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  1. velly

    Welsh guy, moving to Melbourne.

    pm sent mate, that will get you intouch with some great welsh people
  2. velly

    Should I move?!

    i agree, finish your studies then make you mind up. I am unsure what quifications carry over, i have a few friends who said they have to resit some of their nursing skills since moving here....so worth looking into.
  3. velly

    Welsh in Melbourne??

    big game tomorrow!!! who has tickets? I will be there, look out for me, i will be in a red shirts lol only joking, I will be in my black wales shirt
  4. velly

    Welsh in Melbourne??

    who has tickets to the big game???
  5. lol...bring a jumper, its not the warmest! lol good luck, drop me a line when you are over if you fancy a beer
  6. I live down the coast in Torquay. It is a lovely little place, not too fram from Geelong but a bit of a hike to Melbourne. Will be busy in the summer but its great when you have it all to yourself for the rest of the year. Good Luck
  7. velly

    Geelong suburb experts needed plz.

    you will love geelong, i live in torquay but work in geelong (Ford)
  8. velly

    Given up on VPN to UK for now

    i use hide-my-ip and can watch bbc iplayer with no problems. my internet speed is not that fast been using hide my ip for 4 years, only let me down twice!
  9. velly

    Coming to Melbourne with young baby

    I work at Ford in Geelong (contractor) but you will find most people in Torquay work for Ford or Shell lol I rent a 3 bedroom townhouse with a garage 800meters from the beach for $380/wk Yes house prices are high if your buying but you can still find cheap rentals
  10. velly

    Coming to Melbourne with young baby

    we moved out of the city to Torquay to have our child...cant beat bring a child up next to the beach IMO
  11. velly

    Melbourne Taxis

    i can tell you MANY stories about bad cabbies!!!! A friends sister go picked up from williams town to goto the airport...taxi driver did know how to get to the airport! I had a taxi to Fed Square and the taxi driver didnt know where Fed Square was! (we got out of the taxi!) Another taxi from Port Melbourne to Albert Park, again driver didnt knwo where he was going (only about 3-4 kms) got near where we wanted to go and got out and refused to pay as we had to give directions all the way (well, 2 streets!) I am glad i have moved out of the CBD to geelong surf coast, taxi drivers know there way about down here
  12. velly

    Child modelling agents melbourne/geelong area

    he did a photoshoot for a push-a-long/sit on toy. they wanted him to push it but he would only sit on it (lol...bloody typical lol) I think it was for target, so we are waiting for the catalog to come out fingers crossed he will get some more work but it he doesnt it doesnt bother us, its just abit of fun and it will be something nice for him to look back at when he grows up
  13. velly

    Child modelling agents melbourne/geelong area

    thanks Rach, we now have him signed up with a local agent here on the surf coast (Dandelions Childrens Casting Agency) and he had his first job a few weeks ago.
  14. velly

    Child modelling agents melbourne/geelong area

    thanks all, I have been looking around on the internet and heard a few horror stories. lol @ trev thanks for your help both
  15. Hiya all, I am looking to send my boy out to work already lol. I am wondering if anyone on here has a child with a modelling agent? I have found a few on the net and one local in Torquay but it would be nice to find if anyone else has had some success.