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    when you say remote where are we talkin ? How long are the contracts for and what sort of money are we talking ? cheers Peter
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    sunshine coast suburbs

    Hi Aussiedreamz, I am coming to Mooloolaba Sept 19 - Oct 6 to visit family and get some 1st hand experience and may possibly extend stay and would like to talk to anyone in the building game especially carpenters/joiners about the work situation being a chippy myself and considering migrating. If you or your mates fancy a get together and a few cold ones my email is peter.musgrove@ntlworld.com
  3. cambium

    Tradies - Job Leads

    Hi Giggles, saw your post, could you tell me just exactly what the job market is like at the mo for carpenters, just started lookin into migrating to the sunshine coast ( mooloolaba ) area sounds like its no different to the UK, building wise. I'm a bit confused on what licenses a chippy needs if any hope you can help cheers Peter
  4. hi andy, been on vetasses website and got a lot of info, also been on various forums and what comes up alot are concerns about the practical test, is there anyway of getting a look at past test papers to get an idea of what is required. My trade is carpenter/joiner but also been site manager over the past several yrs peter
  5. could you tell me why these tests are only held in 4 uk places and is there an office in the uk i could contact with more questions thanks peter