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  1. linz

    advice on Darwin

    thanks guys i have heard that propertyvis expensive , my base salary is 61000 dollars with ot and bonuses so i dont know how this compares
  2. Im for help and advice advice please Ive just been offered a visa sponsored position with an automotive group in Darwin, my wife and i are looking for advice and help and information about the area.We have read that the cost of living in Darwin is quite high but dont know if its true , any help and advice would be greatly appreciated thanks Linz
  3. linz

    motor mechanic

    hi amrii i certainly would be interested if your friend had a vacancy in the brisbane area. My e mail is linz1263@yahoo.co.uk and i can send all info if your friend wants to get in touch many thanks lindsay
  4. hi ruth, friend done it in oz he said it was a general medical with a chest xray and some blood tests hope this helps , any chance ur partner could give us any info on the skills assessment for a mechanic and the process thanx linz
  5. linz

    motor mechanic

    thinkin of adelaide just back from visiting mates. workin at apug dealership at the moment and got this ata stuff to go through wot abouy urself?
  6. would anyone know of anyone who is willing to sponsor a motor mechanic in the adelaide area? Have 18 years experience and own tools ,currently preparing for the ata licensing and been an mot tester for 4 years thanks linz
  7. linz

    motor mechanic

    no its a totally unrelated question but have u sat your skills assessment yet ? if so could u give me any info on it much appreciated linz
  8. i am looking to start my application for a visa and although i am not on your skills list ,iwould be grateful if you would no any agencies who would be willing to sponsor or are looking for motor mechanics, i have 18 years trade experiece thank you lindsay fairhurst
  9. linz

    Tradies - Job Leads

    looking to move to adelaide area motor mechanic to trade so if anyone knows anyone
  10. linz

    thinking of oz

    thanks for all your help it probably wont be the last time i ask
  11. linz

    Cut in Immigration

    even though the visa quota has been cut immigration levels will still be at record levels for the next year . Only certain jobs have been taken off the critical skills list .Hope this helps and good luck linz
  12. linz

    thinking of oz

    partner and myself are just back from our second holiday in adelaide and have decided to bite the bullett and try for migration.Would be grateful for help and advice on the process.Im a motor mechanic and my partner is a childrens residential worker many thanks linz