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    Electrical Fitter License Granted...

    I bet you're glad that's over! I have done the SA licence route after getting the fitter artc. I Hope to try and get work in qld with this or convert it to a qld fitters licence. Arriving on the 12th of September and will be looking for work in the brisban area ASAP, just wondered what kind of work you managed to secure and if there is much work about at the moment? Congratulations on the licence
  2. rinkerdink

    Tea chests and the cost?

    thanks, they seem very reasonable
  3. rinkerdink

    Tea chests and the cost?

    Hi, We have pretty much decided that most of our furniture is not good enough to bother with a container, we have basically had our life on hold for the past 3-4 years waiting for the visa so have only bought furniture from places like Ikea. We do have the kids toy's and games consoles to take and I have a some tools that I'll definitely be bringing. So in short we need smaller transportation options so we can start weigh it up and be brutal with our planned shipping if necessary. Has anybody else come to the same conclusion and if so how did you go about it? Cheers
  4. rinkerdink


    And most Aussie guy's probably prefer designer vagina's with a cute little landing strip, a total nonsence and non argument for having this procedure performed on a an infant or child
  5. rinkerdink


    So where do you stand on the female equivalent? just a bit of skin? thought not, if you want to reduce you son's sexual pleasure later in life, make it harder for him to explore himself and masturbate then go ahead but you will also be reducing the containment of all the natural and beneficial oils that are secreted to self clean the glans. If there is a medical reason then it is a no brainer but if not it's no go. What can possibly be the benefit to a parent? easier to keep your baby clean? I would not cut a piece of my child away to make my life easier... sorry but i think it is plain selfish
  6. Hi, I have a second home i decided to let last September, it was interst only with Natwest, all i needed to do was pay a one off fee (£175 i think) andi can let it for as long as i like. At the time buy to let mortgages were a tad higher on the interest and repayments but all the reasonable ones required an arrangement fee of around £3k for a 2 year introductory rate:shocked::Randy-git:.... not worth considering! All is not necessarily lost, but I'd recommend being straight for peace of mind. It may be a bit hard to swallow but some cold hard sums stacking up 6 months mortgage costs for an empty property vs a price drop to encourage a quick sale could be the order of the day, hard to swallow but don't mug yourself
  7. rinkerdink

    are you allowed to bring medicines when you migrate

    Cheers guys, All should be fine only some pain killers and anti inflamatories, just might need them after a 24 hour flight.
  8. rinkerdink

    will my job get me into australia?

    It will do after 7 years post training experience giving you a skill of general electrician, unless its an apprenticeship in which case the experience requirement is reduced. On the face of it there have got to be easier training routes when you consider the experience requirement! You can qualify as an engineering technologist with a HNC not sure what the work experience requirement is though
  9. Hi, Not sure i've ever seen this asked before? I've got a few prescription medicines that i take as and when required, nothing serious but it got me thinking about the medicine cabinet, there is nothing sinister in there but just wondered if they would be allowed past customs? Don't fancy having to replenish the lot after arrival if i can help it! Cheers
  10. rinkerdink

    Moving to Oz - electrician queries & visas

    Hi, You need to get his skill recognised, I am a bit out of the loop now but think that Vetassess are the crowd he needs to contact, if so its a paper based application that if you are successful leads to a practical test. Pass this then you can actually apply to go. The above can take as long as a year depending on when you apply and when the assessment are taking place. I recommend speaking with an agent to check the eligibility of his skills and experience for the trade assessment part of the process, lots offer no obligation initial consultations to establish the likelihood of success. This is generally the trickiest hurdle to jump in a long and frustrating process but must be crossed first! Good luck
  11. rinkerdink

    The Media, Tread Carefully

    My first experience of media lies came during training as a steward for Millwall football club. Still don't know what I was thinking putting myself in the firing line for £17 a game, it was slave labour and suffice to say I didn't last long. There was an incident where a 'fan' ran on the pitch and started verbally abusing a Sheffield Wednesday goalkeeper ( Kevin Pressman if I remember correctly), this lasted for 5 to 10 seconds before he was led away. The next day the Sun ran a back page story along the lines of 'In Fear of my Life' with a 2 page story inside detailing how the goalkeeper was terrified as the hooligan had threatened him, his family and goodness knows what else. The Millwall security team contacted the goalkeeper to get the full story direct so they could use it all in the prosecution against the hooligan only to find that neither goalkeeper or any representative of his had spoken to any media regarding the incidient. In short the Sun had taken the picture and made the entire story up, i remember thinking that it surely must be in some way illegal to do that.... how naive i was!
  12. rinkerdink

    New TV Show - Poms In Paradise ITV

    Ok so the womans voice got a bit grating after a while and the moobs at the barbie and the wobbly belly could have been discretely covered but i don't think anybody was harmed during the filming of this one so can't understand the bitchiness and spiteful comments. I enjoyed the show and I am also mature enough to understand that the editors can hand pick footage to make you look however they like so wouldn't judge anybody based on a tv portrayal of their life and opinions. If anything it was as positive as WDU is negative ie a bit exaggerated probably. I can't think why anybody watching wouldn't want to move to Australia given the evidence on show!:shocked:
  13. rinkerdink

    Mad to leave without residency?

    From what i remember the west coast of ireland has a similar climate to wales due to the prevailing winds of the atlantic. I am amazed at these daylight times you guys are quoting 11pm to 3am nights!!:shocked:, i simply cannot comprehend this. The days of sunshine might be worth comparing too. I think the answer might be to get up early, seize the day and go to bed earlier. In short keep to hours that australians do and not the hours of brits abroad. I know it is easy to say but we intend to adjust our lifes to suit and i can't see any other way it could work. It's like those holiday makers than shun the spanish food on holiday for steak and chips and a full english. Give me a nice bit of calamari any day.:jiggy:
  14. rinkerdink

    Mad to leave without residency?

    I'm in kent and work in London, it is lovely and sunny here today :-) I imagine i'm looking back at Australia with rose tints as i imagine you are with UK, that is only natural i suppose but memories tend to blur very fast, i think the OP would be better of popping the baby out before coming home as getting a visa can be a right ball ache! I think its always best to keep yuor options open
  15. rinkerdink

    Mad to leave without residency?

    Come on Chris, useful daylight, like summer evening time, seeing daylight before and after work and not just living for the weekends, it is quickly forgotten how gloomy it is for most of the year here i'm just being realistic not slagging the place, October to April you are either leaving for work or getting home in darkness Nov to March you get the double ender! Reserve judgement until after the May payday, boy is it gonna land heavy. Little or no pay increase for most for 3 years everything has gone up as it always will and now a lovely paycut courtesy of the govt. I'm sweet but i predict a bit of bad feeling about it all, can't wait for the family tax credit cuts that are on the horizon, we'll be £150 a month down that isn't a big deal for me but i count myself lucky, it's gonna sting the masses imo Don't want to hijack thread just a bit of balance, it ain't great here at the moment and it won't be for a good while yet, the negative press probably make it feel worse than it is and unless you are blind and deaf it's not easy to get away from the widespread pessimism. I realise Australia isn't heaven but the UK is further from heaven that its has been in my living memory, i read the relative average disposable income is comparable to the 1920's :shocked: