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  1. They are asking you for the actual degrees/diplomas. It sounds like you only supplied the transcripts and that is not sufficient. The requirements are clearly set out in the guidelines.
  2. melbournegirlinny

    Help with IELTS writing?

    A number of my clients have used Pete Jones (Englishman in New Zealand) for tips on how to get a good score or improve their IELTS score. He has a new website which offers free advice on the Writing task. Not sure if he is helping with any of the other sections. Here is his link: http://www.freeieltscourse.com/ Sandra Maxfield
  3. melbournegirlinny

    help i need to gain an AQF III

    I've had clients obtain their AQF III certificates through Darren Le'Ake's company 'Australian Skill Assessments' based in London. Here's the link: https://www.australianskillassessments.com/fees.php
  4. melbournegirlinny

    Does TRA approval expire?

    TRA skills assessments do not expire.
  5. melbournegirlinny

    ielts dilemma

    You're welcome. Good luck.
  6. melbournegirlinny

    ielts dilemma

    I can recommend Pete Jones who has a business called e-english teacher. He does sessions on Skype and is an experienced IELTS tutor. His website also has many useful tips. See: www.e-englishteacher.com Most of my clients have used him and found it to be extremely helpful. He is also a very nice man. Sandra
  7. melbournegirlinny

    AQF III Can he take it here?

    Your AQF III examination process does not need to be taken in Australia. The company you mention are excellent. I've had a few clients use them and they went on to pass their TRA assessment. And yes you should get the 10 points.
  8. melbournegirlinny

    TRA migration points advice

    My advice is still the same as it was when I gave it earlier. It is not mandatory to obtain an assessment of your work experience to get points for your work experience from the skill assessing authority. I am aware of what is stated on the DIAC website. What is on the DIAC website is not the law or regulations. So, to reiterate, you do not need to obtain anything from TRA on your work experience. You will just need to submit evidence of your work experience to DIAC when you lodge your application for a visa.
  9. melbournegirlinny

    US Police Clearance

    Yes, DIAC will give you more time. They know generally that the FBI searches take time.
  10. melbournegirlinny

    Points advice letter problems

    Cute. Since I live in the US I felt compelled to write that about koalas not being bears!
  11. melbournegirlinny

    Points advice letter problems

    It is not mandatory to obtain the skill assessing authority's opinion on your work experience. DIAC still have to assess that aspect anyway and I have not had any of my clients get their work experience assessed by a skills assessing authority. So just lodge without the TRA work experience assessment and provide all your work experience evidence to DIAC.
  12. melbournegirlinny

    US Police Clearance

    I practise in the US so deal with the FBI quite often. For some odd reason, the FBI removed the line where you can include a FedEx account number on their updated form. Also, with timing, the FBI have been taking 8 weeks to process these applications for some time now and all my clients that I've put through have taken 8 weeks-none shorter than that.
  13. melbournegirlinny

    which visa

    You could get a 457 visa and go to a state where they do not charge foreign student fees-most of the states in fact do not charge. Tell the nursing agency you wish to work for a hospital in a state that does not pass on the foreign student fees. Then apply for PR either once you have enough points or ask the hospital to sponsor you for a PR employer-sponsored visa which most hospitals will do after a year or so.
  14. melbournegirlinny

    Visa 119 rsmv after completeing 2 years

    Hi. You are confused-you already have permanent residency status with the 119 visa grant. Hence, there is nothing you need to do. Take a look at this: http://www.immi.gov.au/skilled/skilled-workers/rsms/how-the-visa-works.htm
  15. melbournegirlinny

    Documents to present for single unwed mOther sole custody

    You make the sworn statement explaining everything.