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  1. A friend of mine applied for citizenship in April 2018 and only did their test this week. So that was over a year from initial application to test.
  2. Lurkio

    Get your flu jab.

    Obviously not medical advice, but we've been here 3 years and the beloved hubster has had the flu twice! There are people here from all over and they are concentrated in small areas. Maybe there are different strains that we Poms haven't been in contact with previously? But amyway - flu jab!!!!!
  3. Lurkio

    Build or buy?

    Just repeating what others have said. Don't rush into anything. Take your time and be certain that you even want to stay. The standard of building here is unlikely to be what you are used to. The construction appears to me to be shoddy - think Barrett Homes! Having said that, it is fun to plan your dream house. Just be prepared for the budget to skyrocket. And really ... One plug socket per room is standard.
  4. Lurkio

    Questions about renting in Perth.

    Supply and demand. People are leaving WA in droves. The Kiwis, Irish, Poms ... First time I was looking for a house there would be 12 or more people at every viewing. Now there are one or two and often none at all and the viewing is cancelled. High quality properties in the Secret Harbour/Rockingham/Baldivis areas have seen significant rent reductions by as much as 100 bucks a week in some cases. Properties are taking longer to rent at significantly lower rents. From my own experience the only landlords that are likely to accept chunks of rent in advance are those doing it privately. I'm told that if it is being done all above board through an agency it seems to be more trouble than it is worth. There are apartments and units at around 200 bucks. There are 3x1 units as low as 260. But be warned that they are often utter dumps in lousy areas that you may not want to live in.
  5. Lurkio

    Whats your views on Mandurah?

    Baldivis is a new development really and growing weekly. My opinion only is that it is a series of huge housing estates that melt into each other. The plot sizes are generally quite small. There is one retail centre with quite a good number of shops. A couple of bars and restaurants. No trains but a bus service to Warnbro train station. You defo need a car. I doubt whether there are many jobs in the area. Don't know about the schools. As it is a bit more inland it is several degrees warmer in the summer. Mandurah is nice to visit for the day, but I seriously wouldn't want to live in a lot of the grottier suburbs which suffer badly from crime, drugs and unemployment. Like everywhere else there are nice areas though. Generally the older suburbs have larger plots but the some of the houses are pretty run down. Particularly the older rentals. The canals are lovely but pricey. Nice estuary for boating. I couldn't comment on the schools. There is a direct train line to Perth for City workers.
  6. Lurkio

    Please reassure me that PR is worth it

    And once you get PR then you're back on the Immi treadmill to get Citizenship. We moved over with PR and only recently understood that our PR visa only lasts for 5 years then you have to renew with another 5 year visa. After that you can only get one year at a time...
  7. Lovin that! Always a pleasure to interact with the locals. Rockingham WA at the very most ask your grandparents that question..........
  8. Lurkio

    is Gazman still about?

    Was just listening to Perth 96.1 Did Mrs Gazman have some good news today? Or just a name coincidence? :rolleyes:
  9. Well I guess this is more of a whinge than anything else, but after all the wailing and gnashing of teeth exhibited by my Mother, she rarely makes contact. We've been here a little over a year now, and she has initiated contact three times... I don't want to hear the usual stuff trotted out by people who piously state that as we are the ones who left we should be the ones to make the effort to keep long distance relationships going! It should be a two way process dammit. Look, I know that the gap we leave in other people's lives doesnt stay empty.... Other people and activities move in to fill the spaces, and I wouldn't expect her to sit on the phone waiting for my calls, but a little effort wouldn't kill people would it?:mask:
  10. Lurkio

    Driving licence for my 17 year old in WA

    Not exactly relevant to the original question, but get your kids through their driving test in the UK before you leave. It takes 12 months of supervised driving, one practical test and two computer tests before before you can drive unsupervised here in WA - if you are starting from scratch!
  11. Lurkio

    17, moved to Mandurah WA area

    Hi Jake, are you enjoying it here so far?
  12. Lurkio

    What to ship, what not to??

    Bring everything! And I mean everything. Until you are earning dollars you will find the cost of living high. Once you are earning dollars and spending dollars you won't notice much difference from the uk (in my opinion). And especially bring extension bars. Aus houses have very few plug sockets
  13. Lurkio

    Hyundai excel for sale PERTH WA

    Pic and a price would be useful. :wink:
  14. Lurkio

    Mango Time

    A lovely ripe mango is best eaten in the bath. One of life's inexpensive little pleasures !
  15. Life in WA without a car would be rather difficult I think - unless you live and work very close together! Also, second hand cars are pretty expensive to buy in comparison to the UK so do make room in your budget. There are good train links to Perth. Can't tell you too much about the bus, because I don't use them.
  16. Lurkio

    mechanics tools

    We used Excess International Movers to fly over a load of mechanic's tools. We were told that it would take a week and ended up taking nearly two. However, it was easy and relatively inexpensive. The company came to collect them from our home and delivered them door to door. As for cleaning, my H gave all his tools a rub down with a cloth, removed any obvious grot, sprayed around some Jeyes Fluid and generally hoped for the best. Our stuff all passed inspection and we didn't need to get anything cleaned or fumigated.
  17. Lurkio

