best pub/venue is for late night cricket watching with a partisan English crowd? I live in Alexandria/Waterloo, I'm thinking maybe the Royal Exhibition / The Maddison / The Aurora or just the casino. Anyone know from last time around?:yes:
  4. Genghis Khan

    Poms banned from pub quizzes.

    Just while we're on the subject of quizzes (or trivia as it is called here more often than not), the prizes in Sydney are much better than what I was used to back in England. 1st prize $50 bistro voucher and bottle of wine, 2nd prize $25 voucher, 3rd prize $15 drinks voucher, then a jackpot round of 3 questions increasing $100 each week if no one gets it up to $2000 when they make it get won. Another pub 1st $70 voucher, 2nd $40, 3rd $15, then a similar jackpot round, up $100 each week. Both had free drink questions during the games too. Most places only have about 5-8 teams playing so good odds you'll win something. Many times we've had a cheap trivia night if you get it right. I can't see how the hotels make money on these nights. Must be the pokies subsidising it here in Sydney. All the different trivias I've been to (about 10) are free to enter. I know a few of the guys at the trivias are "professionals" going round all the different trivia nights in Sydney hunting whatever jackpot is highest, supplementing the day job.
  5. Genghis Khan

    Poms banned from pub quizzes.

    I live in Sydney, been doing the trivias around Redfern for the last 3-4 years and I'm a pom too. Definitely something in this. The better teams all have poms in.
  6. What's wrong with the Aurora? The Maddo is hardly the classiest place either.
  7. Genghis Khan

    Where to live and salary? Sydney

    Scotinho, I've worked in Redfern with a few people who live down in the Shire as it's called, and nice place it is too. Maybe 35 mins communte in absolute best case 3AM in the morning all lights green and no traffic scenario to Darlinghurst. From my time driving a van around Sydney for 9 months, I'd say 45 mins - 1 hour is more realistic in day times and more than that at peak hours commuting time. I'm on similar wages to your Aussie ones , rent a 330 a week one bedroom place in Alexandria, sharing with my girlfriend (no kids) and still lifes far from a picnic if you want to save some money to buy a place!
  8. Genghis Khan

    Australian films/box sets etc

    Wake in Fright. Jack Thompson first appearance, Chips Rafferty's last. Donald Pleasance, Gary Bond. Mining town and Outback Australia in the early 70's. Great film
  9. "I was thinking I should leave a spare set in one of the pubs as they are open almost 24X7 around where I live in Surry Hills." Useful if you ever go senile and this becomes a habbit! Maddo one week, The Strawb the next, then Aurora and Royal Exo. That way you can save face...
  10. Will shortly be leaving the relaxing air conditioned office to sit in my dingy (no air-con) one bedroom flat. At least I've got a fan there!:wideeyed: Could be pub time... Sydney's hottest day on record as mercury hits 45.8 degrees! Sydney Morning Herald: http://www.smh.com.au/environment/weather/sydneys-hottest-day-on-record-as-mercury-hits-458-degrees-20130118-2cxrr.html
  11. From the OP: "People who move to Australia are generally professional people. They tend to have a good life/career back int eh UK but are tempted to Australia by the lure of more money possible a better lifestyle. to them Australia is an upgrade, a bonus. Something they could either do with or without. A secondary factor in life. (Work being a primary factor). These tend to be successful people who are looking for the icing on the cake." Living in inner Sydney for the past few years and talking (extensively...) in the pub with some Australian mates in their 50's and 60's and older, they've said the type of migrants from Britain has certainly changed. In the 60's / 70's many of the people immigrating here from Britain were here because it was easy to get in and become a resident. I've got a fellow Pommy mate who came over in the early/mid 70's, was asked if he wanted to become a resident at the airport and that was it, as easy as ticking a box pretty much! Lots of people came over because they wanted to start a new life and back then it was seen by some as Brits were coming over because they had failed in Britain so were trying over here. (An aside: ADULTS - Attempting Down Under London Too Scary). Some of the British migrants back in the 50's/60's were housed by the Australian government Department of Housing e.g. down in the suburb of Mascot, Nissen huts were provided to house them. Another mate talks about the Western Suburb Dept of Housing having a large proportion of British migrants. Many of the Australian guys I spoke to said a proportion of the Poms coming over back then were arrogant without having anything to be arrogant about, ill-fed, pale, poverty stricken but convinced all things in Britain were better than here. It sounded like the stereotypical kind of Brit who lives on the Costa del Sol / in Thailand in the boozy all-ex-pat groups these days. I agree with the OP. The skills migration system has meant many of the people coming here now are now professionals. The young Poms I bump into over here are usually here because they are sponsored by a company or came over through skilled migration. I think the Australian migration system emphasises tradesmen/professionals and white collar jobs.
  12. Genghis Khan

    Acid attacks on women!

    It's a terrible thing, I've heard of it happening more often in India/Pakistan and also in Colombia / South American countries.
  13. Genghis Khan

    De Facto - 457 visa to PR

    I think you'll be ok, me and my girlfriend were in a de facto on a 457 and we got the pr visa a few months ago, we had joint lease, joint electricity, joint bank a/c paying the rent and bills and a few photos, 3 stat decs from friends.
  14. Genghis Khan

    4 pines pale ale

    I've tried Bishops finger, Pedigree, Landlord and London pride (and most of the 4 pines beers, pale ale, kolsch, hefeweizen). They're all darker and less fizzy than 4 Pines Pale Ale. Nearly all commercial Aussie beers (in Sydney at least) are cold, pasteurised and carbonated so there is less variety than in the UK. In general, you don't get cellar temperature non-fizzy beer here. If you're into your British beer, bitters, ales and so on, you're going to be left wanting if you move to Oz or brewing your own. Until the last few years, nearly all Sydney pubs are supplied by two big companies, Fosters who own Carlton Utd Breweries who supply Carlton Draught and VB. Lion Nathan who supply Tooheys New. James Squire brewery (owned by Lion) have hit the pubs with an invented heritage but at least some much needed variety Pale Ales, Amber Ale, Pilsner, Stout, but most pubs will only have a couple of these on if any at all. If you want variety you have to find the speciality places, not the mainstream pubs, or the big off licences. The microbrewers tend to go for German, Czech and Belgian styles (pilsner, wheat beer) and American Pale Ale that suit the weather here more than British style bitters and ales.