    Moved to Warnbro,W.A,from Putney but miss London so much

    We've settled in Warnbro (for now) and in comparison to the tiny village we used to live in there are a huge number of people, but much much less in the way of social life! Lord it's hard to get to know people here! I guess that we were looking for something different in our lives and for now we are enjoying walking the dogs on the beach and chilling out :cool: It must be very hard for you to be so far away from your child :hug:
  18. If you are spending your exchanged pounds in Aus then everything is really expensive. Once you are earning dollars then in my opinion prices are not much different to the Uk. Obviously some things that cost more, some are less - it tends to balance out. Buy fresh and in season and you will eat well. There are cheap clothes that are questionable quality. There are quality clothes that cost more. You take your choice. We've only been here for a few weeks but I can say that we are no worse off here than in the UK. Bananas are really not that expensive! Go to Spud Shed and the veg is dirt cheap! Shop around! Rentals however are scary expensive in comparison to buying!
  19. Lurkio

    Last Chance Saloon!

    What I meant was - bring travel plugs so that you can plug your English appliances in without having to fit Aussie plugs on them.
  20. Lurkio

    Last Chance Saloon!

    Extension bars and travel plugs - a single costs around 10-13 dollars here!!!
  21. So, I've read a similar thread starter to this several times. Like it says on the tin, my 16 yr old son refuses to come and says he has arranged to live with his 15 year old girlfriend and her family we leave. My god I am in pieces. He left school this year and has spent more time with them than with us since then. He is at college and has no job or means of income. To be honest, he never has been that keen, but we got his visa anyway and crossed our fingers. Now our dream is in ruins because there is no way on earth I can even consider leaving my child here on his own. We have family here, but we aren't close emotionally (albeit geographically quite close). Today I had the conversation that I have been putting off for a while now. I've been trying to avoid backing him into a corner where he would actually say "NO" and then feel that he can't back down. I wanted to leave him room to manouvre and change his mind without having to admit to it. He sat there trying to be all hard and said "well you are the ones who are f..ing off over the over side of the world and leaving me on my own" he sounded so lost and young. I told him that I had never thought it would come to this. I always thought he would come. It never occurred to me that he wouldn't. We have another son of 14 who is keen and had hoped to get over before January so he could start his final years of school over in WA. Well that's not going to happen is it? So three of us do want to go and the other one is stamping his feet. Ok, why should he have to do something he doesn't want to? But why the hell should we have to give up our hopes? Dammit, he hasn't even given it a chance. We wanted to do this for their flippin benefit as well as ours. Why wont he try it for a few months and see if he might actually like it? So now we've sort of decided that if we do get a buyer we will sell our house and downsize to a smaller one, maybe a fixer upper and free off much of our capital, so that when we are in a position to leave we wont have to wait for a buyer again. When second son finishes his high school education in two years we will look at it again and see what position number one Son is in. By then he will be nearly 19. Still not old enough to be left alone but maybe not so much of a child and he may have grown a little by then and have come to the same conclusions that we have about the prospects in England versus Aus. If not - well, he will be an adult and will have to make his own decision and still have another couple of years before the five are up.
  22. And the moral of this story is .... Plan your move and do it whilst your children young if at all possible. Thanks everyone for your kind words and encouragement through the years - they have helped more than you could ever know xx
  23. For all of you who were kind enough to take an interest in my problems - I thought you might like an update??? So here we are nearly two years down the line and we're all here in WA! The little horror held out right up to the morning of the move (when the shippers had been with us for two days) then changed his mind and moved with us. Obviously we had bought his plane ticket and planned for him to come regardless, but if he had held out and not come we planned to take a two month holiday until the container arrived. If he hadn't moved by then we would have simply turned the container round and returned to England. We've been here nearly two weeks now. My H has already got a job and we are hunting for a long term rental. I'm not saying that it is plain sailing with my boy - he is missing his friends and his girlfriend, but he's here and is prepared to give it a shot. He's got his white card, is looking for a job and starting driving lessons. I can't ask for more than that in the circumstances. He's here with us and that's the most important thing in the world for us.
  24. Hi, our family has been in Waikiki for a couple of weeks now. Our sons aged 16 and 18 are bored and missing their mates. They would love to meet others their own ages, so please get in touch. xx